Our Teachers

Our teachers blend the highest education standards with nurturing care to help foster well-rounded child development.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Mr Jim Worley

    Mr Jim Worley

    Mr. Worley obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Maryland and his Master of Science degree in Engineering from Stanford University. He has Business Administration training from both Georgia State University and The University of Maryland. Mr. Worley has over 25 years of professional experience in Engineering and in Business Administration both at AT&T and at Hughes Network Systems. Mr. and Mrs. Worley have been with Goddard since 2003. Long-time residents of Gaithersburg, the Worleys make their home within a mile of the school.
  • Mrs Jill Worley

    Mrs Jill Worley

    Mrs. Worley received her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from The University of Maryland. She spent the first portion of her career at Continental Insurance in customer relations, and then as a computer programmer and trainer. After owning and operating the Goddard School located in Frederick for five years, the Worleys opened The Goddard School in Gaithersburg in September of 2007. The Worleys have three grown children, who were very active within the Montgomery County Public School System. Their daughter, Katherine, is the on-site owner of their new sister school in North Bethesda.
  • Mrs Roebuck

    Mrs Roebuck

    Executive Director
    Mrs. Roebuck, our Executive Director, oversees all three of our Sister Schools: North Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Silver Spring. She has her Elementary Education degree from East Carolina University and spent the first six years of her career teaching in the public schools and then as a Pre-Kindergarten/ Kindergarten teacher in a private school setting. Before joining The Goddard School, she helped open and operate a number of smaller preschool locations in lower Montgomery County. Mrs. Roebuck lives with her husband and two sons.
  • Mrs Porter

    Mrs Porter

    Director of Education
    Mrs. Porter holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from East Stroudsburg University. She previously taught our kindergarten program for seven years and was Goddard Systems "Teacher of the Year" in 2018. She loves “making learning fun for her children so that they are eager and curious about the world.” When not watching the Boston Red Sox play, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Sean, their daughter, Arden and their dog, Buckley.
  • Mrs White

    Mrs White

    Assistant Director
    Mrs. White joined The Goddard School in 2015. She spent the first 7 years teaching Early Preschool and Preschool. From 2020-22 she was our first/second/third grade teacher. She misses the classroom but is enjoying the challenge of helping our school run smoothly! She received her BA in Liberal Arts from Penn State University. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and especially enjoys sharing her love of reading with her children. As a teacher, she said the best thing about her job was that she learned new things every day from her students!
  • Mrs Wesley

    Mrs Wesley

    Assistant Director
    Mrs. Wesley comes to The Goddard School in Gaithersburg having taught first grade and Prekindergarten. She holds a BS degree in Elementary Education from Pensacola Christian College with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. Mrs. Wesley says her favorite part about teaching was watching the children come into her classroom excited to learn each day. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband. Her younger daughter, Charlotte, is a Goddard student in our Orioles class!
  • Mrs Clerizier

    Mrs Clerizier

    Assistant Director
    Mrs. Clerizier (formerly Burcher) joined us in 2018 and has taught Early preschool, Preschool and Prekindergarten. Recently promoted to Assistant Director, she holds a BS from James Madison University and her 90-hr certification. Mrs. Clerizier especially enjoys visits from her former students so that she can see how much they have grown!
  • Ms Mfuta

    Ms Mfuta

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Mfuta joined our school in 2015 as a lead infant teacher in our Ladybug room. She serves as our infant/ toddler team leader as well. She holds a BA from Strayer University and her 45 and 90-hr certifications. Ms. Mfuta strives to create a warm and nurturing environment for her babies. She hopes to lay a foundation that will help her students grow to become both smart and independent.
  • Ms Muid

    Ms Muid

    Lead Teacher
    Infants. Ms. Muid is a lead teacher in our Ladybug room. She has over 20 years of teaching experience, a BS in Psychology and her Infant/ Toddler certifications with MSDE. She loves teaching our youngest Goddard students!
  • Mrs Jazayeri

    Mrs Jazayeri

    Lead Teacher
    Infants. Mrs. Jazayeri joined us in 2008 and has been an integral part of our infant/ toddler program ever since. She is a lead teacher in our Ladybug room, caring for our littlest Goddard Students. She has a BS in Education and her 90-hr Infant/ Toddler Certification. Ms. Jazayeri’s favorite children’s book is Quilt Story by Tony Johnson, because it reminds her of the dreams of childhood and the love of family. She enjoys seeing her babies grow into “big kids” and loves the hugs she is able to give and receive every day!
  • Ms Qayyum

    Ms Qayyum

    Lead Teacher
    Infants. Ms. Quyyum is a lead teacher in the Caterpillar room. She received her bachelor's degree in related arts and child development and has over 10 years of experience working in early childhood education. She lives in Germantown with her family.
  • Mrs Ponce

