Winter of Wonder

Enjoy the enchanting winter season with some of these activities and recipes. You’ll create lasting memories with your loved ones and maybe even find a new favorite tradition!

Goddard Family Traditions Check out some of our Goddard families’ favorite fall and winter traditions!

Reem from Massachusetts celebrates Christmas traditions from his home country in Iraq. They make Kleicha (كليجة), cookies stuffed with either dates or walnuts; and Kibbi Yakhni (كبي يخني), meat and rice paste stuffed with minced meat and onion, cooked in beef broth with chickpeas.

Abby from Missouri takes her family to the historic Country Club Plaza to volunteer as bell ringers for the Salvation Army. Every year, they help set the backdrop for the season as they ring bells, sing songs and collect donations. The cheerful, chiming bells represent a community coming together to help those in need.

Kristen from Georgia celebrates Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa with her blended family. They practice the 7 Principles each day of Kwanzaa. On the third day, ujima, (collective work and responsibility) her family makes sack lunches for the homeless and pass them out at the parks in downtown Atlanta.

Activities and Recipes

Baking, crafting, reading — oh, my! Spend lots of quality time together with these fun winter activities.

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Let’s Get Reading

We’ve created a reading challenge that you can do with your little ones to encourage everyone at home to read more books! Keep this checklist to have on hand as you complete each fun item.

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Gift Guide for Your Little Ones

Check out some of these great gift ideas for your little ones ages 0 to 6 years!

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Goddard Schools Give Back Check out some of the ways Goddard Schools are giving back this year!

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