Huntingdon Valley Reviews & Recognition

The love and commitment of our Goddard families inspires us every day. To help make each child’s learning experiences the best they can be, we are always happy to listen when parents share their expectations. Here’s what our families have to say.

  • We love that our son is able to go to the Goddard School. Not only are the staff there great with the kids, friendly and encouraging, but also the school seems very well organized and clean. The amount of communication they offer to parents makes us feel like we're never surprised by anything and gives a tremendous amount of confidence that our son is cared for and encouraged to learn while he's there. That level of trust is invaluable to parents!

    Topher's Father

    Toddler Classroom

  • Our son has been at Goddard Huntingdon Valley since 6 months old and we can’t say enough about much we love the teachers and staff there. Our son loves to go to school and it is highly visible how much he has grown and learned in their care. We highly recommend this location to parents seeking a nurturing and wonderful place.

    Lucius's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • My girls love going to school. They have learned so much this past year, it is amazing to watch their academic growth. I like that the Goddard School follows a curriculum and the girls have done so well with their handwriting. They will definitely be prepared as they head into Kindergarten.

    Ashlee & Emma's Mother

    Junior-K Classroom

  • I love how much my child loves the Goddard School! I love how confident and independent he has become thanks to help from the wonderfully supportive teachers and staff. We also feel like we have a second family, or extension of our village to help us with our growing family.

    Lucas & Marco's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • I am so thankful I found the Goddard school for my daughter. They are truly wonderful. The staff is responsive, friendly and interactive. My daughter loves to go to school everyday. She has advanced in learning with fun songs and activities.

    Madelynn's Mother

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • Personal approach to the care of my children. Continuous engagement via apps that allow me to experience their day in real-time is extremely valuable to us. Children’s daily satisfaction with their classroom experience. Building security via open door access measures.

    Teddy & Madilynn & Ainsley's Father

    Infant Classroom

  • I love that they teach ASL and Spanish!

    Logan & Riley & Alana's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • We love all the directors and teachers !! They make my child feel loved every single day when she's there, I always recommend Goddard to anybody who asks about daycares :)

    Georgia's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • Love the staff, curriculum, and how great they take care of our children!

    Graham & Tanner's Mother

    Junior-K Classroom

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort. Both of kids are Goddard kids, I chose the Goddard over many other schools because I get the comfort that my kids are being taken care off, and they are learning so much.

    Ava & Paul's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • Great staff, great care to our children . They are learning so much and come home demonstrating what they learn. They are socializing and making friends at a young age and transitioning classrooms to make new friends and experience different teachers. We could not be happier.

    Savannah & Mallory & Amelia's Father

    Toddler Classroom

  • Very strong management. Extremely transparent and very open with parents. 100% recommend

    Joie & Ryder's Father

    Preschool Classroom

  • Me and my son love this amazing school! He loves his teacher and friends so much, he learns everyday something new . For us Goddard School is the most lovely place ??????

    Joseph's Mother

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • I enjoy the different activities the kids get to do and the bond the students and teachers have.

    Carter & Olivia's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom

  • The teachers are amazing. I know they tell care and are constantly looking for ways to make school engaging.

    Clover's Mother

    Infant Classroom

  • I like the friendly staff, email acknowledgments of daily activities, and flexibility of drop off/pick up times.

    Keira's Mother

    Goddard Graduate

  • My daughter has only been at goddard for about a month now, and she absolutely LOVES going there, and that makes me feel good. I am hoping we have a long relationship with this school, and would recommend it to parents looking for a safe, secure and awesome environment for their most precious gifts.

    Ava's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • The teachers take the time to work with the children, my daughter has been there for 4 years and she loves it

    Avery's Father

    Preschool Classroom

  • Everyone is fabulous! My daughter loves going to school and is always excited about it!

    Katie's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • Cleanliness, curriculum, safety, location/convenience, value (for price), flexible scheduling, friendly and attentive staff, and brand confidence.

    Charlotte's Father

    Infant Classroom

  • Professional, organized, quick to respond, directors and teachers are great, pictures on the app make my day!

    Claire's Father

    Toddler Classroom

  • Great place for the kids. Great teachers and staff. The kids are learning so much and we see it demonstrated at home every day.

    Savannah & Mallory's Father

    Infant Classroom

  • I like how the organization is structured.

    Ava & Paul's Father

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • My wife and I feel like the Goddard School is a safe, fun, and enriched environment for our daughter to learn and make friends.

    Ella Rose & Evelyn's Father

    Goddard Graduate

  • Teachers are fantastic. They are all so different, but bring their own talents. Our daughter is getting a well rounded education. The facility is very clean, and we feel good about leaving our child in their care.

    Rose's Father

    Toddler Classroom

  • Staff is friendly and programs are GREAT!

    Tori's Father

    Goddard Graduate

  • I love the special programming, like the firefighters visit to the school and growing a garden. Swoooon ??

    April & Amy's Mother

    Preschool Classroom

  • I heard about your school from my friends. We are in Goddard school about 4 weeks Since then I see my son very happy to go school and its very important to me, personally I feel very happy to receive pics and videos about his activities during the day.

    David's Mother

    Kindergarten Classroom

  • Friendly and experienced staff. Convenient hours and location. Receiving daily updates with pictures and videos gives me a peace of mind that my child is safe and enjoying his adventure. Children are exposed to socialization and learning which is essential for development.

    Alex's Mother

    Toddler Classroom

  • Every teacher there is always happy to see my child. She genuinely loves coming to school & has learned so much!

    Natalie's Mother

    Pre-K Classroom


Goddard’s Circle of Excellence President’s Club Award recognizes franchisees that meet the highest standards set by Goddard Systems in the areas of health and safety, curriculum, overall quality, punctual reporting and business operations. Eligibility is limited to franchisees that achieved the highest level of excellence, scoring in the top ten percent in each category.

February 2024 - February 2025


This award recognizes the best preschool as chosen by Montgomery County Happening List voters.

January 2020 - December 2024


Goddard’s Circle of Excellence Award recognizes franchisees for elevating the Goddard brand, reputation and business performance through outstanding achievements in education and operational delivery. The Circle of Excellence program represents the very best of the system and reflects Goddard’s mission and values.

May 2023 - May 2024


Pennsylvania’s Keystone STARS program is an initiative of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) to improve, support and recognize the continuous quality improvement efforts of early learning programs. The Keystone STARS Performance Standards provide the foundation for the program and are grouped into four levels – Standards, Training, Assistance, Resources and Support. Each level builds on the previous level and utilizes research-based best practices to promote quality early learning environments and positive child outcomes.

April 2018 - April 2023
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