Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Mrs Shalini , Owner Thank you for considering The Goddard School to be your child’s best preschool experience. As a parent of two young children, I know the importance of a safe and nurturing learning environment. I believe that an early start to quality education is essential for a lifelong love of learning. Here at The Goddard School, we are dedicated to providing that utmost quality of care and education to the children in our community. I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful school.

Mrs Shalini

Mrs Abbey, Director Ms. Abbey started at The Goddard School as a teacher in 2013, and she became the Education Director soon after. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor's degree in Child Development. Her educational and teaching background of over 24 years has given her the opportunity to explore a range of teaching philosophies. Teaching and learning alongside a child is dear to her heart. She looks forward to learning alongside your children and helping them grow in a loving and nurturing environment here at The Goddard School.

Mrs Abbey

Mr Fernando, Director Mr. Fernando is the Operations Director at The Goddard School. He joined this school as a Pre-K teacher when it opened in 2013. He had been teaching Pre-Kindergarten for over 12 years. Teaching children has always been his passion, and he enjoys creating an environment designed to stimulate children using their critical thinking skills.

Mr Fernando

Mrs Adriana, Lead Teacher Ms. Adriana has been with our school since 2014. She has her Child Development certificate, and is currently pursuing her Degree in Child Development. She's a part of our management team and oversees the Quality Assurance of the program. She loves teaching children through play, art, and sensory activities. In her spare time she enjoys being with her family including her two beautiful children.

Mrs Adriana

Ms Azure, Lead Teacher Ms. Azure is the Lead teacher in our Infant program since 2015. She graduated from San Diego State University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development. She loves being an infant teacher, and thrives to create a safe, enriching, and nurturing environment for the children.

Ms Azure

Miss Janelly, Lead Teacher Ms. Janelly started working as a teacher in the Infant Program in 2014. She has her Associates in Arts Degree and academic units in Child Development. She feels that working with children is very rewarding. They are fun, full of energy, sweet, and it's fascinating to see how much they learn and grow. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching movies and reading books.

Miss Janelly

Miss Rhiannon, Lead Teacher Miss Rhiannon is in our preschool classroom, Leaping Lions. She has completed her Early Childhood Education units, and is currently pursuing an Associate's Degree in Child Development. She likes thinking out of the box to create new experiences for our students. She feels that making connections with learning at home to learning at school is an important bridge to education. Finding new ways for children to learn and finding out their passions is her favorite part of the job.

Miss Rhiannon

Darcy, Lead Teacher Miss Darcy is one of our Toddler teachers. She has a passion for working with children, especially with working with the toddler age range. She came to The Goddard School with 7 years experience working with children. Miss Darcy chose a career in Child Development because she feels a strong foundation in early childhood will create a path to success. She looks forward to a continued career in Child Development at The Goddard School!


Miss Tania, Lead Teacher Ms. Tania is the lead teacher in the "Smart Starfish" Toddler classroom. She has worked with children as young as 6 weeks to 8 years old, but her focus has always been with toddlers. She is currently pursuing her B.A in Child and Adolescent Development with an emphasis on Child Services. She loves implementing art, music and sensory activities in her class.

Miss Tania

Ninamarie, Lead Teacher Miss Nina is the Teacher in our "Get Set" program. She completed her degree in Sociology, and she enjoys working with children of all ages. She enjoys implementing art, music, and cooking projects in her class.


Miss Patricia, Lead Teacher Ms. Patricia (Paty) is the Lead Teacher in our Get Set (Wise Whales) program. She has her Associate Degree in Child Development and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Human Development with an emphasis in Child Development.
Working with young children is her passion and she loves to help them develop and learn new things every day. She brings new ways to challenge each child depending on their current skills and abilities and does her best to make the class more interesting and exciting throughout the day by planning different activities that consist of creative learning, art, music, and lots of sensory play.

Miss Patricia

Miss Caisee, Lead Teacher Miss Caisee is a co-teacher in our Preschool program. She has her Bachelor's degree in Sociology with emphasis in Child Development. She believes children are lively and full of questions and ideas. She enjoys teaching them through interactive activities such as Arts and Sciences. She an avid music lover, so she likes to expose children to different genres of child-friendly music.

Miss Caisee

Ms Kathryn, Lead Teacher Ms. Kathryn is the lead teacher in our "Leaping Lions" preschool classroom. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development from California State University Sacramento, and also a California State Teacher Permit in Child Development. Throughout the years she has taught a range of students from toddlers to preschool. Her favorite childhood book is Goodnight Moon by Margret Wise Brown. Love for teaching young children has always been her passion, and she looks forward to learning and growing alongside the children at The Goddard School.

Ms Kathryn

Miss Monica, Lead Teacher Miss Monica is the Lead teacher in our Preschool "Playful Pandas" classroom. She earned her Associate's Degree in Math and Science and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Child and Adolescent Development. She feels that working with children and watching them develop and grow is very rewarding.

Miss Monica

Ms Gay , Lead Teacher Ms. Gay is the Lead teacher in our Kindergarten classroom. She has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for 20 years. She went San Diego State University and majored in Education with a specialization in Child and Family Development. Her true joy in life are the smiles and laughter of children. Their wondrous eyes show so much potential and curiosity. She tries to capture those moments and weave it in their learning experience in her classroom.

Ms Gay

Ms Lisa Marie, Lead Teacher Ms. is the Lead teacher in our "Zippy Zebras" Pre-K classroom. She's been teaching in the preschool field for over 18 years. Teaching children has always been her passion, and she enjoys creating an exciting environment designed to stimulate children using their creativity and imagination. She obtained both an Associate Teaching permit, as well as her Teaching Permit in Early Childhood Education. In her free time, she enjoys singing, painting, and dancing.

Ms Lisa Marie

Ms Megan, Lead Teacher Ms. Megan is one of our co-teachers in Zipping Zebras. She has been a preschool teacher since 2018. She is currently in school to get her site supervisor certification along with her Associates in Child Development. When she is done getting her AA, she is planning to obtain her Bachelors in Elementary Education.

Ms Megan

Miss Abegail, Resource Miss Abegail supports our Infant/Toddler and Preschool classrooms as a Resource Teacher. She enjoys working with children of all ages. She loves doing art, sensory, and music activities with the children.

Miss Abegail

Miss Bernadette, Resource Miss Bernadette joined The Goddard School in 2014, and worked in our Toddler program as a co-teacher for 6.5 years. She currently supports the school as a substitute teacher. She has an Associate's Degree in Child Development, and is pursuing her Bachelor's in the same field. She loves working with children because they are very curious for knowledge. She helps children explore art and music.

Miss Bernadette

Miss Maria, Resource Ms. Maria is one of our resource teachers. She is currently working on obtaining her Associates Degree in Child Development, followed by a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development. It is a rewarding experience watching each child as they learn and experience new thoughts and ideas. She is happy to be working at The Goddard's School.

Miss Maria

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