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Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Aiman


    Aiman is the proud owner of The Goddard School Katy (Morton Ranch Rd). She attained her Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, from the University of Houston. She was inspired to venture into the world of Early Childhood Education due to the combination of her degree, her love for children and heart for giving back to the community. Aiman's passion led her to build a school in the very community she has been a part of for over 25 years. Alongside her husband, Jawad, they have raised three beautiful daughters, who are their pride and joy! When not working tirelessly at the school, she loves to spend quality time with family and friends. She is an avid reader who enjoys history and learning about other cultures through travel. Aiman aspires to be the best role model for her daughters as she leads by example. Her goal is to leave a lasting impression on every child she engages with. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela
  •  Darlene


    Education Director
    Darlene has over ten years of experience as a Director. She has accumulated more than twenty years of experience in the educational field, working with children of all ages. Prior to this new adventure, she held an integral position within Katy ISD, for 15 years. When the opportunity presented itself, for her to serve as a leader for The Goddard School, she readily accepted. At the age of forty, she returned to college to complete her university studies, while directing a Montessori school, twelve hours a day and raising her family. That is proof that people can do anything they put their mind to. Using that determination, she simultaneously, attained her Director's License and her Bachelor’s degree in History/English Language Arts from the University of Houston. Together, with her husband Frank, they raised three remarkable sons, Nathan, Matthew and Frank. Once Darlene retires, her goal is to finish writing a children’s book she has started. She is thrilled to be a part of this team!
  •  Maribel


    Assistant Director
    Maribel has been a resident of the community of Katy for over 17 years, with her husband and three children. She is originally from Venezuela and prides herself in her rich culture. She has been part of The Goddard School family for over five years, starting her journey off as an Educator. It is with this background in Early Childhood Education, she has mastered the ability to implement all necessary procedures, while ensuring excellence in the education she provides. Maribel will apply this knowledge in her new role, as the Assistant Director. She attained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Law but soon discovered her passion for children, which inspired her to begin her journey into the world of educating young minds. Her ability to fluently speak both English and Spanish allows her to enhance the learning experience for the children and effectively communicate with parents and guardians. Maribel is elated to be a part of the management team!
  •  Swastika


    Lead Teacher - First Steps
    Swastika graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer and Secretarial Studies, in the Fiji Islands, where she was born and raised. She relocated to the United States over fifteen years ago and has enjoyed her new home. She has a beautiful family made up of four members; her husband and two children. Swastika attained her degree in a subject other than education, but followed her passion for education. She's had the privilege of working with young children through Katy ISD and in other institutions. Swastika believes every child's early learning experiences shape them for the rest of their lives and she altars her teaching style so her students can grasp the content she is trying to convey. She meets each child where they are and strives to live by her philosophy each day!
  •  Miriam


    Lead Teacher - Toddlers
    Miriam successfully graduated from high school, receiving her Diploma along with a Medical Assisting certificate. She has lots of experience, working with children, having the pleasure of teaching all ages; infants through school-age. She was born in Mexico, but grew up in California and is now settled down in Texas with her happy little family! Miriam is very close to her family, making time to see them as often as she possibly can. They enjoy any celebration, whether its big or small! She strives to be an amazing role model for her children and students. Miriam believes every child has their own creative way of learning and a teacher's example in the classroom is very important since children absorb everything they hear and see. As Miriam shapes and nurtures her students, she aspires to grow and be a better person each day!
  •  Elizabeth


    Lead Teacher - Get Set
    Elizabeth studied Visual Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts and Sociology at the Metropolitan Autonomous University. She is excited to apply her experience in other fields to her Early Childhood Education journey! She believes everything in life is connected and loves using what she's learned in her classroom. There are several hobbies Elizabeth enjoys participating in, outside of teaching. She loves writing, reading, trying different foods, cooking and bicycling. As an artist, she also sings and plays the ukulele. Elizabeth aspires to travel abroad and own her own studio, where she can teach art and display her creations. She believes The Goddard School is a great place for her to start toward those goals. The philosophy Elizabeth lives by, regarding education, is in order for children to develop in the world, they need to have an understanding in all they do. This way, they will be better individuals in this society.
  •  Anais


    Lead Teacher - Get Set 2
    Anais is originally from Mexico city, Mexico, but decided that Texas was the place she wanted to build her life. She has a daughter that is her sassy little mini! She graduated from Thompkins High School and is continuing her education at Sam Houston State University, majoring in Education. Anais has acquired several years of Early Childhood Education experience, ranging from children 12 months to 5th grade. She has held positions, both as an assistant teacher and a lead teacher. It is during this time Anais discovered her passion for the two-year-old classroom. She is so excited to learn and grow with the students here at The Goddard School. Anais' hobbies include a love for reading, gymnastics and dancing. When she is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She enjoys supporting her loved ones in their endeavors and exploring the outdoors with her daughter. Her dream is to become a High School teacher and she will not stop until she achieves her goal!
  •  Miceaha


    Lead Teacher - PreSchool 2
    Miceaha was born and raised in the great city of Houston, TX! Her experience in Early Childhood Education started many years ago, teaching children of all ages, from Pre-K to 3rd grade. In the Pre-K class, she worked primarily with special needs children. Miceaha then moved on to the younger ages and found her passion. She was fortunate to graduate from a magnet high school, with a focus on education and training careers, and is now furthering her education, majoring in Education and English. Miceaha is striving to advance in teaching and desires to have the chance to teach every grade level. She also plans to attain her Ph.D. in English and become a professor. As she navigates through life by using every opportunity to grow, she believes it is important that she instills that same attitude in her students!
  •  Ghazala


    Lead Teacher - Pre-K
    Ghazala brings lots of culture and class to the classroom! She is a Pakistan native who is married with three wonderful children; two daughters and one son. She attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Psychology and Social Sciences from St. Joseph’s College. She also received her Montessori Certification from Houston Montessori Centre. Ghazala's experience in education ranges from kindergarteners to high schoolers. She recently decided she'd love to get the little ones ready for kindergarten. Having the ability to nurture and shape them, in every area, to prepare them for the next level of education brings her great joy. She believes that great potential lies within each child and the process of education depends on how they are released to explore their curiosity. Ghazala's classroom management skills and experience are welcomed additions to The Goddard Pre-K program!
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