Summer Learning:

Sunshine and Smiles

Summertime at The Goddard School® is filled with unique learning experiences! Our summer learning program incorporates science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) concepts into exciting, one-of-a-kind learning opportunities your child is sure to love. No matter what holds your little one’s interest, our range of programs has something fun for everyone! 

This year’s summer learning program is filled with fun!

Learn all about the different summer programs and themes we offer. Programs vary by location, so contact your local Goddard School to find out what activities they have planned.

In a gymnasium filled with young children, a boy stands with a long, plush snake draped around this neck.

Animal Adventures

Join us on safari as we have some animal-themed fun with crafts, books and games. We’ll also venture outside to learn about the creatures that live in our own backyard.

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A girl seated at a desk writes with a crayon.

Authors in Training

No writer’s block here. Your child’s creativity will flow as we explore the basics of storytelling before writing fun stories! Younger children will narrate or draw their stories, connecting meaning to pictures and words.

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A young girl with braided hair sits in front of a computer monitor and uses the mouse.

Code Academy

We can’t wait to tinker with computers, tablets and apps to learn about some of the amazing things they can do. Your child will get the chance to develop his or her own computer code – a tech-savvy child’s dream!

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A group of older children build with Legos at a table.


Children will use blocks, paper, recycled materials and more to craft simple machines in a safe, fun environment. We’ll explore the engineering behind simple machines and discuss their purpose in everyday life.

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A child in pink sneakers hops outside in the grass.

Epic Explorers

Put on your mining helmet and explore the depths of the Earth with us! We’ll investigate the Earth’s layers while discovering volcanoes, mountains, rocks, minerals and more from the safety of our indoor and outdoor play spaces.

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A group of small children race across a field of grass.


We’ll head outside to enjoy the beautiful weather while playing outdoor sports as we learn the rules of each game and the importance of good sportsmanship.

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A smiling child playing with small, colorful toy figures.

It's Your Move

We’re playing all kinds of games this summer! Besides board games and card games we will soak up the sun while playing outdoor games and will even recreate a gameshow or two! 

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A older girl pours breakfast cereal into a measuring cup.

Kitchen Chemists

Take one child, add a pinch of curiosity, stir in some sunshine and you have a recipe for summertime fun! We’ll explore different foods, learn about nutritious meals and whip up some delicious treats.

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A teacher exchanges play money for toy groceries with a small group of children at a toy register.


We’ll get moving while applying numbers and mathematical equations to everyday (and some not-so-everyday) situations so your child learns math in an active, spontaneous and fun way.

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A young boy plays with a model of the solar system.

Out of this World

Get outside and go on an interplanetary adventure as we explore the cosmos! Discover faraway planets, comets, space stations and other amazing objects in our galaxy like the milky way, which is dairy-free.

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A young girl squeezes glue onto her craft project.

Paint. Draw. Sculpt.

Your child will use paint, markers, clay and more to craft an inspired work of art! We’ll make crafts using milk cartons, yarn, pipe cleaners and more. Step aside, Michelangelo, you’ve got some tough competition at Goddard.

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An older girl sits at a table, looking at a globe.

Passport Around the World

Explore Mayan ruins, discover the Great Wall of China and climb Mount Everest from the safety and comfort of The Goddard School! Children will explore the world and learn about different cultures through fashion, music, dance, cuisine and more.

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A group of young children gather outside in a field of grass.

Road Trip USA

We’ll explore all 50 states this summer! Help us plan the itinerary as we discover the cultures, food, people and landmarks that make this country unique.

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Three children interact with a light-up SMART Table.

Rockin' Robots

We’ll use creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills as we build robots that can do simple tasks. Your child will also discover how to program our robots by writing code! 

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A young boy holds a green magnifying glass to his eye.

Secret Agent

Complete a fun training course, gather clues and go undercover as a secret agent! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is waiting at Goddard.

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Two young girls perform a puppet show.

Star Performers

Whether your child loves being at center stage or working behind the scenes, he or she will get to experience the thrill of theater production. We’ll also explore puppetry and have the chance to put on a puppet show!

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A group of older children use a point-and-shoot digital camera outdoors.

That's a Wrap!

Step behind the camera this summer and discover everything involved in making a movie, including script writing, video camera operation, film editing and more!

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A group of children water potted plants outdoors.

The Great Outdoors

We’ll explore our outdoor environment and investigate all the unique things that make up our natural world. We’ll even do some gardening to learn how plants grow!

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A teacher and three small children play with a parachute outdoors.

Under the Big Top

Step into the ring and experience the circus from the inside out this summer! We’ll explore how to put on an amazing show as we discover the secrets of trapeze artists, tightrope walkers and more.

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A group of children stand, playing percussive musical instruments.

Wee Rock

This musically rockin’ program, which was created in partnership with Kindermusik, gets children moving and grooving as they bounce, dance, play instruments and sing!

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A toddler stands outside with welcoming arms.

In My World

Your littlest learner has an incredible opportunity to connect with the world around them this summer during In My World! This summer learning theme is designed to tap into your child’s natural curiosity and introduce them to family, community, food, hobbies and music from cultures around the world, all from the safety and security of their classroom.

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A group of young children play outside.

The World Out There

The World Out There is an incredible opportunity for your child to connect with the world around them in fascinating new ways. This summer learning theme features fun activities that explore topics such as the environment, the Olympics, world cultures and even entrepreneurship!

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