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Ms Dawn, Owner I love spending time with children and am excited to be an on-site owner at the West Windsor Goddard School. There is no better sound than that of children laughing and having a wonderful time of learning and enjoying themselves at our school. Being able to share my day with so many happy children is simply a dream come true. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism and have been an editor and writer for several trade and online publications covering categories including toys, entertainment, publishing, consumer trends and retailing. I fulfilled a lifelong dream of writing my first children's book. My greatest accomplishment though is my wonderful son Austin who is currently a Junior at Rutgers University.

Ms Dawn

Mr Stu, Owner I am proud and honored to be the on-site owner of a Goddard preschool. I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry, and worked for 29 years in Research & Development, directing product development for Consumer Healthcare products at GlaxoSmithKline. I have one son, Austin, born on Valentines Day in 1998.
I came to the realization that I was ready to make a significant career change and relished the opportunity to do something together with Dawn whereby we could build and grow something that would have a broad and profound impact. I felt an immediate connection to the Goddard philosophy of fostering the love of learning while providing a safe, nurturing environment for children. It was a perfect fit!

Mr Stu

Ms Lisa, Director Lisa is our Educational Director. Lisa received her Bachelor's degree from Syracuse University in Child and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology. She joined the team before we opened in March of 2006 after working at The Goddard School located in Hamilton for over six years. She is the mother of two children. her love for children, perseverance, hard work, dedication and attention to detail have made her an integral part of the smooth operation of our school. She is a wonderful mentor to the teachers; with great ideas and support for their programs. Lisa is well respected by the owners, faculty and parents. The children love her and look forward to seeing her every morning!

Ms Lisa

Ms Ashlee, Assistant Director Ms. Ashlee is our full time Assistant Director. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Ramapo College and her teaching certification for kindergarten to fifth grade and grades fifth to eighth for math. After working at The Goddard School located in Ramsey while obtaining her degree, she began working with us in August of 2007 as the Lead Teacher in our Preschool classroom. Her positive attitude, strong work ethic and genuine compassion for children were the foundation upon which her promotion to Assistant Director was based on back in 2008. She provides strong support for the Director and teachers and is loved by the children.

Ms Ashlee

Ms Mary, Lead Teacher Ms. Mary is the Lead Teacher in the Infant classroom. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Southwestern College in Kansas. She also has her New Jersey K-5 Teaching Certificate. When she was a small child she wanted nothing more than to be Mary Poppins, so she devoted her life and energy to caring for and educating children. She has spent the last ten years doing a series of professions centered on children. Her favorites were being a nanny and a substitute teacher. She loves reading fun and silly books with children, the sillier the better! One of her favorite songs to sing at school is “Baby Shark.”

Ms Mary

Ms Sumana, Lead Teacher Ms. Sumana is the Lead Teacher in the First Steps classroom here at The Goddard School. She has been working as a teacher in a preschool setting for 5 years. She finished her Bachelors degree in Math and Education. She is also working on her CDA (Child Development Associate). She loves working with children every day.

Ms Sumana

Ms Courtney, Lead Teacher Ms. Courtney is the Lead Teacher in the Toddler classroom. She is currently in the process of obtaining her CDA in Infants and Toddlers. Her love for children came about 3 years ago when her little nephew was welcomed into the world. She realized how much she loves being around children, watching them grow and learning something new every day. She believes that you have to be the best role model possible for these little children. They follow your lead and are always asking why you did something. She feels you should always be a positive influence, and to enjoy the little things in life. She is also a licensed cosmetologist for the state of New Jersey. In her spare time, she loves to play around and be creative with makeup. She also enjoys doing hair and makeup for special occasions.

Ms Courtney

Ms Jessica, Lead Teacher Ms. Jessica is the Lead Teacher in the Get Set class. She graduated from Rowan University with two Bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and American Studies. She also has two teaching certificates for grades K-6 and Students with Disabilities. She previously worked as an Assistant Teacher at another preschool for about two years before coming to The Goddard School. She is a mother to her son and she loves spending time with her family. Helping children grow and learn is what she strives for. She loves reading to her class all types of children’s books, but “Brown Bear, Brown Bear,” by Bill Martin Jr. is her favorite. Making children happy is what makes her excited and she is proud that she chose this career path for herself.

