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Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  •  Marc


    Owner / Operator
    I have been the owner of the Goddard School in Swedesboro, NJ since it opened in 2005. With three young children of my own, I understand the importance of Early Childhood Development. All three of my children have gone through the Goddard program. I enjoy working with children and love being able to offer parents a safe, nurturing environment for their children.
  •  Rachel


    Hello, I'm Miss Rachel! I have been with The Goddard School since 2010. I received my Associate's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix and my Bachelor's Degree in Social Science from Thomas Edison University. Over the years I have worked with a variety of age groups including our Before and After program, First Steps, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten before being promoted to Assistant Director in 2016 and Director in 2017. I bring with me experience raising my own three daughters and a passion for innovative teaching that focuses on supporting the whole child both emotionally and academically. My goal as Director is to fully support all Goddard families as well as the excellent teachers in each classroom to fully foster a school that provides growth and achievement.
  •  Theresa


    Assistant Director
    I began working at The Goddard School in Swedesboro in the Fall of 2011. I started my career as a substitute and became full time staff. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of age groups from First Steps to Before and After. In the Fall of 2015, I became the Preschool 2 lead teacher before moving to the Pre-Kindergarten program in the Fall of 2017. I became the Curriculum Coordinator in the fall of 2017 and oversaw lesson planning and documentation for all classrooms and worked closely with lead teachers to develop important educational skills. I am currently working towards my second Bachelor's degree in Instructional Design and will graduate with my Master's Degree in 2023. In July of 2020, I became Assistant Director and am committed to making the Goddard School a community of diverse and caring educators.
  •  Jennifer


    Classroom Resource Administrator
    Hello, I'm Miss Jenn! I have been working in early childhood education since 2005 when the Goddard School in Swedesboro opened. Over the years I have worked with many different age groups including First Steps, Get Set, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Before and After. I have my associate's degree in Early Childhood Education and believe in fostering and nurturing the whole child. In my free time, I love spending time with my husband and two sons!
  •  Cara


    Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and Curriculum/Engagement Administrator
    Hi, My name is Cara!! I started working here at The Goddard School as a substitute teacher in various classrooms. I am now happy to say that I am the lead teacher in our Pre-K classroom and I am enjoying every second! It is extremely rewarding to witness our students learn and grow and to be getting them ready for such a big next step, such as Kindergarten, is a great feeling!!
  •  Erica


    Lead Kindergarten Teacher and Quality Assurance Administrator
    Hello, I'm Miss Erica. I have been working with children since my freshman year of high school, taking early childhood development classes. From there, I worked a number of years in a center before joining the Goddard team. I have worked with a variety of age groups including Preschool, Get Set and Summer Camp. I became the lead teacher in the Get Set classroom in 2019 and am now the lead teacher in the Jr. Kindergarten classroom! It is exciting and rewarding to watch our little ones grow, learn and have fun and I enjoy the relationships I develop with both the children and families!
  •  Kaydene


    Lead Teacher
    Hello, my name is Kaydene Hanson. I have two little girls who attend The Goddard School and love being here. I have over 10 years experience working in early childhood education. I have decided to make teaching children my life's work because I believe early childhood education sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning. I am devoted to the social and emotional development of each child and make it my goal to ensure each child receives the best care and love that they all deserve.
  •  Michele


    Lead Teacher
    Hello! I have been with The Goddard School since October 2018 but I have been in the childcare profession for nearly 20 years and have raised two children of my own. I love teaching children and thrive on seeing them happy. Another benefit to my position here is helping new parents become happy and comfortable and giving them a great experience.
  •  Michelle


    Lead Teacher
    I have been with the Goddard School since August of 2006. I graduated from Kingsway Regional High School and have been working with children since I was 16 years old. I started working in preschools right after high school and have worked with every age: Infant through 11 years old. My goals are to be able to watch the children in the school grow, learn, and develop self confidence. Knowing that I have made a positive impact in their lives makes me happy. I love my job because I come to work and see them smiling, laughing, and learning and I know that I was a part of that.
  •  Shanika


    Lead Teacher
    Hi! I bring with me to Goddard many years of experience in Early Childhood, elementary and secondary education. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in General Science with a concentration in Kindergarten-6th grade and a Master of Education Degree in elementary/secondary school counseling. I have over 10 years experience in education and 6 specifically in Early Childhood. What I enjoy most about teaching is helping children learn, grow and having fun in the process!
  •  Alexa


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, I'm Miss Alexa and I am currently a senior at Gloucester Catholic Highschool. In the future, I plan to major in Elementary Education in college and am excited to gain teaching experience at the Goddard School. I have experience working with school age summer campers and especially enjoyed planning physical activities for students to keep them active throughout the day. I believe that all children learn at their own pace and want to make my students feel comfortable and confident in their abilities.
  •  Brandie


    Assistant Teacher
    I joined the Goddard team in the fall of 2020! I have previous experience working with children 7 to 18 months old. I am very excited to be a part of the Infant room team and am excited to experience infants develop at such an important time in their childhood! I am passionate about bonding with children and watching them grow!
  •  Carleigh


    Assistant Teacher
    Hi! I am Miss Carleigh! I joined the Goddard team in 2019 with three years of early childhood education experience and 1 year of nanny experience. I aim to create a safe and happy place for my students to learn and develop their personalities. I love to bake and spend time with my family in my free time. In the classroom, I love music activities and getting to spend one-on-one time with students during lunch time!
  •  Darla


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, I'm Miss Darla! I recently graduated with my Associate of Science Degree in Education from Rowan College of Gloucester County. I believe children are full of curiosity and should be given opportunities to explore their personal educational interests. In the future, I plan to complete my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.
  •  Jenna