    Mrs Ponce

    Lead Teacher
    Toddlers. Mrs. Ponce recently joined our toddler team and is the lead teacher in our Bees room. She brings with her over 10 years of teaching experience. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, picnics and spending time with her husband and daughter, who is a kindergartener.
  • Ms Jackson

    Ms Jackson

    Assistant Teacher
    Toddlers. Ms. Jackson joined our Toddler program in 2022 and has been a wonderful addition to the school. An aspiring illustrator and animator, she holds a degree from the Art Institute of Virginia Beach and is pursuing her Masters in Art. She has her 90-hour and Infant/ toddler MSDE certifications. As a talented artist, she spends her free time drawing.
  • Ms Maali

    Ms Maali

    Assistant Teacher
    Toddlers. Ms. Maali joined The Goddard School in 2015 as a FLEX teacher. This allowed her to work with all different ages in our school. She holds a BA in Nursing and her 90-hr certification. No matter the age, Ms. Maali loves singing songs and making everyone smile! In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her three children and family.
  • Ms Delgado

    Ms Delgado

    Lead Teacher
    Toddlers. Ms. Delgado is a versatile teacher, who has taught infants through preschoolers. She has both her 90-hour preschool and school-age certifications. In her spare time, she enjoys singing and dancing!
  • Ms Andraos

    Ms Andraos

    Assistant Teacher
    Toddlers. Ms. Andraos joined our school in 2022 as an assistant toddler teacher. She has her 90-hour MSDE certification. She loves both sports and music, a perfect combination for a toddler teacher! When not at school, she enjoys spending time with family, writing stories and illustrating them.
  • Ms Quintanilla

    Ms Quintanilla

    Assistant Teacher
    Prekindergarten. Ms. Quintanilla is an assistant teacher in our Deer class. She enjoys singing, creative art, baking and spending time outdoors. She feels it is very important to try new things that are outside her comfort zone. Her favorite part of being a teacher is being able to have a positive impact on young lives.
  • Ms Swink

    Ms Swink

    Lead Teacher
    Toddler/ Early Preschool. Ms. Swink is pursuing her Early Childhood Education degree from Frostburg University. She joined us with four years of experience. She says that she receives a thrill to work with students and watch them "get it" for the first time. She knows that in that moment, she has given the child something that they will use the rest of their lives. When she has spare time, she likes spending it with family and friends. Her daughter is a Goddard student in our Early Preschool program.
  • Ms Sinnokrot

    Ms Sinnokrot

    Lead Teacher
    Toddlers. Ms Sinnokrot joined us in 2019 and has worked with ages toddlers to 10! She has her 90-hr certification. Ms Sinnokrot is a lead teacher in our toddler program. She also teaches our gym class. The best thing about teaching? Watching children grow and how excited they get when they learn new things. Ms Sinnokrot comes from a family of four children and loves to bake in her spare time!
  • Mrs Bailey

    Mrs Bailey

    Lead Teacher
    Early Preschool. Mrs. Bailey is a lead teacher in our Early Preschool program. She is also our Sign Language instructor. She joined The Goddard School in 2009, bringing many years of preschool teaching experience. She holds an AA in Early Childhood Education and a BS in Business. Mrs. Bailey creates a wonderfully warm and nurturing classroom for all of her students. She believes that fostering independence and curiosity will successfully prepare her students for preschool. Mrs. Bailey is the mother of two grown children. She loves to ice skate all year round and to visit Nags Head Beach with her family.
  • Ms Sauma

    Ms Sauma

    Lead Teacher
    Early Preschool. Ms. Sauma has a BA in Communication Studies from American University. She believes the best part of being a teacher is encouraging her children to use their imaginations and seeing their playful side. Ms. Sauma aspires to make a positive difference in each of her student's lives and enjoys watching them grow.
  • Mrs Dave

    Mrs Dave

    Lead Teacher
    Preschool. Mrs. Dave joined The Goddard School in 2019 and is a lead teacher in our Owls class. She has over 25 years of teaching experience. She holds her 90-hr Certification along with a BS and MBA. Mrs. Dave has a passion for teaching and enjoys preparing creative and meaningful lessons for her little ones. She is very excited to get to know each of her students and their families. She especially enjoys the daily interactions with her students and the stories that they share with her.
  • Ms Kikaya

    Ms Kikaya

    Lead Teacher
    Early Preschool/ Preschool. Ms. Kikaya holds a BA from the Art Institute of Washington and her 90-hr certification. She is also our Yoga instructor. Ms. Kikaya joined us in 2019 and has seven years teaching experience, working with a variety of ages. Ms. Kikaya believes in building lifelong relationships with her students and hopes that they will come back to visit her!
  • Ms Martinez

