Skippack Reviews & Recognition

The love and commitment of our Goddard families inspires us every day. To help make each child’s learning experiences the best they can be, we are always happy to listen when parents share their expectations. Here’s what our families have to say.

  • Every single teacher our children have had (and that's a good amount of teachers, with 3 children enrolled!) - have been AMAZING. Their love, professionalism, knowledge and genuine concern for our children's education, safety, and health has always been wonderful.

    Kyle & Dylan & Tyler's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • they feel like family

    Madison & Bryson & Nolan's Father

    Before/After School Program

  • The school is fun, inviting and clean. The teacher and staff are attentive, friendly and kind.

    Roman's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • I love how friendly all the teachers are. This school makes you feel like home.

    Sophia & Aria's Mother

    Junior-K Classroom

  • We love the staff and teachers at Goddard! We know they provide a safe learning environment for our child and take wonderful care of her too. Our daughter loves going to school and as a parent I couldn’t ask for more.

    Olivia & Thomas 's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • Genuine care for the children and their well-being.

    Olive & Hazel's Father

    Preschool Classroom

  • Our son is very happy to be at school every day. He’s made friends and is always sharing what he’s learned. It’s a joy to see.

    Gustav & Walter's Mother

    Junior-K Classroom

  • I was surprised how welcoming and warm everyone is there. Teachers, admin, parents. I’m so glad we made the right choice with Goddard. I feel my son will have the best care and development there.

    Nathan & Sarah's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • Bringing my child here was the best choice I made

    Delilah's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • Everything! Nothing bad to say at all. Every teacher truly cares about both of our girls and the school has tons of fun activities for the kids. They incorporate learning into everything and the kids truly learn! We've also made great friends by meeting other kid's parents. Thank God for Goddard!

    Brooklyn & Victoria's Father

    Preschool Classroom

  • Excellent communication, individualized care and education, kind and compassionate staff. Everyone at Goddard treats my kids like their own which I am so grateful for.

    Daniel & Margaret's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • The level of care and attention our children receive is exactly what we were looking for in our ECE solution.

    Addison & Riley's Father

    Infant Classroom

  • The teachers, the curriculum, the homey feeling when I pick up and drop off. Best school around!! 10 stars!!

    Mason's Father

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • There is very good communication with everything going on at the school. The teachers and staff are hard working, and most importantly the kids really seem to enjoy their time there.

    Joshua & Emery's Father

    Toddler Classroom

  • I would highly recommend the Goddard school of skippack. The owner, directors and teachers are extremely nice, caring, understanding, flexible and Knowledgeable. The directors were extremely supportive during our first few days and continue to be. The teachers are really kind and I feel confidant that my son is getting great care. They keep things fun with monthly calendars and themed days. Receiving pictures through tadpoles from them is the highlight of my day!

    Luke's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • The Staff, Directors and Owner are all very nice with clear and fast communication. We love the daily calendar activities. The school is very clean and safe. The owner does a great job with the school updates (exterior and interior). We cannot speak highly enough about the school and staff. We are so thankful our son goes there.

    Theodore's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • Everything,! Teachers, cal sports, magic shows, educational activities, art and craft. Gia loves her teachers and school. She loves her friends there and looks forward to go to school every morning.

    Gia's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • The teachers. The teachers are just great. They are caring and the kids love them. my kids have learnt so much at school. Also they are willing to work with the parents - like how we potty train, if the kid is multi-lingual and is slow picking up English. After all of this they are always smiling. It is clear that they love their jobs and as a result we love the school.

    Radhika & Dhruv's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • Good communication with parents , tons of engaging activities, a staff that does not "turn over" quickly and a sense of community.

    Cayden's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • We appreciate the attention to detail in the learning curriculum and the amount of activities for the kids. They're great!

    Everly's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • I am probably not the best person to answer this question being my priorities are having my daughter be safe, have fun, learn to socialize with other people and make some friends. If she learns a few other things along the way, then all the better. This Goddard School meets and exceeds what I want for her. Very good staff with programs which address my priorities.

    Gwendolyn's Father

    Junior-K Classroom

  • I Love everything about this school. Starting the children at such a young age is very rewarding. Involving them with arts and crafts and teaching them basic sign language and languages. reading to the kids is important and being as active and family oriented is so much fun!! Love how the school wants to know about each child's family and takes the time to keep a portfolio of your children's art work and any activity or school paper.

    Olaya & Jude's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • I love the supportive and caring staff at Goddard who are creative and enthusiastic about helping my child grow and learn, both academically and socially! The location is very close to my home, and I love receiving detailed updates and pictures through the Tadpoke application.

    Paul's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • I like that Haley has music class and arts and crafts. She seems to be learning already and doing many activities while at school at only 7 months old.

    Haley's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • Goddard Skippack has been fantastic for both of our children over the past few years. The education has been great specifically for my 3-yr old who comes home each day and tells us about different things that they have learned today. The teachers are engaged and excited to be there. Outstanding experience.

    Alexis & Timothy's Father

    Pre-K Classroom

  • The attention paid to the children by staff and administrators is important and I think the Goddard School does an excellent job in that area.

    Devin & Jackson & Avery's Father

    Junior-K Classroom

  • They take time with your child and help them learn whatever lesson they are on! My son had a very hard time transitioning into preschool and I was given reassurance time and time again... And now my son loves school!!

    Steven & Jayden's Mother

    Junior-K Classroom


Pennsylvania’s Keystone STARS program is an initiative of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) to improve, support and recognize the continuous quality improvement efforts of early learning programs. The Keystone STARS Performance Standards provide the foundation for the program and are grouped into four levels – Standards, Training, Assistance, Resources and Support. Each level builds on the previous level and utilizes research-based best practices to promote quality early learning environments and positive child outcomes.

August 2017 - September 2021


Goddard’s Enrichment Programs Award recognized Schools that integrated nine or more Goddard Resources into the curriculum.

January 2007 - January 2008
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