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Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Miss Allie

    Miss Allie

    On-Site Owner
    Ms. Allie took the helm as the owner of this school in 2017, following a journey at Goddard that began in 2012. She's held diverse roles within the institution, from teacher to director, leading her to her current ownership. With an educational background encompassing an associate's degree in Education and a bachelor's in Business, she brings a unique blend of expertise to her role. Her "Why?" is founded on the joy she finds in witnessing the "ah ha!" moments in children. Ms. Allie's love for these moments of understanding and growth propels her dedication to providing an environment where children can experience these enlightening breakthroughs, making her a significant and compassionate leader within our school.
  • Miss Andrea

    Miss Andrea

    Ms. Andrea holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Lindenwood University, accompanied by an Early Childhood Certificate. Her journey with The Goddard School began in 2009, and she has worked in every classroom, gaining comprehensive experience. Rising through the ranks, she became Assistant Director in 2019 and assumed the role of Director in 2021. Her "Why?" is rooted in her deep love for witnessing children learn and grow. Ms. Andrea's passion for nurturing the development of young minds is a driving force behind her dedicated leadership at our school.
  • Miss Moni

    Miss Moni

    Ms. Moni holds a bachelor's degree in Spanish from UMSL and began her teaching journey in 2010. Her dedicated service at The Goddard School commenced in 2011 as an assistant teacher. Over the years, she has worked in various classrooms, even serving as the Spanish teacher for a period. In 2021, she assumed the role of Assistant Director. Her unwavering mission is to create a warm and inclusive environment where all families, children, and staff feel secure and valued from the moment they enter the school. Ms. Moni's "Why?" is rooted in her belief that every child deserves the best possible start in life, making her a compassionate and vital part of our school leadership.
  • Miss Kristen

    Miss Kristen

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Kristen is an experienced childcare provider with over 15 years of nurturing and guiding young minds. She has earned her Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in early childhood education. Ms. Kristen's passion lies in creating a delightful and secure learning environment for infants, where their growth and development are of paramount importance. Her "Why?" is deeply rooted in the joy of witnessing babies as they embark on their incredible journey of learning, growth, and the achievement of important milestones.
  • Miss Kayla

    Miss Kayla

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Kayla brings 4 1/2 years of valuable childcare experience to our team. While she began her journey in the Monkey room, she discovered her true passion in the infant room, where she has truly flourished. Ms. Kayla is not only an outstanding team player but also a valuable asset to our school. Her primary objective is to create a joyful and secure environment for the children under her care. Her "Why?" is driven by the simple pleasure of observing these little ones as they learn and grow.
  • Miss Lauren

    Miss Lauren

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Lauren holds a bachelor's degree in child development from SEMO and boasts more than 5 years of experience in childcare. At our school, she serves as the Health and Safety Coordinator and also works as an office assistant. Ms. Lauren's primary goal is to foster the growth and development of the children in her class. She achieves this by cultivating a secure and affectionate environment, tailoring learning opportunities to each child's unique developmental levels and interests. Her "Why?" is rooted in her genuine love for guiding her students as they grow and learn, ensuring they have a safe and nurturing space to do so.
  • Miss Meghan

    Miss Meghan

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Meghan has flourished in her role during her tenure at our school, evolving into an extraordinary teacher whose genuine love for children shines through in her work. Her primary goal is to establish a safe and comfortable learning environment for her students. Her "Why?" revolves around her commitment to building strong bonds with the children. She believes that nurturing these connections allows the children to feel at their most comfortable, enabling them to thrive and express themselves freely.
  • Miss Makayla

    Miss Makayla

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Makayla, with over 5 years of experience in childcare, is a familiar face to the Goddard community, having accumulated over a year of experience at a previous location. As she embarks on a new journey at our school, her goal for the year is to offer a diverse range of daily activities that promote exploration, learning, and social interaction, aspiring to be the best teacher she can be. Her “Why?” is driven by the profound satisfaction of knowing she is making a positive impact on each child’s life. Ms. Makayla takes joy in helping children grow and learn about the world around them, highlighting her commitment to fostering a rich and supportive learning environment.
  • Miss Marissa

    Miss Marissa

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Marissa, who has over 3 years of experience in childcare, is not just a teacher but a mother of two. She extends the same love to her class as she does to her own children. Her “Why?” is rooted in the joy she finds in watching children grow and learn, especially cherishing those precious moments when they express themselves by saying something new for the first time.
  • Miss Amber

    Miss Amber

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Amber, a dedicated member of our team for just over a year, received a noteworthy parent nomination for Goddard Midwest Teacher of the Year in 2023. Her goal is to create a safe, fun, educational, and loving environment where children can thrive. Her “Why?” is rooted in a significant career shift. After spending 8 years running hotels, Ms. Amber decided to take a break and recalibrate her career goals. Now, having found something she loves, she is enthusiastic about contributing to the growth and development of the children in her care.
  • Miss Catalina

    Miss Catalina

    Teacher Spotlight!
    Ms. Catalina, a valuable member of our team, has dedicated a year to nurturing and guiding children in our infant and toddler rooms. Recognized for her exceptional teamwork, she actively contributes to creating a positive environment within our school. Her "Why?" is driven by her commitment to sharing the power of therapeutic humor with others. Ms. Catalina's focus on using humor as a tool for healing and fostering connections makes her a uniquely impactful presence in our educational community.
  • Miss Charlotte

