Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Lauren, Owner Lauren has a B.A. in Elementary Education from IUPUI and a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Ball State University. She has over ten years’ experience in education working with children of all ages, including a position as Dean of Students for a middle and high school.

Lauren's teaching philosophy is that all children are able to learn in a play-based, hands-on surrounding that challenges them to think and grow every day. She believes that we have a responsibility to model for children what it means to be a good citizen in order to prepare them for their future. Her major goal as Education Director is to ensure that each child in our school receives a quality education in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment.
Lauren has not only been an employee for The Goddard School but a family as well. She has seen the benefits of having a child attend a Goddard School and is excited about the opportunity to become an Onsite Owner in partner with the Newkirk family also Owners of the West Carmel location.


Mrs Lynn, Owner Joe and Lynn are the parents of two young boys. Brody is 11 years old and Abel is 8 years old. Both have been guided by the professional teachers at Goddard Schools and benefitted from the Goddard Philosophy. They are confident The Goddard School located in Westfield will continue to instill a lifelong love of learning in your children while providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment. Raising two sons and their love for family brought Joe and Lynn to the Goddard School as parents and now as owners. Please visit the school in West Carmel to meet the teachers and learn more about the Goddard difference.

Mrs Lynn

Mrs Andrea, Director Andrea graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor's in General Studies, with minors in Family and Consumer Science and Theatre. Andrea is currently attending Walden University to obtain a Master’s in Early Childhood Studies-Administration, Management, and Leadership. Andrea has served as Acting Director, Mentor Teacher and Events Coordinator at The Goddard School in West Carmel during the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years. Andrea began teaching in Early Childhood Education in 2004 she has taught all age groups; from infant to Kindergarten. Andrea believes that making learning fun and engaging is key to getting children to develop a lifelong love of learning. Children learn best through hands-on experiences that allow them to explore on their own terms. As high expectations are set for our children they will not only meet them but exceed them far beyond our imagination. Andrea's goal is for each child to not be afraid of new concepts or ideas, these concepts should be seen as adventures that will allow them to understand the world around them. She wants her students to be excited to come to school and learn each day through play.

Mrs Andrea

Kaytlynn, Lead Teacher Ms. Kaytee graduated from IU with a degree in Human and Child Development and Family Studies. She has worked in the Early Childhood Education field for many years and loves the little ones.
Kaytee's teaching philosophy is that children learn through play and loves incorporating activities that allow the children to get "wet and messy." She believes that children learn best when they can observe and practice hands on.


Mallory, Lead Teacher Mallory graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education and she has over ten years experience working in the early childhood field.

Mallory's goal is to implement our Teaching Strategies curriculum, and to focus on classroom initiatives including lesson plans, children's scheduled checkpoints and online portfolios.


Victoria, Lead Teacher Ms. Victoria graduated from International Business College with a degree in Medical Assistance but discovered shortly after that she is meant to work with children. She is currently working to the completion of her CDA in Early Childhood Education.
Ms. Victoria's teaching philosophy is for learning to be fun and purposeful. She believes that her children should create memories through play and explore their curiosity while they learn and play in a safe environment. In this space she wants to create positive relationships between the children and herself to foster learning and growth.


Angie, Lead Teacher Ms. Angie received her education through the Department of Defense Army Childcare Training Program in 1997. She has her CDA specializing in Infants and Toddlers and has over 20 years of experience teaching young children.
Angie's teaching philosophy is that children learn best through hands on-play based learning guided by a knowledgeable educator. Her goal is for the children in her care to be nurtured in a safe and fun learning environment that meets the needs of all children so everyone will thrive.


Christi, Lead Teacher Ms. Christi graduated from Ball State with a degree in Family and Child. She has loved working with toddlers for the past 14 years and believes that they all learn differently but through play and movement they will all gain knowledge and understanding.
Christi’s goals are for her class to have fun and be themselves. She hopes to instill the love of being a helper and sharing kindness in all her students.


Norma, Lead Teacher Ms. Norma has worked in Early Childhood Education for the past 13 years. She has enjoyed spending time with the children that are in her class and getting to know them and their families. Norma's philosophy is that you need a positive attitude and be ready to learn new things. She also believe in teaching the children to respect each other.

Ms. Norma's classroom goals are to get to know all the children and their likes, to show them love and respect, and to see the progress that they achieve from the beginning of their time together to when they move on either to another classroom or when they graduate from Goddard.


Kayla, Lead Teacher Kayla has a degree from Ball State University in Elementary Education. While attending Ball State she volunteered at several preschools and participated in teaching practicums in Kindergarten thru 2nd grade.
Kayla believes that children learn best by developing positive attitudes/outlooks on the learning tasks, and having a hands on experience as well. She wants to create a safe and stimulating environment that focuses on her students and their needs.


Kourtney, Lead Teacher Ms. Kourtney graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelors Degree in Family and Consumer Science with a focus in Child Life and a minor in Psychology. She has spent the past 15 years working with children of all ages from infant to 18 year old's, but loves working with the younger end.
Kourtney's teaching philosophy is that no two children are the same, every child will receive love in her care, and that teaching means to make learning FUN and have patience. Her goal is to see every kid succeed in some way, whether it be gaining a friend or two, to learning and advancing in academics.


Carly, Lead Teacher Ms. Carly graduated from Ball State University with and Elementary and Special Education degree. She enjoyed her time working with young children with Autism and teaching in a 3rd grade setting.
Carly’s philosophy is that all students learn differently, but as a teacher she will provide activities and lessons to help all students grow. They will learn through play and discover many new topics. Carly’s goals are to make learning fun, teach children that it’s ok to ask for help, provide a fun and safe learning environment, and to become a team!

Cristina, Assistant Teacher Ms. Cristina graduated from Kendall College then began teaching as an IA in Vernon Hills Illinois. She taught Spanish and worked with Kindergarten aged children. Cristina has over 11 years experience cooking and managing a kitchen.
Cristina believes that kids want to do the right thing. She believes that her job as a teacher is to help them communicate their needs and grow their love of learning. We are simply guides on that journey.


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