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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Ms Robbin, Owner Robbin Wells is the onsite owner of The Goddard School of McKinney on University Drive and at Craig Ranch with her partner, Tanny Rahman. She and her husband Rick relocated from Dallas to Lucas in 2003 where they live on an organic farm, raising their two children who attended Lovejoy High School and now the University of Oklahoma.

Born in Denison where her family still lives, Robbin received her B.F.A. from Southern Methodist University and her Masters in Journalism from the University of North Texas. Robbin spent 25 years in customer service, sales, and marketing. She served as a Trustee on the Lovejoy ISD School Board 2012 - 2019 and is a Board Member of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. Rick hails from Antlers, Oklahoma, and is a Distinguished Alumnus of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Today he runs McKinney-based Wells Hospitality Group, co-owner of Rick’s Chophouse, Harvest Seasonal Kitchen, and Sterling Events and Catering.

Robbin and Rick launched The Seed Project Foundation in 2015 to help fund small ideas with big goals to promote sustainability in our community -- projects that improve the current quality of life without compromising future generations. The Wells are both heavily involved in community outreach and philanthropy, passionate about hospitality and education, and proud to be a part of The Goddard School family.

Ms Robbin

Ms Tanny, Owner Ms. Tanny Rahman is the onsite owner of our Goddard School (Craig Ranch).

Ms. Tanny is a managing partner with Rick and Robbin Wells and has been a member of our team since 2012. She also serves as our director of education and curriculum.

Ms. Tanny received her Associate's Degree in early childhood education before earning her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (with a minor in education) in 2003 in New York. She moved to McKinney with her family in 2012 and has taught in several age groups at our school.

Ms. Tanny became our school Director in 2017 to ensure all of the school's teaching staff are properly supported in their efforts to meet or exceed Goddard's stringent standards. She oversees all of the communications, education, and marketing plans and works with the school director to improve operations and achieve the highest standards for our accredited program.

With a passion for early childhood education, Ms. Tanny sprinkles fairy dust throughout our school on a daily basis. She is committed to elevating educational expectations and delivering a nurturing experience to all of our families.

Ms Tanny

Ms Dana , Director Ms. Dana Dancaster is the Director of our Goddard School (Craig Ranch).

Ms. Dana joined us in January 2018 as a floating resource teacher and floor manager after several years in retail management and customer service. Following her dream to work with young children, Ms. Dana chose the early childhood environment to begin a new career doing what she loves.

Ms. Dana has a B.A. in psychology and minor in child development and family studies from the University of North Texas. She recently completed 100 hours of training in management and renews her 30 hours of continuing education each year. Ms. Dana will concentrate her time in operations as Ms. Tanny continues driving our curriculum and education. They will partner in admissions and communications as a strong team leading our Craig Ranch school.

We are delighted to have Ms. Dana's vibrant personality and can-do spirit at our school working with students of all ages and keeping us organized and families happy.

Ms Dana

Ms LaQuisha, Lead Teacher Ms. LaQuisha is our Lead teacher in the Infant classroom.

Ms. LaQuisha is a native of McKinney having graduated from McKinney High School, and she has worked with young children for more than 15 years. She joined our school in 2013 and found her love working with the smallest of our children. She is nurturing, knowledgeable, and a mother of three and grandmother of one, and we are glad she joined our Goddard School. So many families have depended on Ms. Q as they begin their early childhood learning journey. We LOVE you Ms. Q!

Ms LaQuisha

Miss Hallie, Lead Teacher Ms. Hallie is a lead teacher in our First Steps program.

Ms. Hallie holds a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and joined our school in 2019. Her early childhood experience started in high school and continued during her college years working with infant and toddlers at a center in Utah. Ms. Hallie believes children are natural learners and that teachers create the process, not the products, and children will thrive. We love having Ms. Hallie on our team with our youngest of learners. Welcome to the infant team!

Miss Hallie

Ms Krissia, Lead Teacher Ms. Krissia is a lead teacher in our Toddler program.

Ms. Krissia took the lead in our Toddler 1 program shortly after training in the spring of 2019. She is finalizing her Associate in Education from Collin College and plans to continue her degree in early childhood while she teaches in our school. Ms. Krissia has worked with children for several years and is thrilled to share her knowledge of early learning and put her studies to practice in the classroom. You'll never see anything but a smile on her face, so welcome to the bright ray of sunshine we call Ms. Krissia!

Ms Krissia

Sailaja, Lead Teacher Ms. Sailaja is a lead teacher in our Get Set program.

