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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Ms Alisa, Owner Alisa Khaitan, Onsite Owner.
Ms. Alisa earned a Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University where she double majored in Psychology and Economics. She earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Montclair State University. She is proud to be a part of The Goddard School and is committed to providing the highest quality preschool experience for the children in this neighborhood. Ms. Alisa is excited to operate a business that plays an important role in the community by offering an exceptional service for busy parents and is centered on her most important priority-family.

Ms Alisa

Mr Peter, Owner Mr. Pete worked for Bell Labs for the past 20 years. He is a computer wiz! He is one of the awesome owners of our Goddard School and loves being a part of the growth and development of our students and families. He is quite the handyman! Mr. Pete can be seen in the front office, on the playground, or even in the classrooms! He wears many hats at Goddard!

Mr Peter

Ms Jessica, Director Ms. Jessica is our beloved and caring Operational Director. She is currently attending Ocean County College to further her education in Early Childhood. She recently received her CDA this past January. She has a passion for working with and educating young children. Ms. Jessica knew that she wanted to be an educator ever since she was very young. She has worked in this field since she was 16 years old. She is proud to be a member of our Goddard family making a difference in the lives of our students. Ms. Jess has been a member in different capacities of the Toms River II Goddard family since 2014. Ms. Jess is CPR/ First Aid Certified.

Ms Jessica

Ms Kathleen, Lead Teacher Ms. Katie is the caring and loving lead teacher in our Playful Pixies/Infant classroom. She has her Associates in Social Science with a focus in child development and has been working in early childhood education for 18 years. She has been a part of the Toms River II Goddard family since 2006. Ms. Katie has a fabulous reputation in the Infant room and has earned the respect and adoration of all of our new parents. Her ability to care for, nurture, guide and teach our infants is unsurpassed. Ms. Katie is CPR/First Aid Certified.

Ms Kathleen

Ms Frankie, Lead Teacher Ms. Frankie is one of our caring and loving teachers in our Elves classroom. She has a passion for teaching and it shows as she interacts with her students. She loves to observe her students explore the world around them. She is proud to be a member of our Goddard family. Ms. Frankie is CPR and First Aid Certified.

Ms Frankie

Ms Jasmine, Lead Teacher Ms. Jasmine is the lead teacher in the Rainbows room. She speaks English and ASL. She is a mother of a beautiful little girl. Ms. Jasmine finds great joy to be able to be a part of children’s lives. To have an opportunity to help mold children into wonderful people is incredible. She has 7 siblings so she has been around kids for as long as she can recall. She began watching children when she was 14. In the last 5 years she became certified in Abuse and neglect, and she is also certified in First Aid and CPR. She has taught adults with mental and physical illness for 3 years. When someone you are teaching finally is able to put the pieces together it is so exciting to witness.

Ms Jasmine

Ms Rosa, Lead Teacher Ms. Rosa is our lead teacher in our Unicorns pre-K classroom. . She loves being a part of a child’s life by educating and guiding them into the person they wish to be. Ms. Rosa finds it very rewarding watching her students grow academically, as well as, socially. She is proud to be a member of our Goddard family. Ms. Rosa is First Aid and CPR certified.

Ms Rosa

Ms Susan, Lead Teacher Ms. Sue has always known her heart belongs in the childcare field and worked as a nursery teacher for thirty-two years. She attained an early childhood education and associate degree from King College and NYU. Ms. Sue relocated here in March of 2019 and joined the Goddard family as a way to continue her passion of working with children. Her eagerness to teach and learn earned her co-lead teaching position in our Unicorns classroom where she is adored by all her students. She is CPR certified and has a license in nursing.

Ms Susan

Ms Edna, Lead Teacher Ms. Edna is the enthusiastic and loving lead teacher in our Fabulous Frogs/Toddler classroom. She has a fabulous reputation in our toddler room and has earned the respect and adoration of all of our parents. Her ability to care for, nurture, guide and teach our toddlers is unsurpassed She has been a part of the Toms River II Goddard family since 2015. Ms. Edna is a CDA candidate, and is eager to share her love of learning with her students. Ms. Edna is CPR/First Aid Certified.

Ms Edna

Ms Maura, Lead Teacher Ms. Maura is the enthusiastic lead teacher in our Colorful Castle/Pre-K classroom. She has earned her Bachelor’s degree from East Stroudsburg. Ms. Maura many years of experience in Early Childhood Education and has been a part of the Toms River II Goddard family since 2013. Ms. Maura mild demeanor, love of children and attention to detail insure that the needs of these young learners are given top priority. Ms Maura is CPR/First Aid Certified.

