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The love and commitment Goddard parents have for their children and their development inspires us to continually offer the best preparation possible.

What our parents say

Our Goddard School Experience

Our experience at The Goddard School has been nothing short of spectacular since we started sending our children there roughly 7 years ago. We found that upon first stepping foot in the school we knew that we could not send our child anywhere else. Thank you Goddard School staff for making such a difference in the lives of our children. I am excited about what the future holds for them and owe much of that to the great start they received at the Goddard School. Thank you, Dan & Julie

- Caroline, Keegan and Ryan's Father (Pre-K Classroom)

You're Simply The Best

I want to let you know how much it has meant to have my daughter Teagan at your school. Teagan has been attending The Goddard School for almost five (5) years and I am so glad she has had such a great overall preschool experience at Goddard. The Goddard staff has always been the greatest. You are a first class operation and I will continue to recommend anyone who I speak with to your school. Sincerely, Rodney & Teagan

- Teagan's Father (Pre-K Classroom)

Goddards Rich Environment

We thank you for bringing such a wealth of talented teachers to inspire our boys. These years are so important in forming their lasting impressions of what education, friendships and role models should be and we are thankful they are at The Goddard School® for this. We continue to recommend The Goddard School® to all those we interact with and are happy to share our experiences with potential families. Warm regards, Katie and Rob

- Josephine, Will and Lucas's Father (Preschool Classroom)

Nurturing Our Children

I can't tell you enough how happy we are that we made the decision to send Ethan to The Goddard School. He has grown into such a smart little guy and we owe much of that to the curriculum and your staff at The Goddard School. We are excited to send him to Kindergarten, but sad to see him leave such a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Goddard School is most certainly the best experience we have had in our eight (8) plus years of childcare. Thanks again, Eric, Sheri, Alison & Ethan

- Ethan's Mother (Goddard Graduate)

Prepared To Succeed In Kindergarten

Goddard Staff, We are so thankful to have found such a great place for our son Tyler to have spent the last four years growing, learning and being taken care of at such an exceptional level. We feel you have prepared him to succeed in Kindergarten. We will miss you. Thank you, Kris, Jeff & Tyler

- Tyler's Mother (Goddard Graduate)

Goddard School Curriculum

“We recently had our daughter complete her pre-K screening through our school district. The teachers conducting the test were very impressed with her language, math, writing, and comprehension skills. My wife and I give credit to the Goddard School curriculum for playing a large part in her successful development. We would recommend Goddard strongly for new parents!” Thanks for all that you do! Steve

- Brinley and James's Father (Pre-K Classroom)

Comments via a Third-Party Survey

A caring environment

Teachers genuinely care about the children and their well being. Great curriculum and activities to stimulate learning.

- Ingrid and Baby's Mother (Infant Classroom)

Love the program, teachers, and the leadership is off the charts amazing.

- Simon, Hazel and Miles's Father (Toddler Classroom)

Small close knit community with loving staff who are dedicated & committed!

- Asher's Mother (Preschool Classroom)

Goddard isn't just a school, it's a community. We feel fortunate to be part of this community!

- Maxwell and Olivia's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Personal connection

The teachers and staff are great at Goddard. We feel that they all have a personal connection with our child and strive to provide great service when we contact them.

- Harrison's Father (Toddler Classroom)

Family Friendly Environment

We love the personal nature of the school. Teachers and the owner know our names and greet us in a friendly manner when we come in. We also really like the curriculum and the breadth of topics covered, even for 1 1/2 year olds!

- Sebastian's Mother (Infant Classroom)

Excellent communication

Very welcoming staff! The curriculum is very detailed and the communication from the teachers/staff has been great! Ethan has been such a happy boy since he started at The Goddard School.

- Ethan's Mother (Infant Classroom)

My son has been at Goddard since he was 4 months old, and we've enjoyed every day of it. The staff is wonderful, the building is nice and the experience is awesome.

- William's Father (Pre-K Classroom)

The teachers in the infant rooms are fabulous! I also love the front desk staff. So friendly - know everyone by name. I feel like my children are truly loved! Thank you!

- Nolan, Reese and Baby 's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

Friendly and Safe

Everyone is very friendly. Security is fantastic. Class sizes are excellent. Curriculum is wonderful.

- Lilah's Father (Preschool Classroom)


Professionalism of all staff, that the center directors take care of business while the teacher directors are in charge of teachers. Classroom teachers seem to really care for the children and you can tell they love their jobs - it doesnt feel like a burden for them to be working there. Clean building, nice facility.

- Graham's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Children Love Their Teachers

Our children have truly enjoyed their teachers. It's a good, safe learning environment.

- Austin and Vivian's Mother (Toddler Classroom)


The teachers in each level have been helpful in important transitional and formative years for our daughter. She enjoys going to school and my wife and I are comfortable knowing she is well cared for during the day. Not only do they teach and meet the immediate needs of the child, but the affection they also show and demonstrate with all the children is comforting. It's no wonder our daughter is happy there - it's like having a family member being with her during the long workday.

- Penellope's Father (Toddler Classroom)

The close-knit environment. Good preparation for kindergarten and learning multiple languages. Love the teachers

- Madison and Brooklyn's Father (Pre-K Classroom)

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