Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Katy, Owner Ms. Katy is the on-site owner and operator of the brand new Goddard School of Noblesville. She saw her daughter thrive at the Goddard School in Carmel (City Center) and wanted other children and families to have that same experience. After spending 10 years at the non-profit organization, Outside the Box, Katy saw there was a need for a high-quality early childhood education program that provides a play-based learning experience in a nurturing environment in Noblesville. She decided to partner with the on-site owner of the Carmel (City Center) School, Megan Greek, and expand the brand name in the Indianapolis area. Katy’s daughter, Winnie, will be among the students who attend the Goddard School of Noblesville.

Katy wants each child to fall in love with learning and to know how deeply they are cared for by the faculty and staff who have the privilege of being a part of their lives during their time at our school. It is her goal that children will graduate from The Goddard School with a passion for making a positive impact on the world and with the confidence to know how to do so.


Ms Becca, Director Ms. Becca joined The Goddard School of Noblesville team as the Director of Education in January 2020! Ms. Becca comes to the Goddard School with a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in public health with a concentration in human development and family studies. She has many years of experience working with newborns through school aged children. After spending several years teaching in a private preschool setting, her passion for serving families and children only grew as she went on to serve as a director for 3 years.

It is Ms. Becca's mission to provide children with the highest quality of care and to ensure they have all of the tools necessary to succeed in school and life.

Ms. Becca is recently married and lives in McCordsville with her husband and golden retriever, Lucy. In her spare time she enjoys photography, competing in CrossFit competitions and spending time with her friends and family, which includes 8 nieces and nephews!

Ms Becca

Ms Allison, Lead Teacher Ms. Allison is one of our founding teachers, joining us in June of 2020! She comes to our school with over 22 years of experience in early childhood, both in private nannying and early learning centers. She has both a bachelors degree from Ball State as well as an Associates Degree from Ivy Tech. She is the mom to three grown boys who still keep her on her toes and a fur mama to two cats and a pup who thinks she’s a cat on some days and a human on others.

Ms. Allison believes that all children have the potential to learn big things and that the best opportunities to learn happen through play, experiments, mistakes and enlightened discovery. She sees her role in the classroom as facilitating safe learning environments that optimize the best possible outcomes that will leave a lasting imprint on brain development.

Her Hero
Ms. Allison has always looked up to Princess Diana who embodied the values of kindness and acceptance for all, using her position to help others and not for personal gain. She believes that her super power was grace and that she had a unique ability to rise above any situation and also loved that she was a great boy mom. Her favorite quote comes from Princess Diana. “Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you”

Ms Allison

Ms Jena, Lead Teacher Ms. Jena joined our team in November of 2020 after spending the last several years working as a program facilitator at Outside the Box, an Indianapolis non-profit serving adults with disabilities. There, she facilitated programs focused on skill acquisition and development aimed at assisting program participants in identifying their goals and living their best lives. She has extensive experience in caring for young children and is looking forward to applying those skills to her new position as a teacher at The Goddard School.

Ms. Jena believes in a 'hands-on' learning approach and loves to actively participate in the activities she plans with her kiddos. She believes children learn best when they are having fun and playing!

Ms Jena

Ms Hakima, Lead Teacher Ms. Hakima is one of our founding teachers, joining us in June of 2020! She comes to us having worked previously with our Director of Education, Ms. Becca, and is so excited to be working with her again at our new school. Ms. Hakima sees the potential in all children and loves to help them in areas where they struggle and be a source of hope in their lives.

Ms. Hakima loves welcoming children into her classroom with a big smile to make them feel comfortable. She loves building strong relationships with families in order to build trust. She values kindness and always ensures that children in her care have their needs met and are learning every day. She treats every child like her own.

Her Hero: Ms. Hakima's heroes are her mom and dad, who have supported and loved her from day one. They have helped her further her education and taught her how to treat all people with respect. She appreciates so much that they are always by her side, no matter what!

Ms Hakima

Ms Janessa, Lead Teacher Ms. Janessa is one of our founding teachers, joining us in June of 2020! She comes to our school as a Goddard veteran, having spent the last several years at The Goddard School in Arnold, MO in their toddler classroom. She has her Certificate in Early Childhood Education and recently moved to Muncie, IN from Missouri.

Ms. Janessa has always known that she wanted to be a teacher. When she entered college she truly found her passion for working with children through observing in classrooms and having some amazing hands-on experiences. She grew up loving babysitting and nannying and now loves working in early childhood centers.

Her Hero: Ms. Janessa has always been inspired by her dad, who instilled in her a strong work ethic and a sense of selflessness. She admires that he always puts everyone else’s needs before his own and shows a tremendous amount of love, care and respect for all the people in his life.

Ms Janessa

Ms Madison, Lead Teacher Ms. Madison joined our team in September of 2020 and we are so lucky she is part of our Goddard School of Noblesville family. She has worked in center based care for the past several years and knew the moment she saw The Goddard School of Noblesville being built that she wanted to work here. She loves watching little ones learn and grow through play.

Ms. Madison grew up in the Fishers/Noblesville area and graduated with her Associates in Early Childhood Education in 2018. She loves her role as a teacher where she has the opportunity to create a safe, positive environment for children to learn and grow. She knows her own goals have been reached when children leave her classroom knowing they are loved and accepted for who they are.

Her Hero: Ms. Madison is inspired by Mother Theresa. She is particularly moved by the quote "Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless."

