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Ms Brit, Director Ms. Brit is the Training Director. She has been in childcare for ten years. Ms. Brit started out as a Preschool Teacher for three years. She quickly became an administrator for three years. Ms. Brit has her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Adrian College. Ms. Brit believes in inclusion and love of all children and families. Ms. Brit is a joy to have as part of our Goddard Family!

Ms Brit

Ms Crystal, Director Since Ms. Crystal began working in Early Childhood Education in 2005, she has accumulated several degrees and certificates in Early Childhood Education including a Director’s Certificate in Early Childhood Education (2010), an Early Childhood Professional Competency Certificate from Warren Tech, and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education and an Infant/Toddler Supervisor Certificate from Red Rocks Community College. Ms. Crystal joined The Goddard School in 2011 where she has proven herself to be a most dedicated and professional teacher. In fact Ms. Crystal was awarded the Goddard School Most Valuable Teacher award in April 2015. Her work experience has helped her to gain an in-depth knowledge of Goddard curriculum which when combined with her ability to be patient, flexible and understanding, will enable her to offer substantial support to the teachers. Ms. Crystal is passionate about her career in Early Childhood Education and looks forward to continuing to further her professional development at The Goddard School.

Ms Crystal

Ms Jayme, Director Ms. Jayme is our Director of Education. She entered the educational field when working as a Family Advocate in 2014. Ms. Jayme saw firsthand the importance of early childhood education, and family involvement. She has also worked as a Paraeducator in the Cherry Creek school district. In 2015, Ms. Jayme joined the Goddard school on Vine St. as the Lead Toddler Teacher. In 2016, she worked as an Assistant Director for a Family owned center and quickly became the School Director. Ms. Jayme received a bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a focus in Elementary Education. She also has a Director certification in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Jayme is also a part of the Purposeful Partnership Cohort of 2018, and the Child Maltreatment Council. She has two daughters Alivia and Amelia. Alivia attended the Preschool Program at the Goddard and still shows so much interest in the STEAM and Spanish program. Ms. Jayme is so excited to implement positive Pyramid and Conscious discipline approaches in the classroom. We are proud to welcome her back into the Goddard Family.

Ms Jayme

Ms Antonia, Assistant Director Ms. Antonia is our Office Administrator. Ms. Antonia has worked as an Office Administrator for over five years and has been babysitting children of both family and friends for most of her life. She loves to see children smile, laugh, dance and play! Ms. Antonia has been searching for a way to combine her administrative skills and love of children which is why she is a perfect fit for our school. She has quickly become a favorite among the children and their families here at The Goddard School. Ms. Antonia’s positive attitude and fun-loving nature are a terrific addition to our team. She is also a self-proclaimed professional “sticker giver” which the children love!

Ms Antonia

Ms Karina, Assistant Director Ms. Karina is the Organizational Administrator and Lead Garden Teacher for our school. She currently is studying to get her certification in child development. She has worked with children for many years and also has a great deal of experience working in a garden teaching program for children which makes her perfectly suited to be our Garden Leader. Ms. Karina is happy to be a part of the Goddard family and helping Goddard students reach their full potential.

Ms Karina

Ms Jennifer, Lead Teacher Ms. Jennifer is the Lead Teacher in Caring Koalas Infant Classroom. She has many years of experience working with children in an ECE setting. Ms. Jennifer is excited to start taking ECE classes and learning all she can. Her goal as a teacher is to make each child feel loved and valued. She wants each child to feel empowered and capable of success! Jennifer's bright positive energy is loved by all. We are happy that she is a part of our Goddard family!

Ms Jennifer

Ms Maria, Lead Teacher Ms. Maria is the Co-Lead Teacher in the Eager Elephants First Steps Classroom. She first found her passion for working with young children when she was a nanny for several families and since then she has become a mother herself! She believes it is important that children's health and safety are made top priority while they are learning and having fun. Ms. Maria has a strong work ethic, and we are happy she has joined our team.

Ms Maria

Ms Tiffany, Lead Teacher Ms. Tiffany is the Co-Lead Teacher in the Eager Elephants First Steps classroom. She is currently enrolled in Early Childhood Education classes and is excited to learn all she can. She has been a nanny for over eight years and has a beautiful daughter of her own. She believes that children are unique and learn at their own pace, and she loves giving children the freedom to explore the world around them. Ms. Tiffany brings a fun and energetic style that will be a great fit for the toddlers in the Eager Elephants classroom.

Ms Tiffany

Ms Karen, Lead Teacher Ms. Karen is the Lead Teacher for the Magical Monkeys Young Toddlers Classroom. She has worked with children 6 years and younger for over three years and has earned many Early Childhood Education certificates during her time working at Goddard. Ms. Karen loves to have fun with the children, especially by singing silly songs and dancing, and she believes by creating a safe and playful environment, all children can thrive. Ms. Karen is a wonderful teacher, and we are pleased to have her as part of our Goddard School Family.

Ms Karen

Ms Jordan, Lead Teacher Ms. Jordan is the Co-Lead Teacher in the Fabulous Flying Frogs Toddler Classroom. She is currently working on her Early Childhood Education Certification. She has 7 years of professional childcare experience. Ms. Jordan was the lead swimming instructor at the Diamond Head Aquatics for 6 years, where she taught toddlers through 5th graders how to swim. Ms. Jordan fell in love with teaching in a classroom setting when she was an Assistant Teacher at Evergreen Country Day for a year. She loves working with children and believes children should learn through hands on experiences. We are so pleased that she is a part of our Goddard School Family!