    Miss Charlotte

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Charlotte is a seasoned educator with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood from the University of Cincinnati, boasting an impressive 25 years of experience in childcare. At our school, she serves as the Teacher Mentor and an office assistant. Her "Why?" is rooted in her passion for tailoring education to each child's unique learning journey. Ms. Charlotte aims to provide individualized support, understanding that every child learns and grows in their distinct way. Her commitment to personalized learning and vast experience make her an invaluable asset to our educational team.
  • Miss Anna

    Miss Anna

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Anna has over 4 years of valuable experience in childcare. She is hoping to start her CDA journey this year. Her “Why?” is rooted in her lifelong aspiration to help people and she believes there’s no better way than by contributing to the development of children. Ms. Anna’s commitment to nurturing and guiding children reflects her genuine passion for making a positive impact on their lives.
  • Miss Polina

    Miss Polina

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Polina brings over a decade of childcare experience to her role, and she has earned her Child Development Associate (CDA) with the support of a ChildCare Aware Scholarship. As a mother of two, she extends the same care and love to her class as she does to her own children. Her "Why?" is deeply rooted in a personal journey inspired by her fourth-grade teacher, whose hard work and determination helped her succeed in school after being adopted. Ms. Polina is driven by the desire to ensure that all children, even at a young age, feel loved and successful, making her a compassionate and dedicated teacher.
  • Miss Brittany

    Miss Brittany

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Brittany arrived at our school after dedicating four years to working with teenagers dealing with behavioral health issues. She's actively pursuing her Child Development Associate (CDA) while being a loving mom and step-mom, treating her class as if they were her own children. Her primary objective is to assist in the potty training process within the class while maintaining a supportive and nurturing environment. Her "Why?" is deeply rooted in her passion for community service and molding young minds to pave the way for their future success.
  • Miss April

    Miss April

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. April is a dedicated educator with a CDA credential, actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Early Education. With a remarkable 16 years of experience in the field, she brings a wealth of expertise to our school. While she is new to our school, she has plenty of experience in the Goddard community. Having diverse roles at previous schools, we are enthusiastic about her professional growth at this school. Her immediate objective is to establish herself at our location and develop strong connections with the families we serve. Ms. April’s “Why?” is deeply rooted in the sheer delight of witnessing the “Ah ha!” moments in children as they grasp new concepts. She finds immense joy in the sparkle of excitement that lights up their eyes during activity.
  • Miss Ellyen

    Miss Ellyen

    Lead teacher
    Ms. Ellyen is a dedicated educator holding an associate's degree in early childhood development from State Fair Community College. With over 7 years of diverse experience working with children in various settings, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her goal for the year is threefold: to advance as a lead teacher, ensure her students are prepared for pre-K and kindergarten, and to provide a safe, healthy, fun, and loving environment for them. Additionally, Ms. Ellyen aims to foster strong relationships with both the children and their parents.
  • Miss Debbie

    Miss Debbie

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Debbie brings a wealth of over 28 years of experience in childcare and holds a dual role as an office assistant at our institution. Her primary aim this year is to achieve her Child Development Associate (CDA) certification. Driven by her belief that children learn by the experiences they encounter, Ms. Debbie is devoted to fostering an environment where children can live their best life under her care. Her dedication to creating an environment that promotes positive learning experiences makes her an invaluable part of our team.
  • Miss Shala

    Miss Shala

    assistant teacher
    Ms. Shala, a newcomer at our school, is eager to embark on this journey with enthusiasm. Drawing from her diverse background, which includes nannying, involvement with children in her church, and several years in pediatrics and NICU, she brings a rich tapestry of experiences. As a mother of 5 herself, she is well-acquainted with the joys and challenges of caring for children. Her “Why?” is deeply personal, rooted in her strong love for children. Ms. Shala aspires to be the supportive adult figure for children that she wishes she had when she was young, underscoring her commitment to creating a positive and nurturing environment for the children at our school.
  • Mr Brandon

    Mr Brandon

    Assistant Teacher
    Mr. Brandon has been a highly valued floater teacher at our institution for two years. Though he mainly supports the preschool and pre-K rooms, he also relishes spending time with the youngest children in our care. His passion for bonding with the kids is often expressed through art and drawing activities, providing opportunities to connect and engage with the children on a creative level.
  • Miss Amber

    Miss Amber

    assistant teacher
    Ms. Amber brings over 10 years of valuable childcare experience to our team. While she dedicates her mornings to working in the kitchen at the school district, she joins us in the afternoons. Her goal is to cultivate a positive and loving environment for the children under her care. Her “Why?” is deeply personal, rooted in her commitment to being there for her two daughters, who are her everything. Ms. Amber’s dedication to creating a nurturing space for the children reflects her genuine passion for fostering positivity and love within our educational community.
  • Miss Monique

    Miss Monique

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Monique is currently pursuing an associate's degree and is looking forward to celebrating her one-year anniversary with our school this May. As a devoted mother of one, she extends the same level of care and dedication to the children here as she does to her own child. Her aspirations include achieving her Child Development Associate (CDA). Her "Why?" is rooted in a fundamental belief: "If you're not making someone else's life better, then you are wasting your time." Ms. Monique firmly believes that the next generation holds the key to our future, and it's our responsibility to ensure that we empower and support them to create the best future possible.
  • Miss Sierra

    Miss Sierra

    Kitchen Manager
    Miss Sierra is our Kitchen Manager. She has over 10 years of experience in the food service industry. Her favorite food to cook is Soul Food because it's feel-good food! She is excited to be at our school and to create nutritious and delicious means each month for our little ones!
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