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The love and commitment Goddard parents have for their children and their development inspires us to continually offer the best preparation possible.

What our parents say

Toddler Praises

Our daughter started Goddard at 4 months old on opening day. Our daughter absolutely loves her teachers, her friends and especially Kaylee, the owner. We can drop her off every day knowing that she will be loved and well taken care of. Because of Goddard our daughter is potty trained (well #1 anyway), can spell her name, knows her alphabet, can count to twelve and knows several yoga poses as well as sign language. I recommend Goddard to anyone considering a school for their child.

- Cassidy's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Well Being & Learning Environment for Children

I am elated to have found a school that prioritizes the well being and learning environment of the children . They have efficient means of communicating the daily activities of the children through a parent portal and emails. The owner of the school is on premise daily and then some. They have a wonderful administrative staff who are available throughout the day and the teachers are extremely dedicated. The business is well run and I can't say enough great things about The Goddard School!

- Carys's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Comments via a Third-Party Survey

STEAM Program

We love your STEAM Program and the way you implement it using the FLEX approach. We really believe that the teacher for the Stingray class is very effective in implementing all the different aspects of your program with good moral character development also incorporated in it. The daily report with pics help us, the parents, with following through with the program thereby making the whole learning experience more fun and effective not just for the child but for the whole family too! Thank you!!!

- Ella's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Goddard Family

All the staff are friendly & make you feel like part of a family. Both my husband & I are known by many of the staff. Our daughter is called by name by all staff members. I also appreciate the communication between the school and our family.

- Hannah's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Nurturing Preschool

I love how nurturing and engaged all of the Goddard staff is with the children. My son is shy and within 2 weeks his teachers were able to help him transition and feel comfortable participating, something he was unable to accomplish in 1.5 years of daycare. He loves the art projects and feels proud to show me his accomplishments. He is a happier child because of Goddard and the staff. I couldn't be happier with my decision to place him in their capable hands.

- Benjamin and Rosilee's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Approachable & Caring Faculty

The owner is very approachable and gets things done ! Your teachers are super! Ms Sara (teacher of stingray class) at Goddard folsom is phenomenal ! She is caring and absolutely wonderful! Teacher like her making learning fun and exciting !

- Sana's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Love Goddard!

We love this school. They keep kids active all day by different activities such as sign language, finger painting, self-help skills, story time, circle time and sensory stimulation. Beautiful facility, awesome teachers, and a great curriculum. I definitely recommend this school.

- Anay's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

More than Babysitting

I trust that when I drop my daughter off in the morning, she isn't just being "babysat" at Goddard. Each day, there is a curriculum for every age, even my 1-year old toddler!

- Cassidy's Father (Infant Classroom)

Welcoming Environment

We have been to two schools prior to this one, and the relationships the teachers/owners here have with our children far exceed what we had experienced before. I truly get the sense that we are a team and the teachers/owners want the children to be successful. Additionally the cam[us is much nicer then the other schools we have attended, very clean and welcoming. Both our children are very happy here.

- Sydney and Sutton's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Balanced Program

I love the incorporation of fun and play with education. I don't feel it's necessary for academics to be too intense so young and I love that Goddard has such a well balanced program.

- Scarlett's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Love the Teachers

Jacob is excited about school and loves his teachers. I am very happy with everyone and everything

- Jacob's Father (Toddler Classroom)

Professional Team

After visiting other schools Goddard was the most professional in all aspects and really made me fell confortable to enroll my two daugthers.

- Kaia and Carly's Father (Pre-K Classroom)

Daily Reports

Miss Sara and the stingrays class. Specifically how she takes an individual communication approach to each kid. Ella loves her. We also like the daily reports including the section that is unique to Ella. Also like the photos of my kid which are sent from time to time.

- Ella's Father (Preschool Classroom)

Education & Loving Atmosphere

The education my daughter is getting far surpasses the usual preschool environment. My daughter has grown so much since she started at Goddard and she's in a loving atmosphere too!

- Audrianna's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Opportunity to Grow at Goddard

I know everyday my daughter is learning something new and given a chance to explore and grow

- Layla's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Overall Happiness

Small environment to focus on student care, development and accountability. Engaged administration and staff. Well thought out and well communicated curriculum. Technology is a plus.

- Ryan and Beau's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Professional & Caring Teachers

The professionalism yet easy going nature of the teachers and staff. Our son enjoys the time spent at school and likes his teachers.

- Connor's Father (Pre-K Classroom)

Importance on Parenting

Takes good care of kids and make every parent feel like they are important. Also nice mix of activities daily

- Sid and Krish's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Teachers are Amazing

The teaching staff is amazing. They are very creative and somehow manage to give each kid individual attention to help her/him grow at their own rate.

- Calvin's Mother (Infant Classroom)

Variety of Activities & Lessons

I love the variety in what they learn. Sign language and yoga have been great for my daughter and I see her using it at home and teaching her little brothers. I also love reading her daily report and getting pictures throughout the day, and seeing how many different things she got to do. She is thriving there!

- Kaylee, Adam and David's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

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