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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Ms Robbin, Owner Robbin Wells is the onsite owner of The Goddard School of McKinney. She and her husband Rick, who is co-owner, relocated from Dallas to Lucas in 2003 where they live on an organic farm, raising their two children who attend Lovejoy High School and the University of Oklahoma.

Born in Denison where her family still lives, Robbin received her B.F.A. from Southern Methodist University and her Masters in Journalism from the University of North Texas. Robbin spent 25 years in customer service, sales, and marketing. She is a Trustee on the Lovejoy ISD School Board and former board member of Friends of WRR (101.1 FM). Rick hails from Antlers, Oklahoma, and received his B.B.A. from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He is past president of The Samaritan Inn board of directors and McKinney Magazine. The son of a coach and small-business owner, Rick has been in the restaurant industry his entire life. Today he runs his McKinney-based Wells Hospitality Group, co-owner of Rick’s Chophouse, Harvest Seasonal Kitchen, and Sterling Events and Catering.

Robbin and Rick launched The Seed Project Foundation in 2015 to help fund small ideas with big goals to promote sustainability in our community -- projects that improve the current quality of life without compromising future generations.

The Wells are both heavily involved in community outreach and philanthropy, passionate about hospitality and education, and proud to be a part of The Goddard School family.

Ms Robbin

Ms Tanny, Director Ms. Tanny Rahman is the Director of The Goddard School located in McKinney, Texas, and has been a member of our team since 2012.

Ms. Rahman received her Associate's Degree in early childhood education before earning her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (with a minor in education) in 2003 in New York. She moved to McKinney with her family in 2012 and has taught in several age groups at our school.

Ms. Rahman's goal moving to administration is to ensure that all of the school's teaching staff are properly supported in their efforts to meet or exceed Goddard's stringent standards. She oversees all of the communications, education, and marketing plans and works with the school owner to improve operations and achieve the highest standards for our accredited program.

With a passion for early childhood education, Ms. Rahman carries on our "Mary Beth" tradition of sprinkling fairy dust throughout our school on a daily basis. She is committed to elevating educational expectations and delivering a nurturing experience to all of our families.

Ms Tanny

Ms Angela, Assistant Director Ms. Angela is an Assistant Director at our school.

Ms. Angela joined our company in 2018 and is training to be the Director of our new Goddard School opening in May/June at the corner of Ridge Road and University (380) next to McClure Elementary School. A Colorado native and avid outdoors-woman, Ms. Angela moved to Texas with her husband in 2017. She holds two associate degrees and earned her BA in political science from the University of Colorado at Denver. She spent 17 years in the Douglas County public school system managing and developing its child-care programs at a variety of campuses. Ms. Angela has led her teams through several national accreditation programs and is passionate about continuing education and training. In her spare time, Ms. Angela enjoys travel with her family, cooking, and archery. Her background in education and hobbies -- including party and wedding planning and family time -- will translate well into creating a nurturing, event-filled new Goddard School for our company!

Ms Angela

Ms Becky, Lead Teacher Ms. Becky is our First Steps Lead Teacher and manages the infant team program.

Ms. Becky holds an associate's degree in early childhood education and has more than 10 years in-class experience. She has worked with infants and toddlers and assists in the office as needed. She lives in McKinney with her husband and two young children and has been with the McKinney Goddard team since March 2010. Our families love Ms. Becky and know she's one of the best infant teachers in McKinney!!!

Ms Becky

Ms Karen, Lead Teacher Ms. Karen is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Toddler 2 classroom.

Ms. Karen has an associate's degree in early childhood development and has been teaching and nurturing toddlers and preschoolers since 1998. She spent 14 years with the Davis County school district in Utah before moving to Texas and joining our Goddard School in 2015. Ms. Karen is a kind, patient mother who has raised 10 children and understands the challenges of work balance and family life. She is passionate about young children and we are blessed to have her on our teaching team.

Ms Karen

Ms Hannah, Lead Teacher Ms. Hannah is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Get Set Classroom.

Ms. Hannah joined our company in 2018 after relocating from West Virginia where she received her Bachelor of Social Work from West Virginia University. Starting as a floating resource teacher, Ms. Hannah quickly fell in love with our oldest toddlers and became passionate about helping them master the self-help skills required for Preschool. Ms. Hannah is soft-spoken with a patient, gentle heart and creates a calm presence with our most active, awesome and delightful young students. We love you Ms. Hannah!

