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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Michelle, Director Miss Michelle graduated from Kutztown University and is the director here at The Goddard School. Michelle feels that one can learn something new each and every day in a preschool setting. She also loves learning about how a preschool is operated on a daily basis. She believes children learn best through hands on learning experiences.

In her free time you can find Miss Michelle hiking, fishing and jumping rocks at st. Peters village. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


Mia, Assistant Director Miss Mia is the Assistant Director here at The Goddard School. Miss Mia graduated from Penn State University and has worked in the child care field for over 10 years. She is excited to continue her professional career at Goddard. Miss Mia believes children learn best through play, free exploration and hands on experiences. She feels children thrive in environments where they feel loved, successful and safe.

When not at school, Miss Mia enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Miss Mia also enjoys reading and traveling.


Karen , Lead Teacher Ms. Karen is our lead teacher in the Honey Bee classroom. Ms. Karen graduated from Temple University with a psychology degree. She joined the infant room at Goddard in 2015 after working as an employment specialist for individuals with developmental delays and as a Therapeutic Staff Support.

Ms. Karen believes that children learn best with encouragement and support. She understands that each infant in her class has individual needs and develops at his or her own pace. Her goal is to provide each child in her care with the environment and tools necessary to grow and learn while having fun and making memories.

On Ms. Karen's free time, she enjoys running in marathons and spending time with her family. Ms. Karen enjoys getting to know the infants and families from her classroom.


Jackie, Lead Teacher Miss Jackie is our lead teacher in the Happy Hoppers classroom. She has 10 years of experience in childcare, and has completed several certifications in the Penn State Better Kid Care program. She has worked with all age groups and for the last several year has supervised and taught toddlers of all ages.

Miss Jackie believes that children learn best in supportive environments, and that education should also be fun. Her goal is to ensure that every child receives the individual attention they deserve. The individualization will help with their development and growth.

In her spare time, Miss Jackie enjoys hanging out with her family (including her two loving sons); taking vacations at the jersey shore; and expanding her essential oils collection.


Bryana, Lead Teacher Miss Bryana is our lead teacher in the Jungle Cub classroom. She received her Child Development Associate through Montgomery County Community College. She has been teaching at The Goddard School since 2013 and has been in the Early Childhood Education field since 2010. Since joining The Goddard School, Miss Bryana has been working with the 2 and 3 year olds.

Miss Bryana believes that learning should be a fun experience! She incorporates hands on experiences to make each lesson come to life! Miss Bryana believes that children learn the best when they are happy and having fun. She enjoys creating memories with her children each day.


Allison , Lead Teacher Miss Allison is our Co-Lead teacher in our Kind Kangaroos classroom. She graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with her Bachelor's in Psychology. She has almost two years experience in behavioral therapy and has been teaching preschool for the last 9 months.

Miss Allison believes children learn best with hands on learning and a nurturing environment. She also believes every child has their own unique learning style so it is important to get to know every child well to better cater to their needs.

In her spare time, Miss Allison loves to cook and to play Pokemon. Most of her time , when not at work, is spent at home with her husband and her fur babies.


Morgan, Lead Teacher Miss Morgan is our co-lead teacher in the kind kangaroo Classroom. She graduated in 2011 from Central Dauphin East High School located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She has been working in Early Childhood for several years and hopes to continue her education in Early Childhood Education in the future.

During her free time, Miss Morgan enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as her fur baby Luna! Some activities she enjoys are going to the beach, going to the movies, and going on trips.

Miss Morgan believes that children should have fun while learning. She loves to do hands-on-activities and provide activities that the children will want to engage in. Miss Morgan's favorite part about working with children is seeing them grow and learn each day!


Christine , Lead Teacher Miss Christine is our Co-lead teacher in the Charming Cheetahs classroom. She graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and became a member of the Goddard Team in 2015. Before coming to the Goddard School, she was a substitute teacher in an elementary school and has many years of experience with young children. Miss Christine enjoys spending time with her friends and family at the beach and taking her dog, Milo for walks outside. She is also a very big Phillies fan!

Miss Christine believes that learning should be fun for students as well as a hands-on experience. When children are engaged and hands on with activities, the learning is more fun and enjoyable. She enjoys teaching her students and helping them learn and make new memories every day!


Paulina, Lead Teacher Miss Paulina is our Co-Lead in the Charming Cheetahs classroom. She graduated from Pedagogical university of Krakow, Poland with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Before coming to the Goddard school , she was a professional nanny and has over 10 years of experience with young children.

Miss Paulina strongly believes that learning should be fun for her students but also hands on experiences.

In her free time she enjoys baking for her friends and going for walks with her dog, Madison.


Andrea , Lead Teacher Miss Andrea is our lead teacher in the Salty Sea Turtles classroom. She graduated from Montgomery County Community College in May 2016 with an associate degree in Early Childhood Education. Miss Andrea is working on obtaining her bachelor's degree in Human Services from Chestnut Hill College. She has experience working with children in a preschool setting and a school district.

In her spare time, Miss Andrea loves to travel to different states and watch new and exciting Netflix series. She especially loves going to concerts and going out to eat with her family and friends.

