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Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Mrs Shibani

    Mrs Shibani

    Ms. Shibani is the proud owner of The Goddard School of Katy. She holds a Master's degree in Computer science with 22+ years experience in the technology. She is our onsite owner who loves children and is passionate about early childhood education.
  • Mrs Alexandra

    Mrs Alexandra

    Center Director
    Ms. Alex is originally from Colombia and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She is an experienced childcare administrator with over ten years of experience working with Early Childhood Education. Her Director’s Credentials are from the State of Texas. Ms. Alex has a deep love for children and realizes that as they are the leaders of the future, they need to grow in an emotionally and physically safe environment. In addition, she knows that children’s curiosity drives learning since they learn through play. She ensures all individual student needs are recognized and supported in her roles as a teacher and director. She greatly values the connection between the students and the teacher. Ms. Alex sees the parent, teacher, and school coalition as an opportunity for everyone to contribute their specialized knowledge, which is a win-win situation for all.
  • Ms Pamela

    Ms Pamela

    Assistant Director
    Mrs. Pamela has worked in early childhood education for over six years. While working, she had the opportunity to wear many hats, from teacher to Operation Manager. Pamela has a Degree in Social Services and a vast range of knowledge from yoga to robotics. This includes 500 hours of required training for a Yoga Trainer and multiple hours of in-service training as a Robotics Instructor. Mrs. Pamela feels that teaching is her passion and loves to plant the seed of knowledge. She believes each child is unique and deserves opportunities to better themselves. Mrs. Pamela can not wait to be a part of your child’s early childhood education.
  • Ms Nivedita

    Ms Nivedita

    Ms. Nivvy has a master's degree in electrical engineering from Cleveland State University. She found her passion in early childhood learning once she had two sons. She loves teaching her children and engaging their creativity through crafts and storytelling. She lives with her two sons and her husband in Cinco Ranch, Katy. Ms. Nivvy loves traveling, cooking, and hiking nature trails with her family. Her favorite activity is reading the stories of "The Berenstain Bears" with her boys. She is excited to join "The Goddard School" family and looks forward to meeting you.
  •  Ana


    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Ana has a bachelor's degree in Law. However, she found her way back to working in Early Childhood. She has a gift and knows this is where she belongs. Working with children is her passion, and she finds great joy in the happiness they bring into her life, as well as being able to bring happiness, growth, and development to their lives. She believes every child is unique, and giving them love and meeting their needs is her priority. Ms. Ana believes that early childhood learning is the building block of knowledge children need to instill a lifelong love of learning. Further, she believes that learning goes hand in hand with teacher and parent involvement. Ms. Ana strives to provide a safe environment where children can actively explore and discover new materials.
  •  Aryana


    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Aryana was born and raised in Texas. She has worked with children for three years and believes she always leans from children. She plans on continuing her early childhood education. She enjoys fostering the children's curiosity about the world around them. She believes that every child blossoms when they are positively nurtured and are made to feel safe. Ms. Aryana's philosophy is to tailor lessons to benefit each child based on their personality. Her favorite part about working with children is seeing them accomplish and overcome tasks they formerly struggled with. She will further her education in this field by pursuing her CDA in Infant and Toddler Development. Her favorite book is "Goodnight, Moon."
  • Ms Marie Allison

    Ms Marie Allison

    Lead Teacher
    Mrs. Allison has been in Houston for twenty years and comes with twenty-three years of teaching experience. She attended Lone Star College and had a CDA in early childhood education. On her time off, she enjoys spending time with her family traveling. Her passion for teaching comes from growing up in a large family, being the youngest of nineteen. Her daily goal is to encourage each child to shine like a diamond.
  •  Jesenia


    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Jesenia is originally from New Jersey and recently moved to the great state of Texas. She started her college journey at Montclair State University and then transferred to the University of Houston. Ms. Jesenia comes to Goddard with five years of experience in the classroom, bringing curiosity and energy to inspire her students. Her favorite children's book is "Where the Wild Things Are," and her favorite song is "Make a Circle for a Great Circle Time." She promises to make her classroom a great learning experience for all her students.
  •  Madeleyn


    Ms. Madeleyn is from Venezuela and comes to us with an engineering degree. This is her first experience working with young children. She feels blessed to work with children from 18 to 24 months because they are most curious about the world around them, and she is happy to help them discover it. Ms. Madeleyn loves being outside and going to the park with her dog, Apolo. Her favorite children’s songs are “Freeze Dance” and “The Floor is Lava.” She can’t wait to meet each of you and start her journey here at Goddard.
  •  Magdi


