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Goddard School Students Create Art to Raise Money for Seattle Children's Hospital

April  28, 2013 / / Four local Goddard Schools recently teamed up to raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. / Four local Goddard Schools recently teamed up to raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Art projects created by Goddard students at the Issaquah (owned by Catherine Callan), Snohomish (owned by Jim Rupple) and two (owned by Jeff and Shauna Barison) were auctioned off at events that took place on March 30 and 31. Local parents purchased art projects and raised $15,000 to donate to the hospital.

Prior to the auction, art projects were created by children from ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. The children created group art projects as a class, and many children created individual projects as well. As a special honor, the local art auction was attended by Goddard Systems, Inc. Craig Bach, Vice President of Education.

“We are thrilled with the more than $15,000 we received for the Seattle Children’s hospital,” said Redmond owner Jeff Barison. “Our teachers did an amazing job working with the students to create the art, but we owe a big thank you to our parents for their amazing support and financial contributions.”

Originally started by Rupple at his Snohomish school, the art design project and auction have been held for the past three years. Last year, the schools raised more than $10,000 for the hospital. They hope to raise even more money and auction more art projects next year.

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