Ms Maura

Ms Kaitlyn, Lead Teacher Ms. Katie is a bundle of energy and the enthusiastic lead teacher of our Wonderful Wizards/Jr. K classroom. She is always searching for new, different and fun ways in which to engage her students. You will always see her up and moving with her students to keep their bodies moving while learning and having fun at the same time! Ms. Katie has been a part of the Toms River II Goddard family since 2008. She has been in many different classrooms through her years being with us. She is well loved by her students and parents alike! Ms. Katie is a CDA candidate, and eager to share her love of learning with her students. Ms. Katie is CPR/First Aid Certified.

Ms Kaitlyn

Ms Mary , Assistant Teacher Ms. Mary is one of our caring and thoughtful teacher assistants. She has several master degrees in education and loves to share her knowledge about education. She has a true love for teaching and with her experience she is a great asset to our school. She has been a part of our Goddard family since 2015.

Ms Mary

Ms Sheelagh, Assistant Teacher Ms. Sheelagh’s gentle demeanor and attentive mindfulness are welcomed traits in our Pixies classroom. She joined the Goddard family in April of 2019 and enjoys facilitating her artsy projects with our youngest Goddard students. Sheelagh has 5 years of experience in child care, predominantly with infants. She received an Associate Degree from Ocean County College and intends to attain her Bachelor Degree in Education.

Ms Sheelagh

Ms Zina, Assistant Teacher Ms. Zina was born in Greece where she attended Strategatis College in Athens. She is married to a wonderful man for the past 49 years. They have two sons John and Jimi who both graduated George Washington University. John is an attorney in Manhattan and Jimi is a Senior Vice President for Human Resources. For 21 years, she worked for Alec Baldwin as the manager of his house and raised three of his children.
She loves reading and writing poetry. During her free time she is compiling her family’s history for her grandchildren. Her love of children has brought her to The Goddard School where she will continue to nurture and educate children.

Ms Zina

Ms Justine , Assistant Teacher Ms. Justine is one of the teachers in our Pixies classroom. She is a mother to a 3 year old little girl who is the reason behind her starting a career in Early Childhood Education. She is currently enrolled in an associate's program for early childhood education where she will be continuing on to her bachelor's. She loves children and is amazed at how much a child can grow and learn within a small amount of time especially during the 0 to 12 month time frame. She believes that each child learns differently and every child should be given every opportunity they need to become successful. Ms. Justine is very excited to be a part of the Goddard family and being there to help children learn and grow.

Ms Justine

Ms Allison, Assistant Teacher Ms. Allison is one of our caring and loving Fabulous Frogs teachers. Ms. Allison has been in the childcare field for 3 years. She loves going shopping, taking walks, and also loves being around children. Ms. Allison has be apart of our Goddard Family since February 2019. Ms. Allison always has a smile on her face and her toddlers just adore her. Ms. Allison is also CPR/First Aid Certified.

Ms Allison

Ms Claudia, Assistant Teacher Ms. Claudia is one of our caring and loving Fabulous Frogs teachers. Ms. Claudia was born in Bogota Columbia. She came to Jersey in 2018. She speaks spanish and has also been learning english while working with us. Ms. Claudia has two children the ages of 12 and 14. Ms. Claudia has been apart of The Goddard Family since April 2019. She has been a great fit to our family.

Ms Claudia

Ms Kristen, Assistant Teacher Ms. Kristen joined the Goddard family in February of 2019 and her compassionate ways are always present as an Assistant Teacher in our Rainbows classroom. With five siblings, she is able to be very flexible and is very encouraging with her song-like communications with our students. She recently graduated from Brandman University with a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and has experience as a home health aide, where she gained experience working with individuals who are disabled. Among the creative are project and innovative teaching techniques, our students are showered with enchanted singing transitions daily.

Ms Kristen

Ms Samantha, Assistant Teacher Ms. Sam went to ocean county college where she earned a certificate for Teachers Aid/Child Care. She has worked in the child care field for 3+ years and has been babysitting since she was 14. She loves to create new adventures, driving somewhere new and exploring as well as spending time with her two nieces.

Ms Samantha

Pamela, Assistant Teacher Ms. Pam joined the Goddard family May of 2019 and her love for children allows her to assist in many of our classrooms. She volunteered for 11 years as kindergarten aid and her warm and caring nature is prevalent through the student’s eyes. Ms. Pam’s love for reading and commitment towards her students, is one of the ways she feels rewarded as a teacher here at Goddard.


Ms Patricia, Assistant Teacher Ms. Pat joined the Goddard family in October of 2018 and assists many of our classrooms utilizing her unique assets and skills. She was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and considers herself a Jersey girl at heart. In Florida, she worked in a Charter School and gained 9 years of experience. Her love for her grandchildren and family activities makes her a valued member of our Goddard family.

Ms Patricia

Ms Tiana, Assistant Teacher Ms. Tiana is our assistant teacher in our Wizard classroom and joined the Goddard family in March of 2019. She is currently studying at Ocean Community College to pursue her teaching degree. Her love for Disney movies and children’s books is evident with the students through her animated enthusiasm daily.

Ms Tiana

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