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Lead Teacher, School-Age Support Program - Full Time

Posted: August 10, 2020

As the Lead Teacher of our School-Age Support Program, you will be leading our newest supplemental program, which provides personalized, part time support for children up to Grade 5, who are engaged in virtual learning.

You must be a Certified Teacher in Elementary Education, with experience working with Grades K-5. You will be responsible for overseeing and aiding in the online work required of students on their "off days or at-home learning days" from their school. You will also be responsible for the care of each and every child in the classroom. All teachers must adhere to all Goddard's health and safety standards, including all COVID-19 health and safety standards and protocol.

The Goddard School Program:

The Goddard School's program has been designed to develop your child's self-esteem and love of learning in a secure, warm environment. At the Goddard School, we strongly believe that this is the foundation upon which future growth and development will take place. Our program includes activities that:

* develop social and emotional skills
* stimulate language and communication
* encourage problem solving
* teach self control and the ability to follow directions
* teach balance and coordination

The School-Age Support Program:

The School Age Support Program is designed to help parents balance the challenges of in-person schooling and at-home remote learning. We offer part time hours/days for Grades K-5 where children can attend on their "off days or at home learning days" and receive the help they need to complete their required work. With School-Age support, students get all the benefits of being in a classroom environment while still participating in their school's distance curriculum.

The Teachers/Classrooms:

The State of New Jersey requires that all classrooms have one or two certified teachers on staff. At Goddard, we strive to have a state certified, 4 degree teacher (in either Early Childhood or Elementary Education) in every classroom. Furthermore, The Goddard School maintains lower ratios and smaller class sizes than most other pre-schools and schools.

The combination of dedicated, professional, degreed teachers, and the smaller, more personal classroom environment, results in the strong academic program at The Goddard School.

Hours: The Goddard School is open 7 AM - 6 PM, Monday through Friday. The hours for the Lead Teacher/Remote Learning Program will likely be 8:30 AM -4 PM, Monday through Friday.


* Lead Teachers must be Certified.
* CPR and First Aid Certified (we will provide first aid and CPR training if you do not have it)
* All teachers are fingerprinted and background checked prior to working at the school. References are also required and checked.




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