Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year

We received hundreds of Teacher of the Year Award nominations and are honored to have such amazing teachers as part of the Goddard Family. The submissions came from parents, teachers, owners and directors and each one was just as special as the last. Narrowing down submissions was extremely difficult, and we truly believe that every single teacher nominated is a winner. In fact, all Goddard School teachers deserve recognition and appreciation because they are what makes each School extraordinary.

After much deliberation, twelve finalists have been selected and we are excited to introduce you to them. Each week in May, we will share the names of regional finalists leading up to the announcement of our grand-prize winner on May 24!

Central Region Winners

Ms. Emily

Infant Classroom • Westerville (Executive Parkway), OH

Families can’t say enough wonderful things about Ms. Emily! Ms. Emily has a spectacular ability to put all families at ease about the safety of their children in her care. She meets families outside every day to help ensure that they feel truly connected to her. She provides consistent, open and honest communication and provides fantastic, at-home activities to help bridge the School-home connection. Ms. Emily also takes early childhood education and development seriously so she’s always creating fun and unique lesson plans that incorporate fine motor, sensory, gross motor and cognitive development skills. Ms. Emily truly is a model teacher who parents and children love!

Ms. Deborah

Toddler Classroom • Skokie, IL

Ms. Deborah’s virtual meet and greets have made lasting impressions on the families she serves. Ms. Deborah takes time to meet with every family and sends out weekly emails to help create a strong bond between home and school. And the children in her class make sure that their entire families know how much they love their teacher! While Ms. Deborah works hard to ensure that families feel connected to her and her classroom, she also helps her student learn and grow with fun, hands-on educational activities that support crucial social interactions. She helped create a sense of normalcy within the classroom, which children and their families crave.

Mr. John

Preschool/Pre-K Classroom • Westerville (Polaris), OH

Families and School leadership are truly amazed at how Mr. John has helped children learn, grow and develop for more than 15 years. He expertly adapts all lessons to meet the needs of each child in his class. He uses his love of sports to connect with children and get them excited about learning. He also incorporates a love of animals into his lessons. Every fall, children learn about hibernation and bring in stuffed animals from home to create a den and watch them all winter. This love of animals has turned into a service project! Mr. John and his students collect and donate lots of goodies for animals at local shelters. Mr. John is a creative, empathetic and encouraging teacher who has a whole lot of adoring fans!

Ms. Maria

Kindergarten/School-Age Classroom • Beavercreek, OH

Ms. Maria is a remarkable teacher with a knack for creativity. She finds interesting topics that apply across all educational disciplines and teaches them in an engaging way that piques her students’ curiosity to learn more. Fostering a sense of joy in the learning process and wanting to be at school is the greatest gift a teacher can impart on students, and parents unanimously agree that Ms. Maria excels at this. She is also keenly aware that children today are part of an interconnected and fast-paced world and her lessons and teaching style provide her students with a firm foundation for becoming confident and principled global citizens. Families are beyond grateful for Ms. Maria and all she does for their children.

Western Region Winners

Ms. Jamie

Infant Classroom • Parker, CO

Ms. Jamie is a compassionate, inquisitive teacher whose resourcefulness and enthusiasm creates lasting impressions on the children and families she serves. Ms. Jamie goes above and beyond for her little learners by pushing the boundaries of infant curriculum to help them thrive. She started a crawling club to encourage little ones to crawl behind her! Ms. Jamie doesn’t stop supporting her students when they age out of her classroom. She checks in on former students, offers helpful tips and advice to their new teachers and always follows up with families to see how the transition process is going. She has been called a co-parent and “mom away from mom,” which speaks to her commitment to care.

Ms. Hallie

Toddler Classroom • McKinney (Craig Ranch), TX

Ms. Hallie is deeply loved and trusted by the children and families she serves, and everyone who meets her sees how much she treasures teaching. Ms. Hallie brings a unique passion to the classroom and never underestimates what her young learners are capable of accomplishing. She is dedicated to implementing age-appropriate lesson plans that are tailored to the individual needs of students – fully embracing an emergent curriculum.

Ms. Hallie effortlessly creates strong connections with families and is gifted at making children feel safe when they enter her classroom. As families return or new families join her classroom, she makes them feel welcome, loved and comfortable with their child’s early childhood learning journey.

Ms. Nelsy

Preschool/Pre-K • Cypress, TX

Ms. Nelsy is a patient, kind, nurturing teacher who can keep a large classroom of students engaged thanks to her steadfast commitment to providing a quality learning environment. She is an empathetic teacher who knows how to help her students manage their emotions as they go through social and emotional developmental milestones. Ms. Nelsy builds a foundational partnership with parents to ensure that they are informed and included in their children’s growth and education. She leaves such a lasting impression on children that they still ask about her years later. Ms. Nelsy is truly loved by children and parents alike.

Ms. Whitney

Kindergarten/School-Age Classroom • Portland (Bethany), OR

Ms. Whitney is as an amazing, hard-working teacher who goes above and beyond for her students, families and the School. When the pandemic hit, Ms. Whitney didn’t skip a beat. She put together take-home bags for all age groups and developed curriculum for at-home learning. She hosted daily Zoom calls for children who were at home and put together activities for parents to pick up each day.

Ms. Whitney is dedicated to ensuring that her students excel outside of her classroom, too. She researched and gathered all necessary documents and curriculum support tools so that her Kindergarten program aligns with the local school district’s benchmarks and goals. She has already sent home the first progress reports and her students are progressing beautifully!

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