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Goddard Gardeners Sell Harvest at Farmers’ Market for Sustainability Foundation

Rick and Robbin Wells, co-owners of The Goddard School located in McKinney, Texas believe that “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” That’s why they created the Seed Project Foundation in 2015, which funds educational, agricultural and community initiatives that support sustainability.

At School, Rick leads Goddard Gardens, a gardening program where children learn how to eat healthy foods and care for the planet and their local community. Recently, the team of little gardeners grew, harvested and sold herbs and vegetables at a special farmers’ market during afternoon pick-up to support the Foundation on North Texas Giving Day. Co-owner Tanny Rahman said that the children made lavender lemonade, basil butter and pepper pickles for the Goddard Garden Market. They even provided recipes for the items sold!

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