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Local Teacher Named Teacher of the Year

May  06, 2013 / The Goddard School Recognizes Local Teacher Dan Berardi for Early Childhood Education Excellence

Exton, PA (Grassroots Newswire) -- Dan Berardi, a Junior K teacher at The Goddard School® located at 300 Carlisle Court in Exton, has been honored with Goddard Systems, Inc.’s (GSI) “Teacher of the Year Award,” which was announced during National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6th - 10th).

GSI, franchisor of The Goddard School, presented its seventh annual “Teacher of the Year Award” to five Goddard School early childhood educators from across the United States, in recognition of their exemplary work. Chosen from more than 8,000 Goddard School teachers, these teachers are credited with initiating projects that benefit their classroom, school and/or community on an ongoing basis.

Berardi created Talk it Out, a program to create the next generation of effective problem solvers. As is common in a preschool setting, young children become accustomed to “tattling” and seeking teacher intervention at the first sign of a disagreement with friends. Berardi introduced two simple, colored popsicle sticks that varied in color: “The Talking Stick” and “The Listening Stick.” The sticks were used to communicate when the children had a disagreement. After modeling and sharing the rules of the program, the children began to utilize the sticks to problem solve with their peers and the “tattling” slowly came to a halt. This program empowered the children to think independently, communicate and collaborate with their peers.

“Dan is an extremely creative and talented teacher,” said Melissa Capodanno and Wendy Cohen, on-site co-owners of The Goddard School located in Exton. “Dan transforms the classroom into a wonderfully stimulating environment to help engage the children in the learning process. He has made a significant impact on each of the children, I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

“The Talk it Out program benefits the children, making them effective communicators—really helping them solve their problems on their own,” says Berardi.

GSI received numerous nominations for the “Teacher of the Year Award” from Goddard School owners and directors as well as recommendations from parents, peers, and in some cases even children. In addition to the recognition, the teachers receive a cash prize and a gift package from GSI.

“Dan represents one of our best resources in early childhood education. GSI is proud of his accomplishments and looks forward to many successful years ahead,” says Sue Adair, Director of Education for GSI. “Each year, the caliber of the submitted nominations grows more robust and we are thrilled to honor these outstanding educators.”

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