Happy National Reading Month!

Encourage your child’s love of reading, no matter their age, with some of our tips, advice and family-friendly challenges.

Bringing Stories to Life

Life Lesson Library, a program found only at The Goddard School®, uses children’s books and the characters within them to help little ones make sense of their world. It teaches children, as young as infants, five social-emotional skills that are needed to help them manage emotions, achieve goals, show empathy, maintain supportive relationships and more.

Relationship skills

Helps children develop communication, cooperation and conflict-resolution skills that are crucial for any successful relationship. LLL Book: The Invisible Boy written by Trudy Ludwig & illustrated by Patrice Barton

Responsible decision making

Teaches children to think a few steps ahead instead of making impulsive decisions. They will think through a problem, determine consequences and realize how their decision may impact others. LLL Book: Teeth Are Not For Biting written by Elizabeth Verdick & illustrated by Marieka Heinlen


Encourages children to know and understand themselves, their emotions, how they feel in certain situations and why they feel that way. LLL Book: The Feelings Book written & illustrated by Todd Parr


Helps children know what to do when they feel a big emotion like anger or embarrassment. Should I take a deep breath or kick my friend because they took my toy? LLL Book: Little Monkey Calms Down written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Oriol Vidal

Social awareness

Teaches children empathy; how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. It helps them appreciate diversity and celebrate what makes us all different. LLL Book: Same, Same, But Different written & illustrated by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

DIY Bookmarks

Make reading even more fun by creating your own bookmarks!

Reading Hacks

Entice your little ones to read by using puppets or fun lights to make it more engaging. Another way to encourage reading is to make sure books are available throughout your home (at their eye level).

10 Tips for Raising a Book Lover

Raising little readers is easier than you think! We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that will help you instill a love of reading early on.

Learn more

Children’s Books as Emojis

Can you guess popular children’s books based on emojis? Download our list of 15 books and play together as a family.

Download the list

Goddard Schools Give Back

Help other children learn to love reading by improving access to books! Consider donating books to your local library, non-profit or little free libraries in your neighborhood. Take a look at some of the amazing book drives Goddard Schools held!

Reading at Every Stage

Learn the best ways to engage your child in reading at all ages and stages!

Download the tips

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