    Ms Martinez

    Assistant Teacher
    Early Preschool/ Preschool. Ms. Martinez received her BA in Psychology from Trinity Washington University. She is an assistant teacher in our Beaver class and our Spanish instructor. She loves being a teacher because she has the ability to impact children's lives. When not at school, Ms. Martinez enjoys tennis, playing video games and going out with friends.
  • Mrs Roynestad

    Mrs Roynestad

    Lead Teacher
    Early Preschool/ Preschool. Ms. Roynestad is a teacher in our Fox room, as well as our Preschool Team Leader. She holds a BA in Human Development and Family Science from Messiah College. Mrs. Roynestad joined our school in 2016. One of her favorite children’s books is the Winnie the Pooh series, because they teach the value of friendship. She believes that school teaches children a lot more than literacy and STEM. They learn about friendship and caring for one another. She lives with her husband and her beautiful daughter, who is a Goddard student.
  • Ms Quinones

    Ms Quinones

    Lead Teacher
    Prekindergarten. Ms. Quinones joined our school in 2016 and has had the opportunity to teach toddlers through kindergarten. She is the lead teacher for our Moose class as well as our Prekindergarten team leader. She holds a BA from Liberty University in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Quinones' experience with all age groups allows her to understand how children develop as they graduate from one program to another.
  • Ms Kunert

    Ms Kunert

    Lead Teacher
    Prekindergarten. Ms. Kunert is a lead teacher in our Deer room. She has a BA from St. Lawrence University. Ms. Kunert believes strongly in the play-based model of teaching that promotes natural curiosity and discovery. "Over time, students will naturally expand their interests to explore options they may not have been attracted to before."
  • Ms Quinones

    Ms Quinones

    Lead Teacher
    Preschool. Ms. Quinones has her BS degree from the University of Md, College Park and her 90-hour Preschool certification. She forms wonderful relationships with her children, which she says is the foundation for a productive learning environment. In her spare time she enjoys watching action films and puzzles!
  • Ms Guevara

    Ms Guevara

    Assistant Teacher
    Preschool. Ms. Guevara joined the Goddard School last year and has become a wonderful addition. She loves learning new things and enjoys daily experiences in the classroom. In her spare time, she enjoys reading comics, photography, and visiting museums.
  • Ms Abalo

    Ms Abalo

    Part-Time Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Abalo is a sophomore at Montgomery Community College studying Child Psychology. She believes "that every child is gifted, but that doesn't mean every child has the same gifts." She hopes to encourage all children to explore their talents and interests, and by doing this, help them to develop their own special gifts. In her spare time she enjoys spending time in the kitchen, reading, hiking and painting.
  • Ms Bassett

    Ms Bassett

    Lead Teacher
    Kindergarten. Ms. Bassett joined our school in 2011 as a Preschool teacher. In 2020, she began teaching our Kindergarten program, bringing her same creativity and ingenuity to our older students. She understands that every one of her children is unique and special, and this challenges her to find new and varied ways to teach each of her students. This is why she was voted THE 2022 TEACHER OF THE YEAR! We are lucky to have her teaching at The Goddard School in Gaithersburg. Ms. Bassett graduated from the University of Notre Dame of Maryland with a degree in Elementary Education.
  • Ms Cooley

    Ms Cooley

    Assistant Teacher
    Kindergarten. Ms Cooley is the assistant teacher in our Kindergarten class. She is also our Kindermusik specialist, working with our children from our youngest twos through her kindergarteners. She currently attends Montgomery College studying Early Childhood and Special Education. Her favorite part about teaching is the positive interactions and relationships she creates with the children. Ms Cooley is an avid collector of dream catchers!
  • Mrs Abianeh

    Mrs Abianeh

    Flex staff
    Ms. Abianeh joined our school in 2007 and is a FLEX teacher, working with every age group. She holds a degree in nursing and a 90-hr certification. Ms. Abianeh lives very nearby with her husband and two college-aged students. One mention of her children, and you can see how proud she is to be their mother!
  • Ms Malik

    Ms Malik

    Lead Teacher
    Early Preschool. Ms. Malik has her MBA in IT and a bachelor's degree in computer science. She has 10 years experience working for Early Childhood learning centers as an administrator. Fatima lives in Germantown with her husband and three daughters. She enjoys creating a classroom environment that fosters self-esteem and facilitates a love for learning.
  • Ms Nelson

    Ms Nelson

    Lead Teacher
    Preschool. Ms. Nelson has a bachelor's in elementary education and a master's in special education from The University of Wisconsin. She worked in the public schools as a teacher for 18 years, teaching grades K, 1, 2 and 5. She recently was a program coordinator for the YMCA. Carol enjoys watching children experience the excitement of learning and having fun while participating in the process. When not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her archaeologist husband, Jim, her six granddaughters (one, a Goddard student) and cheering on the Red Sox!
  • Ms Zarei