Ms Jessica

Ms Ashley, Lead Teacher Ms. Ashley is the Lead Teacher in the Preschool 1 program. She started off as an Assistant Teacher at our school and was promoted to a Lead Teacher in recognition of her hard work and dedication. Her love of teaching young children prompted her to pursue her Child Development Associate (CDA) in Preschool, a goal she was very proud to fulfill. She has established wonderful relationships with the families here at school.

Ms Ashley

Ms Kaleena, Lead Teacher Ms. Kaleena is the Lead Teacher of the Pre-K 2 classroom. Kids have been such a big part of her life, which is why she has chosen a career in teaching. She began working part time as a preschool teacher while she was in high school. After graduation, she began teaching preschool full time and after two years was promoted to Assistant Director. While working, she went to college full time where she received an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education to go along with her degree in Graphic Design. Upon her college graduation she was offered an amazing position at a new school. She was at that school for ten years before moving from Connecticut to New Jersey in January of 2014, and then became a Goddard School teacher. On top of being an auntie and teacher, she also owns and runs her own photography business!

Ms Kaleena

Ms Jessica, Lead Teacher Ms. Jess is the Lead Teacher in our Pre-K 1 classroom. She joined our faculty in January 2007 and has been a keystone ever since. She obtained her Bachelor's degree from Salisbury University in 2005. She has worked with children ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old at the Youth Services Agency in Maryland for a year and has also been a Camp Counselor and Mentor to elementary students. Along with being a mother, she has been a strong source of support to her fellow teachers. She loves working with children and her commitment to education, continuous hard work and dedication has made her very special to her students and our school.

Ms Jessica

Mrs Susanna, Lead Teacher Mrs. Susanna Phillips is our Kindergarten Teacher here at The Goddard School. She has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education and History from New Jersey City University. She has her NJ Teaching Certification in Elementary K-5 and P-3. She has been in the teaching field for 10 years and she absolutely enjoys every moment of it. Her goal is to make learning fun by providing each student with activities and other resources that will allow them to learn in every way possible. She believes that it is imperative to also build a strong relationship with her students’ parents. This will ensure maximum opportunity for growth and development in each student. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, hiking and most importantly spending time with her family.

Mrs Susanna

Ms Kelly, Assistant Teacher Ms. Kelly is a Floater here at The Goddard School. She currently attends William Paterson at Mercer County Community College pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. She has been working with children for years and loves every second. Each day she learns something new from them. She especially likes to teach kids sign language because she grew up signing in her family.

Ms Kelly

Ms Alicia, Assistant Teacher Ms. Alicia is the Assistant Teacher in the First Steps room. She has worked here at The Goddard School since 2008. She obtained her degree in Medical Assisting and worked in Cardiology for nine years before changing careers to spend more time with her two children, one of which has special needs. You will see her helping in all our programs as the children all know and love Ms. Alicia.

Ms Alicia

Ms Rasika, Assistant Teacher Ms. Rasika is an Assistant Teacher in the Toddler classroom. She has a Masters Degree in Personnel Management from Pune University in India. She worked as a Counselor-cum Co-ordinator for several years. While raising her two sons, she became interested in working with kids. Then she took a break and started her own child care and activity center in India. She had children in her care from the age of 7 months to 11 years. She is happy that she chose this as a career.

Ms Rasika

Ms Rosmery, Assistant Teacher Ms. Rosmery is the Assistant Teacher in the Toddler classroom. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies from Gettysburg College. During her four years of college, she volunteered in an after-school program to help children with their homework. She learned that she loves helping out those in need. She loves working with kids because they are full of joy and honesty. Although she teaches them, she also feels that she learns a lot from them, too. She loves singing songs, reading books and dancing with them. Working with children brings out the inner child in her in a judgement free zone.

Ms Rosmery

Ms Ashley, Assistant Teacher Ms. Ashley K. is the Assistant Teacher in the Get Set classroom. She has her BA in Elementary Education and Mathematics from Rider University. Ever since she was young, she always wanted to be a teacher. She has a passion for children and helping them grow and learn. She believes that school should be a positive place for growth and development where children feel comfortable and safe. In her spare time, she enjoys being outside, exercising and spending time with her friends and family.

