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Lead Preschool Teacher - Full Time

Posted: November 25, 2020

The Goddard Schools, a nationwide leader in the preschool experience by offering a renowned program with Piaget (Learning through Play) to their students is searching for Talented Teachers that are looking to be challenged and grow in their teaching career. Our teachers work in a student-centered nurturing environment with the support and collaboration of management, staff and families.

As a Goddard teacher, you will develop lessons plans that will impact the lives of your students and provided a preschool experience that will cultivate young minds to be School Ready, Career Ready and Life Ready. Our Flex curriculum allows the professional-minded teacher to focus on the growth and development of the whole child by implementing lessons plans in appropriate environments and assessing the results.

At The Goddard School in the Highlands, we care deeply about our teachers and want the best for them. We want our staff to have a loving, fun, and supportive environment, a place they truly love to come to work. We have high expectations for the school and our teachers. We promote career growth and long-term commit to our students and to each other. We are looking for patient and passionate teachers with a strong ambition to be the best teacher possible. We are building a school that fosters educators and all their passions and those that are looking for a fun and family-like environment.

We are currently hiring for a Lead Qualified Preschool Teacher to work with our three year old students.




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