Ms Hannah

Ms Morgan, Lead Teacher Ms. Morgan is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Get Set classroom.

Ms. Morgan is our co-lead teacher in the Get Set classroom, helping our most active toddlers make the transition from potty training to preschool. Ms. Morgan is a graduate of McKinney High School where she completed a program called “Ready, Set, Teach” and joined our school in 2015. She earned her Child Development Associate Certificate in 2017 and has more than four years experience working with young children. Ms. Morgan’s bubbly, loving, and energetic personality is a true asset to the children in her care.

Ms Morgan

Ms Lyndee, Lead Teacher Ms. Lyndee is a Co-lead Teacher in our Preschool 1 classroom.

Ms. Lyndee joined our school in 2018, fresh from the California coast! She has her CDA in infant and toddler development and has worked in early childhood since 2012 with ages infant to preschool. Ms. Lyndee is energetic, resourceful and ray of California sunshine at our school. We're lucky to have her on our team!

Ms Lyndee

Ms Sarah, Lead Teacher Ms. Sarah is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Preschool 1 classroom.

Ms. Sarah has more than seven years of experience working with Toddlers and received her Child Development Associate Certificate while working in College Station attending college. Ms. Sarah joined our school in 2016 and is one of our many creative, fun teachers who gives her children a feeling of safety and security each day.

Ms Sarah

Ms Christine , Lead Teacher Ms. Christy is a Co-Lead teacher in Preschool 2.

Ms. Christy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Kendall College in Chicago, IL and is our co-lead teacher in Preschool 2. She has more than 10 years of experience working in the field of early childhood development and various pre-kindergarten programs. Ms. Christy shows her enthusiasm for teaching as she works with small groups to improve their skills. She is a valuable member of our team!

Ms Christine

Ms LeeAnn, Lead Teacher Ms. LeeAnn is one of our Preschool 2 Lead Teachers.

Ms. LeeAnn earned her Bachelor of Science from Texas State University and is a certified teacher for EC-6th grade. She taught in McKinney and Garland ISDs and has also worked with all ages in early childhood settings. Ms. LeeAnn has been a part of the McKinney Goddard team since July 2010 and recently moved from the toddler team to our preschool/prekindergarten program. We love Ms. LeeAnn!

Ms LeeAnn

Ms Kaitlyn , Lead Teacher Ms. Kaitlyn is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Pre-K Classroom.

Ms. Kaitlyn is one of two lead teachers in our Prekindergarten program and returned to our school this past summer after previous assignments in our younger classrooms. While continuing to work on her bachelors degree, Ms. Kaitlyn has already earned her Associates of Arts in Teaching (EC - 6) AND Associates of Arts in General Studies. Ms. Kaitlyn hopes to one day teach in elementary school, and we want to help her reach that goal. Her vibrant personality and history with our children creates an energetic, happy environment conducive to learning. We love Ms. Kaitlyn!

Ms Kaitlyn

Ms Maegan, Lead Teacher Ms. Maegan is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Pre-K classroom.

Ms. Maegan holds a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A & M Commerce. She has three years of experience working in a public Pre-K program in the Farmersville ISD. She joined our school in 2015 and is working on her master's degree. We are very proud to have such a dedicated teacher on our prekindergarten Goddard team!

Ms Maegan

Ms Ashley, Lead Teacher Ms. Ashley is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Jr. Kindergarten classroom.

Ms. Ashley joined our prekindergarten team in 2018 as an assistant teacher as she continues coursework towards her bachelor's in education in Geosciences (5th - 12th). Ms. Ashley's teaching philosophy revolves around activities and programs that help children develop a love of learning to their fullest potential. She is passionate about outdoor classrooms and is eager to use our gardens to complement her outdoor programs and adventures.

Ms Ashley

Ms Katie, Lead Teacher Ms. Katie is a Co-lead in our Jr Kindergarten classroom.

Ms. Katie joined our prekindergarten program in 2018 and is thrilled to be part of the Jr K classroom at our school. She moved to Texas from Arizona in 2017 with several years’ experience in public elementary school. She has her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and is passionate about the youngest learners. Ms. Katie lives in Prosper with her family, including three children. She loves working with our prekindergarten families to get our children kindergarten-ready and help them develop a lifelong love of learning.

Ms Katie

Ms Audra, Assistant Teacher Ms. Audra is an assistant teacher in our Infant Classroom.