Ms Madison

Ms Joslyn, Lead Teacher Ms. Joslyn joined us in February 2021 with almost three years of experience working with toddlers at our sister school in Carmel and we are so excited she's now part of our team! Ms. Joslyn is a highly motivated mother of two and is currently working on continuing her education in psychology. She has over 10 years of experience working with children and thinks they should be allowed to learn and play at their own pace. She believes the focus of an educator should be on developing the whole child!

Ms Joslyn

Brenda, Lead Teacher Ms. Brenda joined our Goddard family in March of 2021 and we are looking forward to her leading our Kind classroom! She has her bachelor's degree in education and has been an early childhood educator since 2013. Ms. Brenda strives to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that cultivates a classroom community that is both diverse and inclusive. She believes that every child is a contributor to the overall culture and enrichment of the classroom and looks forward to getting to know each child's personality and what they will bring to the class.

Ms. Brenda lives with her husband, young son and two fur babies (one cat and one dog) in Noblesville and they enjoy Friday family movie night and playing different games together! She says life is an adventure and she's excited to see what the future holds. We are so happy she's with us!


Desiree, Lead Teacher Ms. Desiree joined our team in October of 2020 and came to us from our sister school in Carmel, after working with 3's and 4's for two years. She has been leading our Kind classroom since October of 2020 and will be transitioning to our Bold classroom to assist with the kindergarteners for the spring, which we are so excited about! Ms. Desiree enjoys helping her students to become independent while showing others kind and respect. We are so glad she is part of our Goddard team!


Ms Samantha, Lead Teacher Ms. Sam is one of our founding teachers, joining us in June of 2020! She comes to us from The Goddard School of Carmel – City Center, where she served as the Director of Education for nearly ten years. Ms. Sam received her bachelors degree in 2009 from Indiana University and she is a big fan of the Hoosiers! She has two wonderful children, Harry and Emmy.

Ms. Sam loves watching children learn and grow. She believes children learn best from hands-on activities that they are interested in and she loves following the lead of the children in her classroom as they explore their passions.

Her Hero: Ms. Sam has always been inspired by her mom. She appreciates that her mom works hard and always puts her family first and always does what is right, not what is easy.

Ms Samantha

Ms Allison, Lead Teacher Ms. Allie joined our team in February 2021 and comes to us with 10 years of experience supporting adults with disabilities in classroom settings at an organization called Outside the Box. She holds her bachelor's degree in general studies with a minor in psychology and a small area emphasis in English. She decided she would love teacher when she was a kid and began babysitting at the age of 12. She continued her passion for caring for others and facilitating learning by supporting kids and teens with Autism and other disabilities in the classroom at Damar Services. She believes teaching should be fun and elicit a joy of learning; recognizing small victories and building self-worth in children so that they can harness their own greatness is key!

Ms Allison

Ms Karen, Lead Teacher Ms. Karen is one of our founding teachers, joining us in June of 2020! She comes to our school with over ten years of experience working with children in Montessori schools and has also worked as a pre-K teacher to ESL students.

Ms. Karen is passionate about helping children to reach their full potential. She hopes to create a positive, supportive classroom so school is a safe and joyful place for everyone to learn. She is currently working on her Child Development Associates.

Her Hero: Ms. Karen is inspired by Maria Montessori. She appreciates her dedication to helping children to become independent and her work inspires Ms. Karen to be the best she can be. Like Ms. Montessori, Karen believes that “Early Childhood Education is the key to the betterment of society.”

Ms Karen

Ms Kayla, Assistant Teacher Ms. Kayla is one of our founding teachers, joining us in June of 2020! She comes to us after graduating Fishers High School in 2015. She is currently taking classes working toward her degree in Early Childhood Development. She has worked previously with children at the YMCA child care center and she enjoys making connections and forming relationships with the children she serves.

Ms. Kayla has loved children for as long as she can remember. She truly believes that children are the wonders of the world and deserve to be loved. She believes every child has the capacity to be taught and to love learning.

Her Hero: Ms. Kayla has always been inspired by her mom, who has gone above and beyond filling that role for her whole life. Her mom has been the strongest person and role model in her life.

Ms Kayla

Ms Mariam, Assistant Teacher Ms. Mariam joined our team in August of 2020 and comes to us from our sister school in Carmel, where she worked in the infant and first steps classrooms for over two years. She lives in Noblesville and is so excited to be continuing her work in the Goddard family while being closer to home. Ms. Mariam has her degree in nursing, where she specialized in taking care of newborns and children. She worked for a pre-school in her home country of Alexandria, Egypt. She has two children of her own! Ms. Mariam's philosophy in learning and teaching is that thinking and talking leads to understanding and releasing positive energy and she brings that same loving, joyful energy to the children she supports in the classroom.

Ms Mariam

Ms Rebeca , Resource Ms. Rebeca joined our team in September 2020 as a floating teacher after several years living and working in Venezuela as both a lawyer and a teacher. She has experience with working with children in preschool, kindergarten and elementary aged students. She currently works in the Noblesville school system as a classroom aide.

Ms. Rebeca loves children and believes that a solid education is the most important thing a child can have. She also greatly appreciates her role in the classroom of helping children define their values and morals and work on implementing those principles in their daily lives.

Ms. Rebeca's heroes are her son and her husband, who are the fundamental pillars of her life and serve as motivation for her love for the children she gets to support in her job.

Ms Rebeca

Ms Shelby, Resource Ms. Shelby joined our team in February 2021 and is our wonderful head chef! She has held many exciting jobs, from working as a seamstress making firemen suits to taking care of the elderly and recently doing nails. She enjoys new experiences and meeting new people, always trying to learn new things and keeping busy. She has quickly become our school's favorite "Ms. Shelby" and we are lucky to have her as part of our Goddard family!

Ms Shelby

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