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Mr Fred, Owner Hi my name is Fred Maresca, everyone knows me as Mr. Fred. I have been a Goddard School Owner since 1996. In my prior life I worked in the banking industry for 20 years. Owning a Goddard School was a welcomed change. Both of my children attended The Goddard School starting as infants. My oldest, Katie is a High School math teacher down in Raleigh, NC. My son is a senior at Belmont University majoring in Music Education.

The Goddard School of Hamilton is truly a family friendly place. We are very proud of our staff as they have a combined 140 years at our school. Please check out their biographies on our web page. I think you will be impressed with the tenure of our staff.

As each year passes you come to realize how much a well-run school means to the families in your community. A family gave me the following note after their second child graduated from The Goddard School of Hamilton.

Mr. Fred,

How do we thank you for all you’ve meant to our family for the past four years?
Thank you for giving us a tour that very first time and telling us it would be okay,
Thank you for the smiles as we walk through the door each morning,
Thank you for the pretzels when we leave at night,
Thank you for hiring teachers that will never leave our hearts,
Thank you for wearing the same Halloween costume every year!!!
Thank you for never making us wonder if our children were safe,
And finally,
Thank you for making this school so wonderful to come to that it’s so incredibly hard to leave….
Sydney, Jason, Melissa and John

The note sums up why I love what I do, why I have been doing it so long and why I hope to continue to own and operate a Goddard School.

Mr Fred

Ms Lori, Director Ms. Lori is the School Director. She began working at the Goddard School in February 2002. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies from Marymount University. Ms. Lori's contagious smile and warm laughter welcomes you to our school.

Ms Lori

Ms Lynn, Assistant Director Ms. Lynn, Our Assistant Director, became part of the Goddard team in September 2005. She attended Rider University where she received a Paralegal certification and an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Education from Mercer County Community College. Ms. Lynn's laughter and dedication combine to continually improve our Goddard program.

Ms Lynn

Ms Nadia, Lead Teacher Ms. Nadia, the Lead Teacher in the Infant room began working at our Goddard school in September 2004. Ms. Nadia has a Child Associates Degree (CDA) from the Council for Professional Recognition. Her maternal tenderness towards the children and their families is distinguishable.

Ms Nadia

Stephanie, Lead Teacher Ms. Stephanie, the Lead teacher in the Get Set class, began working at Goddard in July 2015. Her dedication is an asset to our school. She has a CDA certification. Stephanie's favorite hobby is soccer.


Ms Holly, Lead Teacher Ms. Holly is the Lead Teacher in the Preschool class. She received her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Rider University. Ms. Holly's abilities to illuminate the children's natural desire to play is remarkable.

Ms Holly

Ms Nely, Lead Teacher Ms. Nely, is the Lead Teacher in the Prekindergarten class. She has a Child Development Associate's Degree (CDA)from the Council for Professional Recognition. She also has her Associate's Degree in Elementary Education from her home Country of Honduras. Ms. Nely began working at The Goddard School in September 2004. Her playful spirit creates extraordinary teachable moments throughout a child's school day. We welcome Ms. Nely's teaching style which promotes artistic creations and cognitive learning. She has completed Goddard Director Training and assists in the office frequently.

Ms Nely

Ms Victoria, Lead Teacher Ms. Vicki is the Lead Teacher in the Prekindergarten program. She began working at our Goddard School in May 2006. Ms. Vicki has her Child Associate's Degree (CDA) from the council for Professional Recognition. Her passion to teach early childhood education is evident in her well planned and prepared lessons. Vicki has completed Goddard Director training and assists in the office frequently.

Ms Victoria

Ms Donna, Assistant Teacher Ms. Donna, Our Assistant Teacher in the Infant room began working at our Goddard School in November 2006. She has a High School Diploma from Lawrenceville High School. Ms. Donna is aware of the unique bond between children and their parents, therefore, she shares compassion and empathy with a family as they transition into a Goddard School.

Ms Donna

Punam, Assistant Teacher Ms. Punam is an Assistant Teacher in the Infant class. She began working at our Goddard School in October 2013. Ms. Punam has a High School Diploma from India. Her friendly personality is an asset to our program.


Ms Ana, Assistant Teacher Ms. Ana is the Assistant Teacher in the Toddler program. She began working at the Goddard School in July 2006. Ms. Ana, received three years of an undergraduate study in Civil Engineering at a regionally accredited institution. Ms. Ana demonstrates qualities of a caring, compassionate, and consistent individual. These qualities lend her to always be aware of our children's health, safety,and welfare.

Ms Ana

Diana, Assistant Teacher Ms. Diana, an Assistant teacher in the toddler class, began working at Goddard in December 2016. She is attending Rider University to pursue her major in Education. Diana teaches swim lessons and enjoys playing field hockey.


Kaitlin, Assistant Teacher Ms. Kaitlin, an Assistant teacher in the Prekindergarten class, began working at Goddard in August 2016. She is currently attending Mercer County Community College to obtain an Associate;s degree in Early Childhood Education. Kaitlin also volunteers at Klockner School for tutoring. Her hobbies are crafts and swimming.


Ms Kimberly, Assistant Teacher Ms. Kimberly is an Assistant Teacher in our prekindergarten class. She has been a valuable part of our team since January 2012. Her ability to adapt to each classroom environment is outstanding. Ms. Kimberly is working towards her Nursing Degree at Mercer County Community College. Her outgoing personality and eagerness to succeed are beneficial contributions to our school.

Ms Kimberly

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