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Special events and celebrations at the Goddard School® happen all year long! From recognizing teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week to honoring the philanthropic efforts of Goddard School owners, we always have something great happening.

Teacher Appreciation

The family-school connection is an important one for your children’s success in school and life. Part of making that connection is through supporting and appreciating your children’s teacher. In honor or Teacher Appreciation Week, we wanted to share a few ways you can show your support:

  • Ask if there’s anything your child’s teacher may need, either for your child or the classroom.
  • Prepare your child for school and make sure to help your child follow any classroom rules. 
  • Help the teacher get to know your child
  • Say “thank you.” Teachers deserve gratitude all year round!

If there’s a Goddard School teacher you would like to recognize, download and print out our Teacher Appreciation Week thank you card! You and your children can write, draw and color on the card. Make sure you include the teacher’s name and bring it into school to share.

Download a Teacher Thank You Card

Celebrating Goddard School Teachers

Goddard School teachers have special, often extraordinary, gifts they share with their students every day. Take this moment to celebrate your child's teachers and meet our 2022 Teacher of the Year winners!

Meet the Winners

Summer with Goddard

Our summer program is all about exciting outdoor adventures, child-led discovery and fun learning experiences. Your children will be encouraged to follow their natural curiosity as they develop new skills, build their confidence and celebrate accomplishments all summer long!

Learn More

Grow with Goddard

We’ve built a bridge between joyful learning at home and in-person classroom time at your Goddard School. Our home-to-school materials support your child’s individual gifts by offering them experiences that encourage creativity, critical thinking, play and empathy. Using these resources will also allow you to be an active part of your child’s time at Goddard. Enjoy! 

Come Grow with Us
  • Life Lesson Library

    We believe that true learning goes beyond academics and should prepare children with the social-emotional skills and intelligence they need to help them get along with others and become good humans. That’s why we’ve created Life Lesson Library, a proprietary program that uses the power of storytelling in literature to help develop behavior through narrative as it prompts children to engage with natural consequences because of action.

    Discover Life Lesson Library

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