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Assistant / Flex Teacher - Full Time

Posted: January 20, 2020

Assistant/ Flex Teacher Position
Monday to Friday; 9-6pm

Do you love children and want to help them explore, learn and grow? Do you enjoy getting messy with finger paint? Then look no further- The Goddard School is the place for you!

The Goddard School® is a renowned program with a Learning through Play based foundation and a leader in the franchised preschool industry which is growing and continues to set the standard for excellence. The focus of the program is to provide a life-long love of learning. Our staff is made of loving and dedicated teachers who understand each child's needs. They are highly qualified childhood educators who are able to use their creativity and the Goddard Developmental Guidelines as the basis for unique lesson plans that are brought to life in a fun and imaginative way.

The Goddard School® located in Hazlet, NJ is currently seeking experienced Teachers who are eager to work with toddlers or preschoolers.

Teacher Qualifications & Expectations:

• MUST HAVE RECENT EXPERIENCE IN A FORMAL CHILDCARE SETTING OR SCHOOL • Highly creative and nurturing• Strong willingness to learn, adopt, and adhere to Goddard Programs and Guidelines• Meet the needs of each child• Participate in staff and training meetings• Interact with toddlers to support play, exploration, and learning• Present expectations that are appropriate to the child's age and developmental level• Build cooperative teamwork• Must be self-disciplined and energetic.

If you are interested, please email your resume to Aimee at, you can also call 732-335-4400 to schedule an interview.


Lead Teacher Position - Full Time

Posted: January 20, 2020

The Goddard School offers competitive compensation and benefits based on experience, education and certifications and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Teachers are responsible for ensuring compliance with Goddard's industry-leading Quality Assurance standards. Most importantly, they create a positive learning environment in their classroom where children develop a lifelong love of learning!

This is a FULL TIME position starting as soon as possible.

Hours are Monday-Friday 8-5

Our Teachers work together in the following ways:

Developing lesson plans.
Meeting the individual's needs of the children
Parent communication
Participation in staff and training meetings
Designing an appropriate room arrangement to support the goals and developmental level of the children in the classroom
Interacting with the children to support play, exploration, and learning
Presenting expectations that are appropriate to the child’s age and developmental level
Planning and implementing activities that develop self-esteem and social skills
Communicating appropriately and professionally with parents and fellow staff
Building teamwork
Using assessment tools
Committing to continuing education

The Goddard School offers competitive compensation and benefits based on experience, education, and certifications.

Teacher Qualifications:

Prior childcare experience
Demonstrated knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices
Strong written and communication skills

We look forward to you becoming part of our Goddard Team!




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