Ms Jordan

Ms Maria, Lead Teacher Ms. Maria G. is a Co-Lead Teacher in the Fabulous Flying Frogs Toddler Classroom. She has over ten years of experience working with children and earned her CDA in Early Childhood Education from Emily Griffith Opportunity School in 2009. Ms. Maria believes that children learn best through play and positive experiences. She is committed to ensuring that the children in her care receive a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a lifetime of learning. Ms. Maria's passion and experience make her a strong addition to our Goddard Family!

Ms Maria

Ms Jade, Lead Teacher Ms. Jade is the Co-Lead Teacher in the Playful Pandas Get Set Classroom. She has attended CCD for Business Administration & Psychology and graduated from the Concorde Career College's Medical Assisting program. Ms. Jade has also obtained the following certificates; Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard, Adams County CORE training, and Mental Health training. She has three beautiful children of her own which she has home schooled over the past few years while on a missionary trip to Ghana. Through that experience, she learned that children have hidden gifts and talents that emerge over time. We are so pleased that she is a part of our Goddard School family.

Ms Jade

Ms Jessica, Lead Teacher Ms. Jessica the Co-Lead Teacher in the Jumping Jungle Cats Preschool Classroom. She has worked with children of all age levels in various settings for over 9 years. Ms. Jessica attended the Community College of Aurora where she majored in Art, Psychology and obtained her Program Director's Certificate. She believes that children learn best through play and practice. Ms. Jessica feels that teachers are responsible for guiding children's behavior in a positive manner, challenge their intellect and provide opportunities for growth and development. We are excited that she is part of The Goddard School family!

Ms Jessica

Ms Magda, Lead Teacher Ms. Magda is the Co-Lead Teacher in the Playful Pandas Get Set Classroom. She joins us here at the Goddard School after years of acquiring experiencing at other schools throughout the state of Colorado. Before moving to Colorado, Ms. Magda worked at a Head Start program in New Jersey and originally she hails from Puerto Rico where she studied Early Childhood Education at the Central University of Puerto Rico. She excels at creating lesson plans that enable her students to hit their developmental milestones, and she knows how to manage her classroom to ensure it is a structured learning environment. Ms. Magda’s background and experience make her an excellent teacher for the Get Set classroom as she helps her students prepare for even more learning when they move on to Preschool!

Ms Magda

Ms Samantha, Lead Teacher Ms. Sam is the Lead Teacher in the Rocking Rhinos Junior Kindergarten Classroom. She has fifteen years of experience working with infants up to adolescent children. Ms. Sam believes in positive encouragement to promote desired behaviors, and she has demonstrated an amazing ability to connect with children of all levels of development to help them achieve new milestones as they prepare for Kindergarten. Ms. Sam is working towards her Master’s degree in Special Education from West Chester University. She also studied American Sign Language and Deaf Education at McDaniel College. Ms. Sam is a joy to have as part of our Goddard Family!

Ms Samantha

Ms Abigal, Lead Teacher Ms. Abby is the Co-Lead Teacher in the Happy Hippos Junior Kindergarten Classroom. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Studies from Manchester University in North Manchester Indiana and has experience working with different age groups from elementary students to younger preschool students. Her organizational skills and knowledge of Goddard health and safety rules makes her an excellent addition to the Hippo classroom.

Ms Abigal

Ms Alexis, Resource Ms. Alexis is a Resource Teacher for all classrooms. She has pursued an education in Early Childhood Education to enhance her knowledge. She is a mother to a wonderful son and she is excited to share her love for children and her passion for teaching. Ms. Alexis has a unique way of communicating with the children that captures their attention, and she strives to make long-lasting connections with the children and their families. Ms. Alexis is a great addition to our Goddard School family!

Ms Alexis

Ms Kelley, Resource Ms. Kelley is a Resource teacher in all classrooms. Ms. Kelley worked towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. She has an Infant/Toddler Supervisor Credential for working with children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old from Arapahoe Community College. Ms. Kelley has about 23 years’ experience with children as a teacher in early childhood learning centers. She loves working with infants and young toddlers. Her ability to be patient and calm will make her a great asset as she works with all children and classrooms.

Ms Kelley

Ms Lexii, Resource Ms. Lexi is a Resource Teacher for all classrooms, but she is currently spending most of her time with Ms. Jenn in our Caring Koalas Infants Classroom. She has been a nanny for years and has a love for children of all ages. Ms. Lexi has successfully completed the Early Childhood Education course called Pyramid Plus. She is excited to continue her education to learn more about children and how they learn and grow. Ms. Lexi knows the importance of teacher and family communication. She is looking forward to meeting all of the families we serve. Her goal is to bring a smile to every child's face daily. We are pleased to welcome Ms. Lexi to our Goddard School family!

Ms Lexii

Ms Mary Ann, Resource Ms. Mary Ann is our Kitchen Manager. She has worked as a nanny and has also owned her own business in the past. Her attention to detail and organizational skills are an asset when working throughout the school. Ms. Mary Ann has an infectious smile and humor. Children love her genuine kindness and parents love her upbeat personality. We are so pleased to have such a spectacular woman as part of our Goddard School Family!

Ms Mary Ann

Ms Peggy, Resource Ms. Peggy is a Resource Teacher for all classrooms. She attended Hong Kong Polytechnic University and then the Front Range Community College for a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked with children at various schools since 2004 and loves to encourage children to learn new things and never give up. Ms. Peggy’s experience has made her a strong teacher with a diverse group of children and she looks forward to using these skills in the preschool environment.

Ms Peggy

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