Offering The Best Childhood Preparation for Social and Academic Success.

Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Kellie, Owner Welcome to The Goddard School located in Grand Rapids! I am proud to be the on-site owner and love being a part of The Goddard School Family. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. My goal is to provide the highest quality education and care in a warm loving and safe environment where every child feels valued. I opened the school in 2008 to be a part of a business that positively affected the development of happy and confident young children. My husband and I have learned from our own four children how greatly important quality Early Childhood is to their foundations as they experience later years in school and life.


Cheryl, Director Cheryl’s commitment is to provide families with a safe and secure environment in which your child will learn and grow throughout their early years of education. Degreed in Early Childhood Education from Northern Michigan University, Cheryl uses her expertise to work collaboratively with the teachers to provide a well balanced fun educational experience for all children that attend The Goddard School, Grand Rapids. Cheryl’s vision of The Goddard School is to provide a well balanced fun educational experience for all of the children.


Sherri, Assistant Director Sherri has been an important asset to The Goddard School, Grand Rapids since nearly opening. Her bubbly personality, love for children, and creative energy not only assists in running the school, but helps make the school a superior experience for children and families.


Dianne, Lead Teacher Dianne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Cornerstone University, along with her degree in Child Development from Grand Rapids Community College. She brings over twenty-five years of experience in the field of Education. Some of Dianne’s favorite things to do with children include reading stories, singing songs and just getting on the floor to play with them!


Andrea, Lead Teacher Earning her degree in Early Childhood Education from Central Michigan University, Andrea has always had a love for children. She believes that all children are unique and learn through all different activities. Her goal as an early childhood educator is to provide an environment that is nurturing, loving and stimulates learning. Andrea’s favorite thing to do with her Young Toddlers class is creative art.


Abigail , Lead Teacher Earning her Bachelor of Arts degree with concentration in Education, English, and History from Grand Valley State University, Abi has spent her time post college working with young children. Abi gained valuable experience over the years between nannying for children ages six years and under and working as a Preschool Literacy Interventionist through AmeriCorps. Abi enjoys working with Preschool aged children because they are excited to learn and soak up everything she teaches! Abi also loves to incorporate singing into the classroom.


Jessica , Lead Teacher Degreed in Early Childhood Education and English, Jessica’s number one goal as the Lead Junior-Kindergarten teacher is to build relationships with the children and families. She believes that once the children and families build a bond and trust her, the children are then excited to come to school to learn. With her creative energy and enthusiasm, Jessica loves to get messy in creative art and share her love for children’s literature with her Junior-Kindergarteners.


Victoria , Lead Teacher Vicky brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with over a decade of experience in Early Childhood. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development from California State University and has moved throughout the US with her husband and three children, happily making Grand Rapids their home. Vicky’s experience includes working in
case management for children and families that are underprivileged and teaching Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten.


Cheryl, Assistant Teacher Cheryl is a mother to three grown children, and a grandmother to ten young children, who are the loves of her life that keep her very busy. Cheryl earned her degree from Maryville University and has been part of The Goddard School since opening in 2008. She loves working in the Infant classroom because it’s a nurturing and loving environment.


Amy , Assistant Teacher Earning her Bachelors Degree in Psychology, with emphasis in Early Childhood from the College of Wooster, Amy has found passion in teaching young children for more than 15 years. Amy has worked across the board, from being a private nanny, to teaching Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool age children. Currently in the Old Toddler classroom, you can find Amy engaging in imaginative play and reading books with her children.


Corinne, Assistant Teacher Pursuing her degree in Elementary Education from GVSU, Corrine loves singing songs and reading interactive stories with children. Corrine believes that providing a safe environment is the most important thing in the classroom, so the children are able to relax and have fun learning and playing.


Kayla , Assistant Teacher Pursuing her degree in Child Development, Kayla loves being a part of The Goddard School because “our program is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, consistent and challenging environment for young children.” Kayla believes that all children learn best through plan and exploration and fully supports that philosophy in the Get Set classroom. Often times, you’ll find Kayla incorporating music and movement into their daily curriculum.


Allegra, Assistant Teacher Earning her degree in the Arts, Allegra believes in hands on learning. In her years of experience, Allegra has practiced individualizing learning to meet the children’s needs and where they are at developmentally, and creatively come up ways to help children master tasks and goals. Allegra loves reading to the children, incorporating calming techniques like yoga, and fun messy sensory experiences.


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