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Over the last ten years we have established a reputation for being more than a daycare. Our school focuses on the education portion of our program with the goal of delivering the very best for preschool learners in our area. Our wonderful teaching faculty is a true team of “difference makers”! In addition, the years of experience and education of our leadership team is outstanding and truly sets us apart. We are honored the parents here believe this is the very best Jacksonville preschool experience available. See what our families are saying!

Billy & Christina Register, School Owners

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Check out the sections below for more information on our private preschool in Jacksonville, FL. Our educational daycare is just what your family needs.

Events, visitors, games, activities and celebrations—there's always something fun happening at The Goddard School!

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Take it from the most important experts on the Goddard experience: parents, educators and students.

The Goddard School® goes far beyond just summer camp fun. Summer at Goddard prepares children for school readiness while creating joyful, lasting summer memories.

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The Goddard School is a terrific place to enrich your career while enriching the lives of children.