Offering The Best Childhood Preparation for Social and Academic Success.

The love and commitment Goddard parents have for their children and their development inspires us to continually offer the best preparation possible.

What our parents say

The Junior K program is very focused on getting the children ready for Kindergarten, both academically and emotionally.

The junior K program is very focused on getting the children ready for kindergarten, both academically and emotionally. They provided a very calm and caring environment for my toddler in the short time he was there. The cleanliness of the facility is unquestionable. The very professional yet verycaring and very personable staff, and owners. This place is simply Amazing! not a moment I worried for the safety and well being of my children whenever they were at Goddard.

- Aiden and Colin's Father (Junior-K Classroom)


Fantastic program with supportive teachers. Couldn't have been happier

- Cora and Aracy's Father (Preschool Classroom)


They did an excellent job of preparing my daughter for Kindergarten.

- Brayden and Emma's Mother (Junior-K Classroom)

Ms.Susan is AMAZING

Ms. Susan The Director of Education has been exceptional in working with me. As I've told Susan myself, she doesn't just do her job she goes above and beyond in every way. Her genuine interest in my daughters success is amazing and such a great quality about her.This is not something you come across everyday and I feel truly grateful that Susan is a part of our Goddard journey. I know how difficult it is to find people like this and that's why I wanted to send this note.

- Alexa and Emma's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Comments via a Third-Party Survey

Highly recommend this amazing program

We have sent three children through the school. The facility is always clean and up to date. The staff is responsive to questions and inquiries. Although this is a high-turnover industry, we have been happy to see many of the same faces over the last nine years. We like Tadpoles as a communication mechanism. Most importantly, our children have always been happy there.

- Emma, Charlotte and Liam's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Can't believe how much my daughter has learned

The staff is absolutely amazing. My child has attended Goddard for the past three years and she has always impressed us with the range and depth of what she has learnt. Thank you Jill, John and staff!

- Madelyn's Mother (Summer Program)

Best Program we ever experienced

The teacher and staff take an absolute interest in my children's education, well-being, and overall success. I truly feel they care about all the children and strive to make them all better everyday. Having had my children in 4 different preschools (due to moving), I would not send my children to any other place, now that we have found Goddard.

- Alexandra and Clinton Arnie's Father (Preschool Classroom)

A Well Rounded Program

We like the caring staff, and the structured but varied curriculum, with all the different elements of music, exercise, art, letters, numbers, projects, different themes, etc. There is a lot of communication, which is appreciated. Overall, we are very pleased.

- Nathan's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

I love the curriculum- in addition to a “standard” pre-K curriculum, my child has learned chess, yoga, and so much more. The teachers, directors, and owners are wonderful, and you can tell they truly care about the kids. It’s been amazing watching how much my children learned and how much they improved in different areas shortly after starting Goddard.

- Madelyn and Jackson's Mother (Before/After School Program)

We are made to feel like family

The Goddard School really has a family atmosphere and does there best to make everyone feel at home. As a single mom, they are great with making sure my son is not separate from the rest, but always feels at home. My son has learned so much as their teachers are great with all of them! Goddard is definitely a great place to send your child(ren) if you want them to be ready for school!

- Andrew's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

This school is worth it!

Professional teachers and staff. Respect for selves and families. Teaching academics and behavior standards.

- Kevin and Abby's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

The Goddard School is #1

We really enjoy the quality of the facility, the friendliness of the personnel and the individual approach to each student!

- Liam's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Infant Classroom is awesome

We have been so impressed with the care and educational services for our newborn. The staff is amazing.

- Charlotte's Mother (Infant Classroom)


It's actually a school! You aren't just paying someone to watch your are paying them to TEACH your child.

- Evelyn's Mother (Toddler Classroom)


Everything! The teachers (that we've had so far) are extremely caring and loving. My children want to go to school every day. If we wake up on the weekend and I tell me daughter it's a "No school day" she gets upset!

- Reagan, Caroline and Luke's Mother (Preschool Classroom)


Wonderful supportive staff Amazing teachers Very organized management Pleasant environment

- Zeyad's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

The Goddard School is AMAZING

We love the teacher interaction with our child, as well as with the other children. The front office staff is very friendly and the owners care very much about their school and all that walk through its doors. My child's development has been extraordinary. We made the right choice.

- Gavyn's Father (Junior-K Classroom)

A lot of learning goes on at The Goddard School

There are a lot of learning activities at Goddard school and my daughter loves to go school. Also there are a lot of fun activities as well. The teachers are very attentive and seem to care about the children.

- Emma's Mother (Preschool Classroom)


Teachers are great, structure of classroom time and activities is great, variety of activities is great, summer program is great

- Ariya Rose and Kieran's Father (Toddler Classroom)

Wondeful Learning Environment

The teachers are great and really make a difference. The management and owners are very flexible and easy to work with. The classrooms are well equipped and provide a wonderful learning environment.

- Emmalyn's Father (Toddler Classroom)

Learning something New Everyday

I do like the amount of activities my child has every day while in school and how the her teachers engage with her. My little one always comes home with new educational facts.

- Gemma Elis's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Education Focused

We like the fact that it is very education focused and our child is thriving and eager to go to school every day. Of equal import is the management quality and dedication to craft.Each staff know my child's name and they are all very warm and caring.

- Lanah (Elle)'s Father (Infant Classroom)

Goddard School Teachers make learning FUN!

The teachers really care about the students and make learning fun.

- Nathan's Father (Preschool Classroom)

My daughter has grown up at The Goddard School

We have been sending our daughter to Goddard school since she was 2 years old and now she is doing before and after school program. Great staff and great education.

- Emma's Mother (Before/After School Program)

All teachers and staff are amazing, friendly and caring,

All teachers and staff are amazing, friendly, caring, supportive and like a big family!

- Taylor and Connor's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

My child's growth in Goddard's Pre-K program over the past few weeks has been astounding

My child's growth in Goddard's Pre-K program over the past few weeks has been astounding. She has learned so much and is very happy at school. This has been her first experience in school full-time, and she has adjusted to the long days with ease. I attribute much of her smooth transition to the teachers and staff at the school.

- Lucy's Mother (Junior-K Classroom)

We loved the school and now we are back for The After School Program

Fantastic owners and teachers with terrific facilities and programs

- Emmie's Mother (Goddard Graduate)

The faculty and staff are wonderful

The faculty and staff are wonderful. They are so sweet and you can tell they really take pride in what they do and they truly love the children. As a first time mom, I was very nervous to be away from my daughter when I returned to work. However, Goddard has been absolutely fantastic and my daughter is doing so well. We love Ms. April and Ms. Jackie!

- Isla's Mother (Infant Classroom)

So impressed with the infant program!

We love Ms. April and Ms Jackie they take excellent care of our little girl!!This was our first time not choosing in home daycare and have been so impressed with how much she is learning at just 1 year old.

- Charlotte's Mother (Infant Classroom)

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