Ms Ashley

Ms Melissa, Assistant Teacher Ms. Melissa is the Assistant Teacher in the Preschool 1 classroom. She is currently attending Penn State University online working towards a degree in Child Psychology. She's worked with kids for four years and absolutely loves helping to enrich the young minds of today. Reading stories and creating art are some of her favorite activities to do with the children here at school. She is also into music, and in her spare time she enjoys playing the piano.

Ms Melissa

Ms Callie, Assistant Teacher Ms. Callie is the Assistant Teacher in the Pre-K 1 class. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education/Special Education. She has lived in this area all her life. She has a wonderful family that includes her husband, three daughters and five grandchildren. Her family is her world and they spend time together celebrating life in many different ways. She loves children; they bring much joy and happiness to her life. Children are amazing and she could not imagine not being a part of their world. She is a child advocate and does all that she can to help those who find themselves in a place where they need a helping hand.

Ms Callie

Ms Emily, Resource Ms. Emily is a Floater here at The Goddard School. She was a teacher for 18 years at Neshaminy School District. She loved teaching Kindergarten and middle school English. She took off four years to focus on being a full-time mom to her twin girls. She is an Elementary Education undergraduate of The Ohio State University. She also received her Masters Degree in Educational Psychology at Temple University of Pennsylvania. She is enjoying her time working at Goddard. Her love for children of all ages has always been her passion and she is looking forward to developing close relationships with both the students as well as the staff here. In her spare time, she travels, attends many Broadway shows and concerts and spends time with family and friends.

Ms Emily

Ms Joana, Resource Ms. Joana is a Floater here at The Goddard School. She is currently a senior at STEM Civics Charter School. For about five years, she has been a Sunday School teacher and from her first day, she knew she had a special love for children. She loves spending time with them and making an impact in their lives. She hopes one day to become a Child Psychologist.

Ms Joana

Ms Karina, Resource Ms. Karina is a Floater here at The Goddard School. She is also a student at Mercer County Community College majoring in Nursing. She loves working with children because they are full of energy and joy. She always has fun being around them. Her favorite children’s books are anything by Dr. Seuss. She also likes playing hand games like Miss Mary Mack, Pat-a-Cake and Swing, Swing, Swing. She's very happy to be working with children here at The Goddard School at West Windsor.

Ms Karina

Ms Katherine, Resource Ms. Katherine is a Floater here at The Goddard School. She is currently attending Mercer County Community College for Physical Therapy. Working with children is so much fun and brings out the inner child in her. Reading her favorite books with the children here at school brings her back to her younger days. She hopes to bring them all happiness, just like they bring her!

Ms Katherine

Ms Maya, Resource Ms. Maya is a Floater here at The Goddard School. She is a graduate of Robbinsville High School. Having only younger cousins is what started her love for children. The happiness they bring her is unexplainable. All her life she's known she wanted to work with children in her future. She's come to realize that she has a passion for teaching and she would like to become a Kindergarten teacher. Being around children is uplifting and always puts her in a positive mood. She is looking forward to working with your children here at The Goddard School!

Ms Maya

Ms Melonie, Resource Ms. Melonie is a Floater here at The Goddard School. She is currently a Senior at STEM Civics Charter School. Once she graduates, she plans to go to Rider University and major in Criminal Justice. In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures of people, places and objects. Her favorite model is her one-year old niece. Because of her, she's grown to love being around kids, watching them grow and learn new things each day. She loves that she gets to be apart of their lives.

Ms Melonie

Ms Serena, Resource Ms. Serena is a Floater here at The Goddard School. She currently attends Rowan University, majoring in Psychology. Working with kids is something she has always had a passion for and hopes to keep doing when she receives her degree in Clinical Psychology. She loves reading, writing, music and spending time with her friends and family.

Ms Serena

Ms Shea, Resource Ms. Shea is a Floater working in many of the classrooms here at school. She is currently attending Mercer County Community College for Photography and Digital Imaging. She loves working with children because they teach her something new every single day. In high school, she completed a course on children’s literature. Her favorite book is “Horton Hears a Who!” by Dr. Seuss because it teaches kindness and acceptance of others. She's so excited to be working here at The Goddard School at West Windsor.

Ms Shea

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