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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Shibani, Owner Shibani Gupta is the proud owner of The Goddard School of Katy. She holds a Master's degree in Computer science with 22+ years experience in the technology. She is our onsite owner who loves children and is passionate about early childhood education.


Ms Naureen, Director Mrs. Naureen has been in the educational industry for more than 25 years. Her fortes include mentoring and training teachers as well as executing and monitoring curriculum implementation. At the end of the day, one of Mrs. Naureen’s top priorities are the students of The Goddard School of Katy. She describes herself as a grandmother to all of the children in her care, spoiling them as any grandmother would. She understands the importance of allowing children to grow and develop academically and socially to help them achieve the best quality of life for their crucial upcoming development years.

As a result of this, Mrs. Naureen believes there is no greater joy than to watch the growth and development of a child and to help support and assist them in accomplishing developmental milestones. Her goal is to set the foundation for students to become successful, confident, and enthusiastic learners who always strive to deliver their best in their school, career, and life!

Ms Naureen

Ms Donna, Assistant Director Mrs. Donna is a proud Lumber Jack from Stephen F. Austin State University. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a 1st - 8th grade certification. She taught Fourth Grade in Katy ISD for seventeen years, and after deciding to take a break from public education, she became a preschool teacher.

She feels that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is her desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. She provides a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks.

After teaching and working with 4-5 years old children for over 10 years, she decided to further her growth by joining the office team and becoming the curriculum coordinator. She looks forward to working with all the new and existing teachers to help them implement and execute effective lessons.

Ms Donna

Mrs Sasha, Assistant Director Mrs. Sasha is a proud holder of a CDA and has recently earned her Director’s Credentials. She is looking to further pursue a career as a Certified School Teacher simply because teaching is what she loves to do. Her entire life she has been surrounded by children and she has naturally developed a deep, genuine love for working with them, helping mold them into healthy, successful learners. They have always been the center point of every employment role she has pursued, from Nanny to Private Tutor to Lead Teacher.

She believes that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is Ms. Sasha’s desire as an educator is to help children and students meet their fullest potential while providing a safe environment.

Mrs Sasha

Francia, Lead Teacher Mrs. Francia was born and raised in Colombia. She moved to the US after she got married to her husband. She has been teaching Preschool for over 3 years. She has three children Isaac, Jacob, and Emmanuel. As a family, they love to hang out together and travel. Mrs. Francia loves to watch her students grow throughout the year. She is very passionate about giving each child the opportunity to express themselves. She believes education should be fun to keep the children engaged in learning. “I love what I do! I still keep in touch with my students from when I was first teaching!”


Ashley, Lead Teacher Ms. Ash lives in the Richmond Texas area and she has been in the field of Early childcare for 10 years working with kids from 2 months to 3 years of age and plans on continuing her career in education. Her favorite part of being in the education field is to watch the children grow into their wonderful and unique selves, showing improvement in learning new things every single day!

Working with kids gives her immense pleasure, as every day she gets to learn something new and also get to teach them values and understanding to their peers. She believes it is great to work with young children and teach their curious minds. She says that she is happy to work at The Goddard School and is having a remarkable experience.

In her free time, she loves cycling, boating and riding on to her husband's Harley and raising her three kids - Avery, Aries and Eli


Ms Giselle, Lead Teacher Ms. Giselle is originally from New York but was raised in Columbia. She then moved to Houston to finish her higher education. She has been working in early childcare for over 8 years. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Science Degree from the University of Houston.

She feels all children should be greeted with a smile, because how you start their day sets the tone of their day. Ms. Giselle has had a passion for teaching since she was a little girl. The most important part of teaching for her is to be nurturing and to provide one on one attention. She believes that a good early education is a foundation for the wonderful, successful future of a child.

Ms Giselle

Laura, Lead Teacher Ms. Laura was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She lived in cypress for 9 years and moved to Katy 4 years ago. Laura is married and has two children, 3 and 6 respectively. She also has a dog and a cat that keep her busy and make her life even more fun and interesting.

Ms. Laura has a CDA in Preschool Education and has over nine years of experience working with young children. She loves being able to be part of a child’s learning and growing experience, as well as seeing kids have fun and enjoy the awesome environment they are in.


Marleen, Lead Teacher Ms. Marleen was born and raised in California. She moved to Katy when she was 15 years old. She graduated from Cinco Ranch High School and attended Houston Community College. She plans on earning her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.

She is passionate about teaching young children, helping develop their creative minds, and being a part of their everyday learning experience. Working with kids gives her immense pleasure, as every day she gets to learn something new and gets to teach them values and understanding their peers. She believes it is great to work with young children and teach their curious minds. She says that she is happy to work for the Goddard School and is having a remarkable experience.


Fenisha , Lead Teacher Ms. Fenisha was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has lived in Richmond Texas for the past 12 years. She received her high school diploma from Travis High School in Katy and just graduated from the University of Houston Downtown in December 2018 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Childhood through 6th grade.

She considers herself a forever student eager to build on my academic foundations in education. Her biggest goal is to push each and every child to their full potential, and build quality relationships with them and watch them grow. She is a strong believer that our children are our future, and each child is special and unique in their own way and will have something positive to bring into this world.


Mrs Shama , Lead Teacher Ms. Shama has worked with children for over 3 years. She loves working with children and does not see herself doing anything else.

She has a real love and passion for teaching and runs her classroom with love, patience, and commitment to the children. Ms. Shama believes that early childhood learning is the building block of knowledge that children need to instill a lifelong love of learning. She believes that learning goes hand in hand with the teacher and parent involvement. Ms. Shama strives to provide a safe environment where children can actively explore and discover new materials.