Miss Andrea believes children learn best from hands on experiences. It is important to her that the children feel loved, safe and are nurtured, all while having fun and growing.


Mindy, Lead Teacher Miss Mindy is the Lead Teacher of the Salty Sea Turtles classroom. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Post-Bachelorette Certifications in Autism, Therapeutic Staff Support, and Trauma-Informed Care. Miss Mindy has over 20 years experience working with children in a variety of settings including therapy support, mobile therapy, and teaching in the classroom.

In her spare time she loves spending time with her husband and four beautiful children. She is an avid runner and does 5K races with her oldest son often. She also enjoys arts and crafts, especially knitting and wood burning.

Miss Mindy believes that children learn best through hands on learning and exploring their surroundings. It is also important to Miss Mindy that all children have a loving, fun, and nurturing classroom where they can feel safe and inspired.


Amanda, Assistant Teacher Miss Amanda is our assistant teacher for the Honey Bees classroom. She will be starting at Montgomery Community College in the spring of 2020.

Her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her son, Landon! She also enjoys spending time with family and friends!

Miss Amanda loves to watch children grow into smart and caring individuals. Kids are the absolute best!!!


Carly, Assistant Teacher Miss Carly is the Lead Teacher in our Barnyard Buddies classroom. Miss Carly graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

She loves spending time with her family and listening to music nonstop.

Miss Carly loves kids of all ages, and enjoys making activities as fun as they can be. Her favorite classroom activity is taking pictures of the children while they’re having fun. She believes that all children are wonderful and deserve a kind and caring environment.


Christine, Assistant Teacher Miss Christine is our Assistant teacher in the Barnyard Buddies classroom. She graduated from Central Bucks East High School. She has previous experience in a childcare facility and was also a private Nanny for 15 years.

Outside of Goddard, Miss Christine loves to spend time with family on vacation at amusement parks and the beach. She enjoys watching movies, especially suspense thrillers. She is a big cat lover and her family has 3 of them.

Her most favorite thing about working at Goddard is seeing the smiles on the faces of the children when they learn something new.


Jessica, Assistant Teacher Miss Jess is part of our Flex staff here at Goddard. She has been working in child care for 4 years, and joined the Goddard school in early 2018. She is currently earning her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education at Montgomery County Community College.

Miss Jess believes that every child has a unique style of learning. They are all capable of reaching their full potential through the care, encouragement and guidance provided by teachers. She also believes that helping children to develop their life skills goes hand in hand with building their education.

In her free time, Miss Jess enjoys photography, spending time with her family and friends, and reading novels. She is also an animal lover, and a huge Philadelphia Phillies fan!


Julia, Assistant Teacher Miss Julia is a part of our FLEX staff. She has been working with children for 4 years now. She enjoys every aspect of teaching and has realized in her years that they can teach us as much as we teach them. This is one of her favorite things about teaching.

When Miss Julia is not at work she enjoys being around her family and friends. She also loves being outside and traveling to new places.

She is beyond excited to start her new journey as an assistant teacher for the Goddard School.


Lauren, Assistant Teacher Miss Lauren is our Lead Teacher in the Playful Penguins classroom and has worked in a preschool setting for about 7 years. She has worked with children ages infants to school age. She's currently working towards her associate degree in Early Childhood Education.

It is her greatest joy to work with each child and get to know them individually. She always tries to find ways of connecting to each child as to be a close role model in their lives. Throughout her years of working with and teaching children, she has also learned so much in the process. She has learned that children learn the best through play experiences and opportunities. She believes that each child has their own unique talents and abilities. Miss Lauren loves to help find these strengths in her students and help bring them out for them to see. This allows the children to feel confident in these abilities. Another belief that she has is that no child is “bad” just that children are exploring life, new experiences and are continuing to learn the right and safe choices to make. It is her job as a teacher to help children learn these choices, and to guide them in the right direction.

When she isn't working with children or doing her schoolwork, she loves fishing. It has become a fun and exciting hobby of hers that she likes to do with her boyfriend. She also love horses and exploring anything outdoorsy; except for in the winter. Spending time with her family, boyfriend and friends is also something that she loves doing very much.


Ellen, Assistant Teacher Miss Ellen has worked at the Goddard School since it opened and has been an assistant in all of our rooms. She has her CDA and currently can be found floating between classrooms. Miss Ellen enjoys teaching the children and learning from them daily.
Miss Ellen attended the State University of New York - Farmingdale and graduated in 1980 with an associates degree in Science.
Miss Ellen hopes to continue to help the children learn the skills and knowledge they will need to guide them throughout their lives.

In her spare time, Miss Ellen enjoys spending time with her husband, Richie, and taking walks with friends.


Shannon, Assistant Teacher Miss Shannon is our assistant teacher in the Happy Hoppers classroom. Her employment with children in the last six years has ranged from working in the nursery, to babysitting, to nannying, to coaching! She is so thrilled to be working with children in an educational environment, and cannot wait to spread compassion and teach important values.

She believes all children have a unique purpose and she hopes to play a role in their discovering of them!

