Meet Our Goddard Family

Our expertly trained and experienced teachers and staff blend the highest standards in early childhood education and development with nurturing care to help your child have fun while growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


If you want to help shape the hearts and minds of young children in a fun, nurturing environment, we’d love to have you work with us! We’re always looking for great teachers to join our family.

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Warm, Nurturing & Highly Trusted

Learning happens best in a warm and nurturing environment, which is why our teachers take the time to make sure your little one feels safe and cared for every day to help them develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Expertise & Skills

Our caring teachers are highly experienced in the best methods to support your child with teachable moments of exploration, discovery and learning each and every day. 

  • Mr Brooks

    Mr Brooks

    Mr. Brooks graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Health/Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Arkansas State University. Prior to owning The Goddard School, he worked as a teacher and football coach at several Arkansas high schools. Mr. Brooks has always been passionate about education and the development of young people. Mr. Brooks and his wife Amie have 4 children; Cruz, Cali, Crosby and Campbell. In his spare time, you can most likely find him at a golf course, football field, basketball court, baseball diamond, or dance recital cheering for one of his kids!
  • Ms Skylan

    Ms Skylan

    Director of Operations
    Ms. Skylan is finishing her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and has worked with children from infancy to preschool, for nearly 10 years. She joined The Goddard School Fayetteville when we opened, as Lead Preschool teacher and now serves as the Director. Ms. Skylan has a passion for helping children and teachers reach their full potential. Her and her husband, Matthew enjoy cheering on the Razorback baseball team and spending time outdoors fishing, kayaking, camping, and hiking.
  • Ms Omeshia

    Ms Omeshia

    Director of Education
    Ms. Omeshia is very passionate about Early Childhood Education. She began working in childcare in Russellville, AR in 2006 and instantly fell in love with nurturing and watching children blossom right before her eyes. She then moved on to The New School in Fayetteville where she has worked for 9 years and in 2017 transitioned to The Goddard School. Omeshia has her Bachelor's in Educational Studies from The University of Arkansas.
  • Ms Lexi

    Ms Lexi

    Assistant Director
    Ms. Lexi has her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from the University of Arkansas. She and her husband, Corey, moved to Fayetteville from Arizona, and are now proud to call themselves Razorback fans. Ms. Lexi has worked in preschool education for over 8 years and has been with The Goddard School Fayetteville since it opened. In her "spare" time, you can find her at the CrossFit Fayetteville gym she and her husband own, continuing her passion for teaching, fitness, and helping others. We love the energy and positive attitude Ms. Lexi brings to work each and every day and are so glad she's on The Goddard School team!
  • Ms Lori

    Ms Lori

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Lori has been at The Goddard School for 5 years, and has worked with all ages before settling in with the sweet babies in the Infant classroom. Watching infants grow and change, helping them meet milestones, and developing relationships with their families are her favorite parts of every day! Ms. Lori has a bachelors degree in Child Development from the University of Arkansas, and lives in Fayetteville with her husband.
  •  Michele


    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Michele lives in Fayetteville with her husband Don. She has two adult children, Alysha and Cody, and seven grandchildren. Michele started working with children at a young age in the church nursery and that's where she found her love for children. Michele was previously a lead teacher for eight years at another facility and September will mark three years at the Goddard. Michele loves working at the Goddard School.
  •  Chantel


    Lead Teacher
    Ms Chantel is originally from Springdale Arkansas. She is the youngest of six children. Ms Chantel graduated from Springdale High School. Her passion for working with children began after volunteering for after school programs in 2017 when working with children ranging from infant to Pre Kindergarten. She would like to potentially expand her knowledge and hopes to go back to school and pursue a degree in Elementary Education. Her favorite things to do when not working with little humans is spending time with her partner, family and friends, and playing catch with her fur son Beau.
  •  Grace


    Supporting Staff
    Ms. Grace was born and raised right here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She graduated from Shiloh Christian School where her passion for childcare began as she volunteered in the preschool ministry during high school. Ms. Grace then transitioned to full time childcare at other centers until she found The Goddard School-Fayetteville. Grace has a big heart for children and for animals. She has a rowdy puppy named Pip that keeps her busy when she's not working and she is looking forward to many years with The Goddard School.
  •  Abby


