Make a Plan

One of the most important things to teach children is how to get out safely in case of a fire. Show your children at least two ways to exit every room — often, this means through a window and a door. Depending on your child’s age, ask them to plan an escape route and turn it into a map. Be sure to practice this plan and have a designated meeting spot outside of your home. Ask your child open-ended questions like: What’s important to remember if there’s a fire? Or how should we act if there’s a fire and we need to leave?

Be a Fire Safety Superhero

Print out this fire safety pledge that your children can sign as they become fire safety superheroes!


Playing games is a fun way for children to remember important safety rules. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Watch out for the bubbles

Blow bubbles a couple feet off the ground and have your children try to crawl under them without letting the bubbles touch them. This mimics carefully leaving a smoke-filled room — children’s faces should never be more than two feet away from the ground.

Stop, drop and roll

Show your children how to stop, drop and roll. Then have them practice. You could turn it into a fun competition — who can stop, drop and roll the fastest, who can roll the farthest?

Pretend there’s a fire in one room and help your children figure out how to safely escape. Place down pieces of paper where your children can (or can’t) step, tape string across the hallway that they must crawl under (and not touch) or set up a blanket tunnel (drape blankets over chairs) that they can crawl through. Switch to different rooms in the house and change up the obstacles to help them think creatively about their escape route.

DIY Fire Helmet

Make your own fire hat! You only need a few supplies for this fun, simple activity. Let your child decorate their hat however they like. It could be a superhero fire hat or a sparkly purple one — let them unleash their creativity!*

*All activities should be supervised by an adult.

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