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, I'm Miss Jenna. I worked in childcare for 2 years before working for the Goddard School in Swedesboro. I have experience with both toddler and school-age students! My teaching philosophy revolves around allowing children to be their genuine selves and feel comfortable in their learning environment. I believe self-expression is important and valuable and enjoy planning activities for students to get creative!
  •  Jessica


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, I'm Miss Jessica. I am currently a student at Rowan College of South Jersey studying to pursue a degree in Education and History. I love teaching about weather and learning individual characteristics of my students. I believe every student is unique and require their own special attention.
  •  Jackie


    Lead Teacher
    Hello! I am excited to be a part of the Goddard team and enjoy being with the little ones in the Get Set classroom. I have experience helping take care of the children in my family and I am eager to be able to learn more through my experience here. What I enjoy most about my position here is helping children make friends, work together, build their self-confidence and independence. I also cherish the relationships I build with our little ones and their families.
  •  Madison


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, I'm Miss Madison and I am currently pursuing my master's degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science at Rowan University! I have been working in childcare for three years and love getting kids up and moving with planned outdoor and gross motor activities. I pride myself on bringing my knowledge in nutrition and exercise into the classroom to keep children engaged.
  •  Marlissa


    Assistant Teacher
    Hi, I'm Miss Marlissa! I am current student at Kingsway Regional High School who will be attending Rowan College of South Jersey to pursue an associate's degree in Early Childhood Education in the fall of 2022. As a child, I attended the Goddard School in Swedesboro for Preschool and the Before and After Program and loved my time here! My mother has been a teacher since before I was born and has been an important role model for me. I am excited to start my educational career at the Goddard School as I head into college!
  •  Mary


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, my name is Miss Mary! I have been working in early childhood education for over 15 years. I have experience teaching all age groups, but I love working with First Steppers and young toddlers! Before working at the Goddard School, I owned my own “in-home” childcare for a group of 6 children. My favorite activities include singing along with children and watching them explore art materials!
  •  Olivia


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, I'm Miss Olivia! I am currently a senior at Gloucester Catholic Highschool and am excited to develop a strong foundation for my teaching skills at the Goddard School. I previously volunteered at a local summer camp and enjoyed interacting with school age students and organizing activities for them to complete throughout the day. I believe it is important to be understanding and patient while children are developing their knowledge and to reassure them with positivity and encouragement.
  •  Raven


    Assistant Teacher
    Hi, I'm Miss Raven! I am a recent graduate of Kingsway Regional Highschool and a current student at Rowan College of Gloucester County. I grew up in a large family with many younger siblings. I have experience as a babysitter and summer nanny for children ages newborn to 12 years old. I believe all children communicate through their actions and require individualized attention from their teachers. I enjoy doing creative arts with students and reading stories!
  •  Robin


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, my name is Robin! I have been here,at Goddard, since 2012. I attended High School in Brooklyn, NY and while there completed a Montessori Training Program for Early Childhood Development. I have worked in early childhood for over 17 years as an in home provider and in classroom settings. My goal as an Early Childhood Educator is to provide children with a loving, nurturing, safe environment to learn, grow, and play in. I love the element of joy and surprise that comes over a child’s face when they have learned and accomplished something for the first time.
  •  Rosaria


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, I'm Miss Rosie! I am currently a student at Rowan University and majoring in Psychology. I received my Associate's degree in Elementary Education from Rowan College of Gloucester County in 2021. Throughout high school and college, I became a student instructor of Brazilian Jui Jitsu at Wolf BJJ in Sicklerville, NJ. I work with children ages 5-10 in developing new skills, understanding how to work together and respect within the jui jitsu studio. I love working in the classroom environment and believe children learn best in positive and engaging environments.
  •  Stephanie


    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, I'm Miss Steph! I am currently a student at Rowan University pursuing a degree in elementary education. I believe all children are unique and the classroom is a safe space for students to express themselves freely while discovering their personalities. I aim to create a positive and happy environment for my students to thrive in.
  •  Tashika


    Assistant Teacher
    Hi, My name is Teika! I have enjoyed working in the Preschool 2 classroom since 2018 and being a part of the team. I have many years experience working with children of all different age groups and have two boys of my own. It has been exciting and very rewarding witnessing the children in our class soak up something new everyday and I’m happy to have already built lasting relationships with my students and their families!
  •  Tytiana


    Assistant Teacher
    Hi, I'm Miss Tytiana! I recently joined the Goddard teaching staff in August of 2022. I previously worked as an infant specialist for the JC Penny Photo Studio. Working with children during photo sessions sparked by passion for Early Childhood Education. Growing up, I was heavily involved in the community and always found ways to give back to the community by working with organizations like Citizen's Police Academy and the Bread and Roses foundation. I am thrilled to provide my students with quality learning experiences and make long-lasting connections at The Goddard School.
  •  Veronica


    Assistant Teacher
    I'm Miss Veronica! I am currently a student at Salem County Community College and will begin classes at Rowan University for Early Childhood Education in the fall of 2023. My love for children began when I started babysitting in high school. I believe children are unique and require a loving, nurturing environment.
  •  Rylie


    Lead Teacher
    Hi, I'm Miss Rylie. I recently joined the Swedesboro Goddard School team. I grew up with a love for children and have prior babysitting experience. I believe all children are unique and need individual learning experiences for them to grow. I love being able to make connections with children and watch their personalities develop. My professional goal is to become a pediatric nurse!
  •  Sky


    Lead Teacher
    Hi, I'm Miss Sky. I joined the Goddard team in March of 2021. I am excited to be involved in the classroom routines and lives of students at the Goddard School in Swedesboro. My teaching philosophy focuses on making children feel safe and secure in the classroom so they can develop freely. I love that all students learn at different paces and love watching them reach new educational goals!
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