    Lead Teacher
    Abby is a senior at the University of Arkansas studying psychology. She has worked with children for almost ten years and loves every second of it! Abby is new to Goddard, but was previously nannying for Mr. Brooks and Ms. Amie! She loves being creative and singing karaoke with her friends.
  •  Cathryn


    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Cathy has been working in early childhood education since 2001 and couldn't imagine doing anything else. She has four children, six grandchildren, three dogs and a bearded dragon. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and exploring new places.
  • Ms Alexa

    Ms Alexa

    Co-Lead Teacher
    Ms. Alexa has been with Goddard since 2018 and has even added her own little one to the Goddard school family! She has worked with every age group in the building and loves watching the children learn and grow! She also has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has lived all over the state of Arkansas!
  •  Berenice


    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Berenice was born and raised in Springdale, Arkansas. She graduated from the Don Tyson School of Innovation where her passion for working with children began and is currently attending the University of Arkansas to further her education. Ms. Berenice has been working with children for a couple of years and has always had a passion for helping children thrive and grow! Outside of the classroom, you can find her spending time with her family, going outdoors, and trying new local coffee shops!
  • Ms Cindy

    Ms Cindy

    Co-Lead Teacher
    Ms. Cindy graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor's degree in Drama. She was born and raised in Hawaii and it was there, that she discovered her passion for teaching children. Ms. Cindy has over 10 years experience with school aged children. She loves teaching and is excited to bring her ideas and passion to the Goddard School. Ms. Cindy is the master of team-building ideas and can organize a staff kickball tournament faster than you can blink! It's reasons like this that we love having her on our Goddard School team (and kickball team)!
  • Ms Brittany

    Ms Brittany

    Lead Teacher
    Ms. Brittany was born and raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas, but has resided in Springdale the past two years. Brittany has been in the preschool setting for approximately 10 years and enjoys watching each children learn and grow. Her favorite thing about teaching is embracing the new adventures each day brings. Ms.Brittany recently welcomed her son, Ollie, to the world with her husband Nathan. On the weekend, you can find Ms. Brittany enjoying time with her fat cat, Nermal, drinking coffee, and going on adventures with Nathan and Ollie.
  •  Maiya


    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Maiya has been working at The Goddard School for six months. She started as a floater working with all of the different ages and has recently moved into an assistant teacher position in the Appaloosas classroom. Ms. Maiya always comes in with a smile on her face and a positive attitude! She is originally from Guatemala and enjoys spending her free time with her dog, Maddie.
  •  Hannah


    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Hannah graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education in 2021 and a Masters degree in Human Resource and Workforce development in 2023. She moved to Fayetteville, from San Diego, in 2017 to go to school and play softball at the University of Arkansas and never looked back! Ms. Hannah has always loved working with children. Her favorite thing about teaching is the endless love and laughs the students and teachers receive from each other every day!
  • Ms Kenmetrice

    Ms Kenmetrice

    Lead Teacher
    Ms.Kenmetrice is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Fayetteville to attend The University of Arkansas. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and currently pursuing her Master's in Teaching. Ms. Kenmetrice loves working with children as they strive to reach their learning milestones and prepare for Kindergarten. She has been at The Goddard School since we opened in 2017. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, shopping, and eating out and overindulging in sweets!
  •  Kathy


    Assistant Teacher
    Ms. Kathy has been teaching Pre Kindergarten for a few years. This past October she moved to Fayetteville and is totally loving this community. She enjoys teaching Pre Kindergarten because it is so fun watching the children discover new things and new ideas. Kathy is a native Californian and misses the beach with the cool breeze. She always surrounds herself with beachy coconut scents in her home. Kathy is also a big snowman collector at Christmas time and LOVES coffee! Ms.Kathy is honored to be a part of The Goddard School family.
  •  Mika


    Lead Teacher
    Originally from Stillwater, Oklahoma, Ms. Mika moved to Arkansas in June 2020 in hopes of a new adventure. She graduated in 2020 from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Human Sciences and a minor in Microbiology. Ms. Mika has been with The Goddard School since January 2021. She has always had a passion to work with children. Her favorite part of working with her students is how honest and hilarious they truly are; never a dull moment. She is excited to continue teaching and watching her students grow.
  •  Brianna