In 2018, she graduated with honors from Boyertown Area Senior High and Edgenuity Cyber School. She has completed a number of online college courses with Reading Area Community College, and I plan to continue this summer. She's also very interested in Interior Design, fitness, working with children and animals, and writing.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, work in the fashion and entertainment industry, volunteer, try new things, watch movies, and exercise!


Janet, Assistant Teacher Miss Janet is the Assistant Teacher in our Jungle Cubs classroom. She has been in every classroom of our School during her many years at Goddard and she has loved watching the children develop from the baby room all the way through Kindergarten. In everything we do, our children play to learn and have so much fun. Miss Janet believes that we prepare our children to do their best as they begin their education!


Allison, Assistant Teacher Miss Allison is part of our Flex staff at Goddard. She graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and minor in Special Education. Prior to coming to the Goddard School, she had lots of field experience, as well as student teaching in a first grade classroom.

In her spare time, Miss Allison loves spending time with her family. She especially loves going to the beach, on walks, and country concerts with her little sister. When she can, Miss Allison loves traveling and exploring new places.

Miss Allison believes that children learn best in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. Learning should be fun and enjoyable for the students. She is huge with hands on, minds on experience to help her students learn. Miss Allison loves school and wants her students to as well!


Deiyanira, Assistant Teacher Miss Deiya has joined the Goddard team and will be spending time in the Salty Sea Turtles classroom.

She’s a proud mommy of two. One of her favorite things to do is spend time with her children and family. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and traveling. Miss Deiya loves doing outdoor activities and exploring new places.

She believes that all children should be listened to, loved and nurtured.


Chrislene, Assistant Teacher Miss Chrislene is a flex teacher here at the Goddard school. She works with many different kids each day and helps them get excited about learning.

Chrislene was previously a babysitter and is interested in expanding her education for early childhood development. When she isn’t at work, Chrislene loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Her favorite quote is by Lin Pernille and is “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” Miss Chrislene is very excited to start helping your children grow and learn to eventually reach their goals in life.


Dawn, Assistant Teacher Miss Dawn graduated from Temple University with a B.S. in Early/Elementary Education. She has over 20 years experience working in childcare. She has worked with infants through age 8 years old. Each age group has its own fun adventures and experiences. She learned new lessons with each age group.

Miss Dawn believes that each child learns at his/her own specific pace and time. They learn from teacher guided activities as well as hands on individual experiences. Learning can be fun and exciting when presented in many different ways. The children can teach us as much as we teach them sometimes. Her favorite part is watching big smiles form across their faces when they learn something new and apply their knowledge.

Her favorite activities outside of school are spending time with my daughter and husband. She also likes to read Nicholas Sparks books.


Gillian, Assistant Teacher Miss Gill is a member of our FLEX Staff here at Goddard. She is currently in her third year of college at Cabrini University, studying Early Childhood Education With Special Education. Miss Gill began working with us at the start of 2020.

Miss Gill believes that children learn best by having constant support and love both inside & outside of the classroom. She loves seeing the kids grow at every different age level.

In Miss Gill’s free time, she loves to spend time with friends and family, travel, and try yummy new foods!!


Irene, Assistant Teacher Miss Irene is a new addition to our Flex staff. She feels providing a loving and developmental foundation is important for her students. Creating an environment where children can grow and thrive is her biggest goal.

When she isn’t at Goddard, she spends her time with her son! She enjoys being surrounded by family and friends.


Michelle, Assistant Teacher Michelle (Mitchie) Thompson is a Flex Staff member at Goddard, helping out in various rooms. Michelle is a Penn State graduate with a Communications degree and a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She enjoys helping children learn through play and songs! She hopes to one day bring her experience to Latin America to teach English to kids.

In her spare time Michelle loves spending time with her niece, her dog, and her family.

Montanna, Assistant Teacher Miss Montanna is a part of our flex staff. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Early Elementary and Special Education at Kutztown University.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, babysitting, and coaching her soccer team.

Miss Montanna believes that every child who enters the classroom should feel safe and comfortable.


Olivia, Assistant Teacher Miss Olivia has been caring for kids for almost half her life in many different roles: a babysitter, nanny, aunt, and now an assistant teacher here at the Goddard School! She spends most of her time with our Charming Cheetah’s class, but because she is flex staff, she gets the opportunity to spend time in other classrooms as well.

Some of Miss Olivia’s passions include hanging out with friends, hiking, kayaking, building puzzles, and binge watching movies and tv shows!

Miss Olivia hopes to inspire our students to discover a passion for learning and to expand their education as they grow. These kids are our future and it is our duty to care for them so they can later care for us!


Rob, Assistant Teacher Mr Rob has been working at Goddard since 2015. Mr. Rob currently has an associates degree in Middle Years Education at Montgomery County Community and working towards transferring into an Early Elementary Education and Special Education certification program. Mr. Rob likes to inspire children to reach for their dreams and goals. Also , he believes children learn best in a fun and exciting environment.

When Mr. Rob is not at Goddard, he is working as a Taekwondo instructor. In his free time, he enjoys spending his free time fishing and being outside.


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