    Ms Zarei

    FLEX Teacher
    Ms. Zarei is a FLEX teacher, working with all ages in our school. She has a BA in French literature. She lives with her husband, daughter and one year old puppy named Gucci. Ms. Zarei has two years’ experience working with children ages four months to four years old. In her free time, she enjoys arts and crafts, home design, flower arrangements, baking and spending time with family. Her favorite part about being a teacher is watching children grow every day. Her favorite children’s book is, “I Love You to the Moon and Back”, because it shows a parent's love for a child and the importance of making a child feel protected and safe.
  • Mr Thiltgen

    Mr Thiltgen

    Lead Teacher
    Prekindergarten. Mr. Thiltgen received his bachelor's degree from The University of Iowa and has over five years of experience as a teacher in early childhood education. Originally from Iowa, he comes to the field naturally as he spent some years working at his parents' preschool. Since moving to Maryland, he has settled in well, becoming deeply invested in the Baltimore Orioles!
  • Ms Truong

    Ms Truong

    Lead Teacher
    Prekindergarten. Ms. Truong holds a bachelors or arts degree in psychology from The University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She loves bringing an element of fun into the classroom. "Learning does not have to be boring!" In her spare time, she enjoys listening to podcasts and spending time with her cat, Oreo.
  • Ms Bowen

    Ms Bowen

    Lead Teacher
    Prekindergarten. Ms. Bowen has an bachelor's degree in English from the University of Maryland, College Park and a minor in creative writing. She lives in Gaithersburg and has worked as a Senior Counselor for multiple camp programs within the area. As a new Lead Teacher, Ms. Bowen is looking forward to getting to know each individual child. She is "very conscious of the fact that not all children learn the same". This makes teaching an exciting and rewarding experience.
  • Ms Lynch

    Ms Lynch

    Lead Teacher
    Preschool. Ms. Lynch recently joined our school this fall. She is the lead teacher in our Oriole class. She holds a BA from Virginia Commonwealth University and has four years of teaching experience. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and drawing. Ms. Lynch is an artist and enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time. She hopes to foster creativity in all of her students. Fun fact: Ms. Lynch is a triplet!
  • Ms Agustin

    Ms Agustin

    Assistant Teacher
    Preschool. Ms. Agustin grew up in the Philippines. She has her 90-hour certification and has six years experience working with preschoolers. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, cooking and dancing. An adventurer at heart, she enjoys traveling to other countries!
  • Ms Toraskar

    Ms Toraskar

    Lead Teacher
    Early Preschool. Ms. Toraskar holds a BA in Journalism from Penn State and has three years of teaching experience. She is the lead teacher for our Fox class. Ms. Toraskar enjoys coming to school so that she can play and be silly with her class. She says that everyday she learns something new from her children. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, hiking nature trails and playing board games with her family.
  • Ms Adams

    Ms Adams

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Adams holds a BFA in Art. Her favorite book is The Great Kapok Tree, by Lynne Cherry. She enjoys its vivid illustrations and the lesson it imparts on the importance of environmental preservation. In her free time, Ms. Adams enjoys crafting, visiting museums and new restaurants, and swimming.
  • Ms Stonestreet

    Ms Stonestreet

    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Stonestreet has her 90-hour certification and 10 years of experience working with children. She believes that the most rewarding aspect of her role as an educator is the opportunity to consistently uplift and positively influence the lives of children every day. In her free time, Ms. Stonestreet enjoys reading, coloring and crafting alone and with her four beautiful children.
  • Ms Franklin

    Ms Franklin

    Assistant Teacher
    Early Preschool. Ms. Franklin has her associates degree in Early Childhood Education and six years of teaching experience. She is also Preschool certified by the MSDE. Ms. Franklin eagerly embraces each day at school, relishing the chance to witness her students’ daily discoveries and growth. She is so excited to begin the summer session in the Chipmunk room!
  • Ms Pannell

    Ms Pannell

    Assistant Teacher
    Toddlers. Ms. Pannell believes the best part of teaching is witnessing the authentic self-expression and boundless creativity of children. In her free time, Ms. Pannell enjoys reading, shopping, spending time with her children and spa days!
  • Ms Wasif

    Ms Wasif

    Assistant Teacher
    Early Preschool. Ms. Wasif has her 90-hour MSDE Certifications and eight years of teaching experience in the field of early childhood education. Hinna believes the most rewarding aspect of teaching is unveiling children’s potential. She holds Pete the Cat by James Dean dear for its message of perseverance. Outside of teaching, she enjoys in cooking, shopping, and exploring documentaries in her spare moments.
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