    Assistant Teacher
    Brianna graduated from Arkansas State University with an Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy in 2019. She then moved to Fayetteville with her husband Nick and has been at The Goddard School since 2021. She loves seeing children put their knowledge to use and watching them become more independent!
  •  Karleigh


    Assistant Teacher
    Mrs. Karleigh and her husband are originally from Arkansas, about an hour away from Fayetteville. They moved to Fayetteville 3 years ago and are so happy to call this place home. They love to go on adventures with their golden retriever, Oakley, and love to travel to new places. She has been in childcare for a few years now and is currently finishing her degree.
  •  Kasidy


    Supporting Staff
    Ms.Kasidy is pursuing a degree in birth through Kindergarten with a minor in Child Services at The University of Arkansas. Her love of working with children came from helping with an after school program in high school. Outside of the classroom, you can find her playing with her two kittens or doing an artsy project. Ms. Kasidy has been with Goddard for a year and has loved every bit of it, especially watching the children grow into their personalities.
  •  Maci


    Supporting Staff
    Ms. Maci has been working with children ever since she graduated from high school in 2021. She is currently a student at the University of Arkansas studying speech language pathology. Ms. Maci is from Southwest Missouri and has a 3 year old husky named Banshee. In her spare time, she loves to run, read, and go on hikes.
  •  Mara


    Supporting Staff
    Ms. Mara is originally from Puerto Rico but moved to Bentonville, Arkansas about ten years ago. She is a nursing major, and although it is a challenge, she loves every second of it. Ms. Mara has been working at Goddard since 2022 and has loved every moment of it. She used to be the assistant teacher in our Pintos classroom, but with school starting back up she has moved to be a floater and is able to work in all different classrooms and with different age groups. She loves bonding with the children, as well as watching them grow and hit so many milestones. In her free time, when she is not studying, she likes to hang out with her family, her roommates (Angelic and Natalia) and their fur animals.
  •  Morgan


    Supporting Staff
    Ms. Morgan is currently attending the University of Arkansas pursuing a degree in birth through kindergarten. Morgan gained her passion of working with young children during high school as a nanny. Her favorite part of working with the children at Goddard is seeing all the things they accomplish and new milestones they reach daily.
  •  Natalia


    Supporting Staff
    Ms. Natalia has been working at Goddard since October 2022 and has enjoyed every moment. She currently attends the University of Arkansas to pursue her degree in Advertisement and Marketing. She is usually in each classroom depending on the day and loves working at Goddard because of its friendly and welcoming environment. Watching the children grow and complete milestones are one of her favorite things about working here. In Ms. Natalia's free time she likes to hang out with her dog, Stewie, and take him on walks!
  •  Anna Claire

    Anna Claire

    Supporting Staff
    Ms. Anna Claire is currently finishing up her Bachelors degree in Psychology at the University of Arkansas with plans of pursuing her Masters in Psychology right after. She has just joined our team in August of 2023 and is one of our floaters, getting the experience of working with every age group. She has a passion for helping children grow and accomplish new milestones! She enjoys going on walks with her dog Asa, going to the gym bright and early, and traveling when she can!
  •  Delaney


    Supporting Staff
    Ms. Delaney is from Kansas City, Kansas, and has worked in child care throughout her highschool career. She is currently studying at the U of A, and is pursuing a career in graphic design, with a minor in ad and public relations. She comes from a big family back home, with three siblings, two nephews and one niece, who are her whole heart. When Delaney is not studying or working on projects for school, she likes to hang out with friends and grab a coffee, or call back home to talk to the ones she's missing.
  •  Maria


    Lead Teacher
    Ms.Maria has recently joined the Goodard school. She has been working with children for almost eight years. She adores teaching young children and is so excited to start her new journey here. She has a passion for helping all students thrive. Just last year, she obtained her Child Development Associate and is continuing to finish her degree. She enjoys venturing out to new places and spending time with her family in her free time. An interesting thing about Ms. Maria is that she has a pet parrot which is learning new words, and of course, his name is “Paco.”
  •  Abby


    Supporting Staff
    Ms. Abby is from Grove, Oklahoma and came to Fayetteville to attend the U of A in 2021. She is currently getting her bachelors degree in Educational Studies, with a minor in child advocacy. Abby has worked as a nanny for the past 5 years. She loves seeing kids explore the world around them. Abby enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, going outside and spending time with her friends and family.
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