The love and commitment Goddard parents have for their children and their development inspires us to continually offer the best preparation possible.

What our parents say

Staff and Education

The Goddard School is not just a daycare, they are truly a school and they have different, meaningful content that they teach every week. My son is exposed to a variety of ideas and activities that he likely wouldn't be getting if he were at home or at most other programs for children his age. Also, during this Pandemic, I feel like they are doing everything they can to keep the children and their families safe.

- Benjamin and Baby's Mother (Toddler Classroom)


The best staff you could ask for. They are family to our boys. We trust them like I would family, they love our boys like there own children.

- Daxton and Ender's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Program and Staff

Absolutely amazing! Every single person involved at Goddard was above and beyond my expectations for what a preschool environment would be like. We were enrolled long enough to appreciate that before COVID and watching how they handled it after only reassured us. I only wish we would have known about them sooner! As my daughter started kindergarten it was truly amazing to see how she not only met, but acceded the expectations set before her.

- Eleanor's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)


My daughter loves this school and is thriving! We plan to keep her in through kindergarten!

- Christa's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Education and Program

Amazing school. I searched all over the Virginia Beach area for the best daycare for my daughter and Goddard surpassed all my expectations. It is very safe, secure and clean. The teachers are amazing and truly care about my daughter. Plus the curriculum is excellent - they just don't "babysit" her she gets great education as well even at her age (toddler). Would highly, very highly recommend this place to everyone!!

- Lily's Mother (Infant Classroom)


It's an amazing clean facility my daughter loves to go to school and everything she know so far is the effort of her wonderful teacher Miss Kayla and Miss Ashley. Am a thankful and appreciative for this school, for all what they do to provide the best quality of education and care for our children. Thank you

- Celine and Renee's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)


We have and will continue to recommend the Goddard school. We wish there were an opening, as we couldn't be happier with our son's development using the Goddard philosophies of learning and play. He uses words like exasperating, actually and indeed! He is always telling us how the universe works, that you must have water to have a rainbow, and so much more! The Goddard School is the best foundation we could find for our little one. This is one happy momma!

- Jack's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Staff and Education

The daily reports, the approach to teaching (with flexibility taking into account each kid's learning rhythm and style), the teachers were always caring and attentive, the staff was friendly, the facilities are clean/big/new, the playgrounds are great and the curriculum is great!

- Dylan and Elliot's Father (Preschool Classroom)

Comments via a Third-Party Survey


We really appreciate the individual care and education each member of the Goddard School team provides for our son. Anne has created an exceptional facility and staffed it with the best. Our son lights up each day he is going to school.

- Maxwell's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)


The staff is wonderful and they do a great job ensuring the safety of our children. We never worry when our son is at Goddard.

- Hunter's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)


Excellent teachers; safe, fun, and clean environment; outstanding curriculum; top notch administration and communication

- Everett, Reiter and Charlotte's Father (Toddler Classroom)


The staff is wonderful! It’s a very clean and positive environment. The curriculum is engaging and we have seen a dramatic change in our son! We LOVE The Goddard School and have recommended it to many of our friends. Keep up the high standards and amazing work!

- Greyson's Mother (Toddler Classroom)


The attention that Victoria gets. All activities stimulate her brain but in a playful way. I like her teachers a lot too.

- Victoria's Mother (Toddler Classroom)


My child is enjoying her learning experience at school and I feel confident that she will be prepared for kindergarten. I also feel a sense of safety when I drop her off. The teachers are warm and caring towards the kids and my child loves her teachers.

- Sophia's Mother (Preschool Classroom)


The staff are all personable and I feel they are looking out for my child’s best interests.

- Kaylee's Mother (Kindergarten Classroom)

Education and Staff

We love Goddard! We love the staff, curriculum and how it feels like home.

- Everett, Reiter and Charlotte's Mother (Kindergarten Classroom)


The best staff you could ask for. They are family to our boys. We trust them like I would family, they love our boys like there own children.

- Daxton and Ender's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

This year has been great!

- Cameron's Mother (Kindergarten Classroom)

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