Ms. Audra joined our company in 2018 as a morning floater and assistant teacher in the infant classroom. Her loving nature and amiable personality are a delight to have on our faculty. A native of north Texas, Ms. Audra is working on her associate's degree in science at Collin College and excited to be working in an industry she loves. In her spare time, Ms. Audra enjoys woodworking and is studying Spanish. We're lucky to have her on her team!

Ms Audra

Ms Te'Area, Assistant Teacher Ms. Te'Area is an assistant teacher on our infant team!

Joining us in 2018, Ms. Te'Area is a part of a veteran infant team that takes care of our youngest of students. Graduating from high school in McKinney, Ms. Te'Area has worked in childcare for several years and enjoys teaching sign language and basic motor skill development. She is always smiling and a joy to work around.

Ms Te

Ms Stormie, Assistant Teacher Ms. Stormie is an assistant teacher in First Steps.

Ms. Stormie comes to us with Montessori experience and a passion for the Piaget methods in early childhood education. She is a full-time student working on her bachelor's degree in early childhood and enjoys ongoing professional development and training opportunities in our industry. She is an energetic, delightful teacher who bonds easily with children of all ages and enjoys getting to know new families in our community.

Ms Stormie

Ms Chelsie, Assistant Teacher Ms. Chelsie is an assistant teacher in our Toddler program.

Ms. Chelsie joined our school in 2018 after relocating from Arizona back to McKinney. Her background includes teaching infants through kindergarten readiness, including more than two years with toddler programs. Ms. Chelsie is a nurturing teacher who knows a child's mind can only be ready to learn if they feel safe and loved. She enjoys developing new fine motor activities and sensory exploration and can be found most of the day on the floor with children in her lap. Ms. Chelsie is a delightful member of our teaching team!

Ms Chelsie

Ms Dana , Resource Ms. Dana is a floating resource teacher and office assistant at our school.

Ms. Dana joined us in January 2018 after several years in retail management and customer service. Following her dream to work with young children, Ms. Dana chose the early childhood environment to begin a new career doing what she loves. She has a B.A. in psychology and minor in child development and family studies from the University of North Texas, so this is a perfect fit. We are delighted to have her vibrant personality and can-do spirit at our school working with students of all ages and keeping us organized and families happy!

Ms Dana

Ms Danielle, Resource Ms. Danielle is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. Danielle has experience with all age groups with an emphasis in toddlers. She holds a Child Development Associate Certificate and has several years of experience working with young children. She joined our school in 2016 and is a perfect fit for working with all age children as she is energetic, loving and fun. She has a passion for art, and we enjoy her creative abilities and unique ideas she brings to life in our classrooms. Our children adore Ms. Danielle!

Ms Danielle

Ms Efua, Resource Ms. Efua is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. Efua is a nursing student at Collin College and will concentrate her time with us in the afternoons. She graduated high school in Ghana, West Africa, and her dream is to be a pediatric nurse. We are happy to have Ms. Efua on our resource team!

Ms Efua

Ms Elizabeth, Resource Ms. Elizabeth is a floating resource teacher.

Ms. Elizabeth joined our team in December 2017 as an assistant teacher in our Preschool 1 and 2 classrooms. She graduated McKinney High School with honors and is working on her bachelor's degree in early childhood education. We are thrilled Ms. Elizabeth is on our team and getting experience in all age groups as she pursues her education in this industry.

Ms Elizabeth

Ms Julia, Resource Ms. Julia is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. Julia joined our school in late 2018 as she continues her education at Collin College pursuing her nursing degree. Ms. Julia has worked with young children for several years in a variety of capacities at the YMCA, a martial arts studio, and in daycare, and she loves the idea of engaging and nurturing young minds. We love her enthusiasm and happy disposition and are thrilled to have her as part of our team.

Ms Julia

Ms Michelle, Resource Ms. Michelle is a floating resource teacher and office assistant at our school.

Ms. Michelle is a knowledgeable child care provider with more than 20 years of extensive experience supervising and guiding a variety of age groups with diverse backgrounds. She is completing coursework for her bachelor's degree and has a long-term interest in managing physical and emotional development of young learners in a loving manner. Ms. Michelle joined our team in 2017 and hit the ground running. Another fabulous team member greeting our parents every night and making sure our school is ready for another day!

Ms Michelle

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