Ms. Sailaja joined our school in the fall of 2019 as a lead teacher in our Get Set program, helping our toddlers develop self-help skills needed to be successful in Preschool. Ms. Sailaja moved to Texas from Colorado where she was a lead teacher at The Goddard School in Centennial. Prior to that, she taught Kindergarten in India before her family relocated to the States. She has her MBA but found her way to early childhood and never looked back. Ms. Sailaja (pronounced Salu) has served on councils that promote social emotional competence in early childhood education. Ms. Sailaja believes that all children can reach their full potential if provided a loving, safe, and nurturing environment in which to learn. That’s what we expect and are thrilled to have her on our team!


Ms Anabel, Lead Teacher Ms. Anabel is a co-lead teacher in our Preschool 1 classroom.

Ms. Anabel joined our school in 2019 after six years in early childhood development in our community. She is a child development major at Collin College and describes herself as a hands-on teacher who loves to listen to and react in a teachable moment. Ms. Anabel believes it's her responsibility to create a fun, safe learning environment for all children, and we're happy to have her on our team.

Ms Anabel

Ms Lyndee, Lead Teacher Ms. Lyndee is a Co-lead Teacher in our Preschool 1 classroom.

Ms. Lyndee joined our school in 2018, fresh from the California coast! She has her CDA in infant and toddler development and has worked in early childhood since 2012 with ages infant to preschool. Ms. Lyndee is energetic, resourceful and ray of California sunshine at our school. We're lucky to have her on our team!

Ms Lyndee

Ms Kendal, Lead Teacher Ms. Kendal is a Lead Teacher in our Preschool 2 program.

We welcomed Ms. Kendal to our school in 2019 as she completed her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Texas State University. This teacher LOVES math almost as much as she loves early childhood education. She's volunteered as a math tutor, worship leader, and worked as a nanny for several years as she pursued her higher education. What a FUN, loving teacher for our three-year-olds as they make that transition to pre-k students. Ms. Kendal believes that children are the heart of our society and deserve to learn in a safe, loving environment. Ms. Kendal, you are also the foundation of our kids future, and we're lucky to have you on our team!

Ms Kendal

Ms Detrice, Lead Teacher Ms. Detrice is a co-lead teacher in Pre-Kindergarten program.

Ms. Detrice has been working with young children since 2003 and earned her Bachelor of Social Work in 2008. She has worked in early childhood in a variety of capacities but spent the last two years as a substitute teacher in McKinney ISD. She is currently working on her teaching certification so she can return to the ISD in a full-time teaching capacity one day. On the weekends, she is racing between sports with her three children. We're happy to have Ms. Detrice on our Pre-K team this school year!

Ms Detrice

Ms Haley, Lead Teacher Ms. Haley is a co-lead teacher in our Prekindergarten program.

Ms. Haley holds a Bachelors of Art degree from UTA in public relations and communications and is transitioning to our industry to follow her love and passion for children. She grew up in Allen and worked in several after-school programs before living in College Station and working as a teacher assistant. We're thrilled to have her on our prekindergarten team!

Ms Angel, Lead Teacher Ms. Angel is a lead teacher in our Jr. Kindergarten program.

Ms. Angel moved to Texas in 2019 and joined our team as a seasoned pre-kindergarten and early childhood educator. She has her Bachelor of Science in early childhood education and spent six years with Goddard Schools in the northeast before relocating this year. Her education philosophy is to develop a love of learning in children and to use positive reinforcement to help children get ready for Kindergarten. You can see Ms. Angel's smile from across the parking lot, so get ready for a daily does of sunshine from this native New Jersey girl!

Ms Angel

Ms Sarah, Lead Teacher Ms. Sarah is a Co-Lead Teacher in our Jr. Kindergarten classroom.

Ms. Sarah has more than 10 years of experience working in early childhood and received her Child Development Associate Certificate while working in College Station attending college. Ms. Sarah joined our school in 2016 and is one of our many creative, fun teachers who gives her children a feeling of safety and security each day and never misses a crazy dress-up day! In the fall of 2019, she took a lead role in curriculum helping teachers with lesson planning and will co-lead our oldest of pre-kindergarten students.

Ms Sarah

Delilah, Assistant Teacher Ms. Delilah is an assistant teacher on our Infant Team.

Ms. Delilah has worked with children and animals her entire life and holds an associates degree from City University in New York. She joined our team shortly after moving to Texas and is starting a new career in childcare. Ms. Delilah is patient and happy and loves floating in the mornings before helping to close our infant classroom in the afternoons. Welcome Ms. Delilah!

Ms Brook, Assistant Teacher Ms. Brook is an assistant teacher in our First Steps classroom.

Ms. Brook joined our infant team in 2019 and brings her love for her early childhood to our school. After four years as a CNA, Ms. Brook transitioned to the early childhood industry and never looked back. She is a north Texas native and lives in Princeton with her husband. When she is not enjoying playing and watching rugby with her husband and friends, she is outdoors looking for an adventure. We are thrilled to have Ms. Brook's loving nature and kind heart playing with our youngest learners all day!