    Ms. Magdi comes to us from Venezuela with open arms and heart. She has a degree in economics from Zulia University. Ms. Magdi wants to teach her students the importance of being proactive and responsible for their daily choices. Her favorite childhood book is "Charlotte's Web," and her favorite song is "Bingo, Is his name." She feels like working with children is incredibly rewarding as she loves the opportunity to engage with future generations actively.
  •  Marisela


    Ms. Marisela is a doctor in Immunology and Allergic Medicine from Venezuela. In addition, she is certified in behavioral and food habits. On her days off, she enjoys her time with her children and grandbabies. She has experience working with children from infants to school in church every Sunday. Ms. Marisela worked as a nanny from 2017 to 2022 and is now ready to bring her joy here at Goddard. Her favorite book is "Love and Medicine Miracles," and her favorite song is "Two Little Bugs."
  •  Beliemary


    Ms. Beliemary comes to Goddard with three years of experience working with children ages twelve weeks to five years. She is originally from Venezuela and has studied business administration/marketing. Ms. Beliemary loves working with children. The children's love fills her with happiness, and she enjoys being part of their learning experience. Her next priority is working on her CDA to ensure she uses the best teaching techniques in her classroom. She wants a safe environment where children can learn, explore, and discover.
  •  Maria Lourdes

    Maria Lourdes

    Ms. Maria is new to early childhood education; however, comes with a lifetime of wisdom and experience. She has a degree in humanities from her country, Venezuela, where she served as Prosecutor of the Public Ministry for twenty-five years, defending the rights of women, adolescents, and children. Ms. Maria is very excited to join our Goddard team and grateful for the opportunity to help our students become everything they inspire to be.
  • Mrs Reyna

    Mrs Reyna

    Mrs. Reyna has been working with children for more than 20 years. She enjoys working with toddlers because they are fun. Throughout the year, Reyna has enjoyed learning and growing with the Goddard School. She believes children should be able to learn and grow uniquely. Her goal is to help enrich the lives of each child and help them accomplish their full potential.
  •  Shefali


    Ms. Shefali was born and raised in India. In 2021, she and her family moved to the U.S., including her husband over thirteen years and her eleven-year-old son. She completed her education in 2008 while living in India. Ms. Shefali has two years of experience teaching elementary students from the range of 5th grade to the 7th grade. She also worked with Tata consultancy services and Lemon Tree Hotels. Ms. Shefali loves anything fairy tales in children's books, especially "Red Riding Hood." When walking up to Preschool One, you may hear her singing her favorite song, "Baby Shark." Ms. Shefali can not wait to see what the year holds.
  •  Gloriany


    Kitchen Manager
    Ms. Gloriany comes from Venezuela and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, leading her to work in the oil industry for three years. Her life changed with the birth of her son back in 2015. Her son showed her the infinite love of children. As Venezuelan poet Andres Eloy Blanco said, “When you have a child, you have all the children in the world….” She loves seeing happy children, which led her to develop other abilities making paper crafts and whimsical decorations with balloons. At “The Goddard School,” Ms. Gloriany enjoys seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when she brings them their healthy and delicious meals and snacks daily.
  •  Ana Pila

    Ana Pila

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Ana Claudie moved to the U.S. back in 2017. She has two sweet boys and a dog. She immediately fell in love with working with toddlers back in 2021. Ms. Ana Claudie is amazed at how quickly they grow and learn about the world around them. Her promise to her students is to ensure they always feel loved, happy, and safe in her classroom. Ms. Ana Claudie’s much-loved classroom activities are circle time, art, and dancing. Her favorite books are “Brown Bear” and “Three Little Pigs.” She cannot wait to see what this new endeavor at Goddard will bring her.
  •  Aspyn


    Ms. Aspyn comes to Goddard with a love for caring for and helping others, including children. She is a nurturing and patient person at heart. Ms. Aspyn believes in using positive words and getting down to the level of her students while speaking with them. She wants to instill independence in her students by having them do daily tasks. Some random facts about Ms. Aspyn: she is tech-savvy and loves technology. She loves music, whether listening or singing. Her favorite childhood book is “What Do You See?”.
  •  Abigail