As a teacher, She wants to set all her goals to help accomplish the needs of every single child.

Mrs Shama

Ms Krystina, Lead Teacher Ms.Krystina has six years of experience working with young children. was raised in Katy, Texas. In her spare time, she goes to training for children's development to help her understand children better.

Ms.Krystina thinks all children deserve to be listened to, she tries to open a special bond with them like that she can understand them better. She knows every child is unique and different in their own way and that they also learn differently and what might work for one might not work for all of them. The favorite part of her being a teacher is to see children going through that AHA! moments every single day in her classroom.

When Ms.Krystina is not at work she loves spending time with her dog or playing pool with her family and friends.

Ms Krystina

Miss Shelby , Assistant Teacher Ms. Shelby was born in Riviere Cyrique, Dominica and graduated from Cypress Lakes High School in Katy, TX. Currently, she is attending the University of Houston to pursue a degree in Mathematics.

She has been in early childhood education for four years. Teaching has always been her passion and she loves working with children, as they are always eager to learn and explore. She understands the needs of young children and wants to be able to help each child she cares for become happy and successful.

She dares to make learning fun and wants to engage children in being excited to learn about new things while creating memories for them to look back on. She strives to create activities that are personal and hands-on to allow children to make as many connections as possible. Finally, she believes each student learns differently, and her job as an educator is to meet the needs of all the learners in her classroom.

Miss Shelby

Ashley , Assistant Teacher Ms. Ashley was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated from Tompkins high school in Katy Texas. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Nursing at Praire View A&M University. Nursing is a profession that Ms. Ashley has always wanted to pursue. From shadowing nurses and volunteering in a hospital as a pediatric nurse aid to being a childcare professional for two years has taught her great skills to manage and understand the needs of little ones.

She takes working with kids as an exciting opportunity for gaining knowledge and experience on her journey to completing her career goals in education. Being able to have the ability to help children achieve their best is the most awesome and rewarding feeling for her. Watching students participate actively in her classroom is extremely rewarding for her.


Mrs Reyna, Assistant Teacher Mrs. Reyna has been working with children for more than 20 years. She really enjoys working with toddlers because they are fun. Throughout the year, Reyna has enjoyed learning and growing with the Goddard School.

She believes children should be able to learn and grow in their own special way. Her goal is to help enrich the lives of each child and help them accomplish their full potential.

Mrs Reyna

Ms Aixa, Assistant Teacher Ms. Aixa has been working with young children for the last five years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Caracas, Venezuela.

She feels that a child learns best when they are allowed to think creatively and given opportunities to learn through experimenting. She loves seeing kids grow into life-long learners. Her favorite thing about teaching is watching the children learn new things and continuing to grow each day. Her philosophy is to make sure all children are cared for, while still learning at their own pace.

Ms Aixa

Tiasha, Assistant Teacher Ms. Tiasha was born in Salina, Kansas and moved to Katy, Texas when she was 15 years old. She graduated from Lonestar Cyfair with an Associate Degree in Applied Science. She plans to continue her education by pursuing a Bachelor in Science of Nursing to accomplish her dream to become a Pediatric nurse.

Ms. Tiasha has 6 years of experience working with children. She believes that every child is extraordinarily special and it is crucial to help them discover how valued and important they are. She believes that preschool education is vital to a child's development and hopes to foster lifelong success and happiness through the love of learning.


Ms Swetha, Assistant Teacher Ms. Swetha has worked with young children aged 1-4 years old for over 12 years. She worked in a variety of settings including her church, VBS, Awanas, and in private school settings.

She takes working with kids as an exciting opportunity for gaining knowledge and experience on her journey to completing her career goals in education. Being able to have the ability to help children achieve their best is the most awesome and rewarding feeling for her.

Ms Swetha

Bryan, Resource Mr. Bryan was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He graduated with a degree in Communications in 2016 and has been working with and inspiring kids for four years. He plans on continuing his career as a school teacher and looks forward to creating great memories to cherish with the children and staff that will last a lifetime. He has learnt that there is never a dull moment when working with children and he loves to see them learn as they grow.

Mr. Bryan really enjoys seeing the light in the eyes of children when they begin to enjoy learning. He feels that a great teacher never stops learning. He, also, believes that you should teach the children through love with focus on safety, respect, education, health and self-help skills.


Camille, Resource Ms. Camille has 3 years of professional childcare experience. She is currently enrolled in Lonestar Cyfair working towards her degree in Dental Hygiene. She moved here at 11 years old from her hometown in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She loves adventuring around and discovering new and exciting destinations. It is her passion and goal to teach and meet the needs of all children under her care. She aims to promote a fun-filled learning environment where the kids can feel safe and secure.

Ms. Camille has always had a love for learning and teaching. Her favorite things about teaching are being able to connect with the children and becoming a part of their growth and success. Ms. Camille’s teaching philosophy is to not only teaching kids to perform basic skills like reading and writing but to also teach them how to become successful in everything, including how to think for themselves.


Sandra, Resource Mrs. Sandra has lived in Katy for 25 years now. She is originally from Nicaragua. She has also obtained her Food Manager and Food Handler Certification. Her hobbies include her love for cooking, reading, and organizing. One of her favorite things to do is to spend time with her family and go on fun trips with them.

Mrs. Sandra prides herself on making the most nutritious meals for children that will put a smile on their faces as well as their tummies. She has previously worked as a nanny for a doctor's house for their four kids. She has also worked for three years in an old age facility serving food to the residents and at Katy ISD in their cafeteria serving food to the little ones.


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