Ms Brook

Ms Elizabeth, Assistant Teacher Ms. Elizabeth is an assistant teacher in our toddler program.

Ms. Elizabeth joined our team in 2017 as a floating resource teacher and has worked in various classrooms throughout our school. As one of our key associates closing the school each day, she knows all of our families. Ms. Elizabeth became an assistant teacher in our toddler program this year. She graduated McKinney High School with honors and is working on her bachelor's degree in early childhood education. We are thrilled Ms. Elizabeth is on our team and getting experience in all age groups as she pursues her education in this industry.

Ms Elizabeth

Ms Amyria, Assistant Teacher Ms. Amy is an assistant teacher in our Toddler 2 classroom.

Ms. Amy joined our school in 2019 and will be working with our toddler team as she gets her teaching degree at Collin College. A graduate of McKinney North, Ms. Amy sings in her church choir with her father, and she's so happy to have discovered her love for children the last few years as a nanny and babysitter. She has a smile that will brighten anyone's day, and we're happy she found us. Your children will adore her!

Ms Amyria

Ms Melissa , Assistant Teacher Ms. Melissa is an assistant teacher in our Toddler program.

Ms. Melissa joined our team to work with our little learners and help them with the social skills needed for preschool. She believes the most important thing a teacher can do is love and listen. Ms. Melissa loves to create a fun, learning environment, so she fits right in on our Goddard toddler team!

Ms Alexis, Resource Ms. Alexis is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. Alexis joined our Craig Ranch school in 2019 as a resource teacher providing assistance in all classrooms to break teachers for lesson planning and to manage class transitions at the end of each day. She loves children, photography, and believes teaching is one of the most important roles in our society. We are so fortunate to have Ms. Alexis as part of our team!

Ms Alexis

Ms Amylu, Resource Ms. Amy is a floating resource teacher at our school.

You've never seen a bigger smile, and that's exactly what we need in a floating resource teacher! Our families are greeted with a smile each day, and Ms. Amy is there when you need her, helping children and classrooms be the best they can be. A graduate of McKinney North High School, Ms. Amy is excited about her career in early childhood education. We are lucky to have her on our team!

Ms Amylu

Ms Anmaray, Resource Ms. Anmaray is a floating resource teacher in our school.

We're thrilled to have Ms. Anmaray on our floating resource team, substituting in all classrooms as lead teachers step out to lesson plan. Ms. Anmaray believes all children are unique and special in their own ways. As a resource teacher, Ms. Anmaray will work in all classrooms, helping our children learn and grow into happy, confident students!

Ms Brittany, Resource Ms. Brittany Smith is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. Brittany knows that children are ready to learn and explore every day. She understands that showing children how to be loving, kind, and respectful will make the world a better place for everyone! Ms. Brittany earned her bachelor of science from Tarleton State University with a concentration in fitness management but entered the early childhood field when her son was born. Her love of education and health is a powerful combination to have on our team. We are so happy she moved back to Texas and found us!

Ika, Resource Ms. Suzy is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. Suzy joined our company in early 2019 and has jumped right in as a hands-on teacher in all of our classrooms. Her experience with children in preschool and in nurseries at her church, coupled with customer service training at the Ritz Carlton Hotels, is a unique combination of love and happiness on our team. Ms. Suzy believes that all children deserve a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn, and she plans to help do just that on a daily basis. Welcome Ms. Suzy!

Jessica, Resource Ms. Jessica is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. Jessica brings a love of children and customer service to our school as she works on her associates degree at Collin College. Ms. Jessica's favorite book is "Oh The Places You'll Go!" In her spare time, she likes to play chess and shop. She moved to McKinney in 2018 and loves to explore on the weekends. She hopes to become a Kindergarten teacher one day!

LaTasha, Resource Ms. LaTasha is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. LaTasha has worked in a variety of childcare settings for years and is thrilled to be at our Goddard School. She believes that all children should be loved in school so that they can reach their full potential. After assisting in Pre-K classrooms, Ms. LaTasha finds the most joy floating and interacting with all children.

Ms Michelle, Resource Ms. Michelle is a floating resource teacher and office assistant at our school.

Ms. Michelle is a knowledgeable child care provider with more than 20 years of extensive experience supervising and guiding a variety of age groups with diverse backgrounds. She is completing coursework for her bachelor's degree and has a long-term interest in managing physical and emotional development of young learners in a loving manner. Ms. Michelle joined our team in 2017 and hit the ground running. Another fabulous team member greeting our parents every night and making sure our school is ready for another day!

Ms Michelle

Ms Risa, Resource Ms. Risa is a floating resource teacher at our school.

Ms. Risa began studying child development in high school and hopes to continue her career at Collin College. She believes children are a reflection of our future and to grow need adults to listen and help them understand their environment. We love her smile and are thrilled to have Ms. Risa on our resource team!

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