    Ms. Abigail is a native of the great city of Katy, where she graduated from Katy High School in 2021. Her goal is to be the best teacher for her students, giving them plenty of time to learn and grow. As a child, her books were “All the Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. If you see her on the playground, I am sure you will see her playing her favorite hide-and-seek game with her students. She cooks and bakes delicious new cuisines when she is off. Ms. Abigail plans on continuing her early childhood education with a CDA.
  •  Maria Lilian

    Maria Lilian

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Lili is originally from El Salvador and moved to the great state of Texas in 2020. She comes to Goddard with ten years of experience in the classroom, bringing curiosity and energy to inspire her students. Ms. Lili graduated and became a preschool teacher. She loves teaching, and her goal is to make learning fun. Her favorite children’s book is “Green Eggs and Ham,” and her favorite song is “You are my Sunshine.” She is a chocolate and coffee lover. She promises to make her classroom a great early learning experience for all her students. She is excited to be part of our infant class and looks forward to making this her best year.
  •  Kathy


    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Kathy is from Ecuador. She is married with a beautiful, blended family of three daughters and one son. She comes to Goddard with many years of experience in a hands-on approach. She aims to teach her students and model love, respect, enthusiasm, and empathy daily. She knows how important it is for parents and teachers to be on the same page to promote a positive learning environment and achieve fun learning experiences. Ms. Kathy enjoys traveling, reading, and watching movies with her family. Her favorite childhood book is Rapunzel, and the quote she lives by is, “All your dreams can come true- if we dare to pursue them” Walt Disney.
  •  Shailis


    Ms. Sally is from the Dominican Republic, an island in the Caribbean. Her passion is caring for infants. Ms. Sally knows their need to explore their new surroundings. She loves to sing and read to her infants every day. The safety of the infants is always on her mind while providing her full attention to each infant and their ever-changing world. Her favorite song is “We Go Together” from Grease. She wants a safe environment where children can learn, explore, and discover.
  •  Debika


    Ms. Debika is from India in the eastern Himalayan region. She has a master's in business administration and worked in the corporate industry for a while and then chose to move to teaching. She moved to the Great State of Texas in 2013. She has two high schoolers and enjoys contrasting her two worlds: work and home life. Ms. Debika's love extends to animals and people, having three rescue dogs. In addition, she enjoys gardening, camping, fishing, and hiking. She believes teaching should be fun, creative, interactive, and engaging. Her focus is to observe the uniqueness of each child to help them grow through compliance, effective praise, and support. Ms. Debika's favorite book is "The Thirsty Crow," her favorite song is "Wheels on the bus go round and round." Her life quote is, "A positive mind finds Positivity in every situation."
  •  Mariana


    Ms. Mariana came to Goddard with a master’s degree in environmental engineering. She moved to the U.S. three years ago from Brazil. Ms. Mariana brings love, patience, and kindness to the classroom as a model for her students. She believes each child is unique in their learning style and pace and wants to foster that to ensure their full protentional. Ms. Mariana’s favorites include anything from Coccomelon music and Dr. Seuss’s books. She is very excited to join our Goddard team and grateful for the opportunity to help our students become everything they are inspired to be.
  •  Lisa


    Ms. Lisa is excited to join the Goddard team. Her teaching style is to create a fun, safe learning environment for her students. The children’s love fills her with happiness, and she enjoys being part of their learning experience. Ms. Lisa’s goal is to inspire her students to love learning and its adventures. Her favorite childhood book is “Peter Rabbit,” and her favorite childhood song is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Her life quote is, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
  •  Jarad


    Lead Teacher
    Mr. Jarad comes to Goddard with over fifteen years of experience in early childhood education, with the past three years at our sister Goddard school location (Ranch Point Dr.) He is passionate about providing a positive opportunity for youth to learn and grow. Mr. Jarad's top priority is to create a fun and organized space for his students to be comfortable and creative. He is excited to be a part of The Goddard School and cannot wait to know all our families. He says, "You never work a day if you do what you love."
  •  Jayanti


    Lead Teacher
    Mrs. Jay holds a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a Diploma in Information Technology. She brings over 4 1/2 years of early childhood teaching experience and secondary school teaching experience in Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science. She is excited to be a part of The Goddard School and cannot wait to know all our families. In her own words, her goal is to “inspire her students to follow their dreams, interests, and talents.”
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