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The love and commitment Goddard parents have for their children and their development inspires us to continually offer the best preparation possible.

Comments via a Third-Party Survey

My Child Loves Going to School

I like the diversity of learning. I like the focus on community and caring. The kids have some structure and learn school concepts without being too intense. Avery loves going to school every day and loves learning, which is very important to instill at an early age.

- Avery and Emery's Father (Junior-K Classroom)

Goddard is Fantastic

Goddard is fantastic - from the facilities, to the staff, to the curriculum. We joined Goddard from another daycare in June 2015 and have been so happy with the school. We've seen our son make tremendous progress with his milestones and are always pleased to see the new things he's learned at school. My husband and I both work full-time, so it is a blessing to know that our child is in great hands each and every day.

- Oscar's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Great Teachers

Teachers and staff are great; facilities are first class; and the lessons they teach the kids cant be beat.

- Alia's Father (Toddler Classroom)

Dedicated to the Children

Goddard in Lincoln Park is an incredibly professional, well-run school. The teachers, administrators, staff are dedicated to the kids, trustworthy, caring, and professional. The facility is spotless. Everyone is so friendly and committed to the kids

- Henry and Frances's Mother (Junior-K Classroom)

Caring Teachers

We love the intimate environment this school provides, attentive and caring teachers, the low teacher- student ratio, great staff, very clean. The school director and administrative staff are very accommodating.

- Sebastian's Mother (Pre-K Classroom)

A Lot of Fun Family Activities

The Goddard School is very traditional and family friendly. We really enjoy being greeted by name every morning as we walk in and the teachers are very attentive and caring with our boys. There are always lots of fun family activities and the teachers really like to involve the parents. We could not have found a better place to send our children!

- Landon and Decker's Father (Preschool Classroom)

Our Home Away From Home

all employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and really wonderful with our child. they know us well too. it is like a home away from home for our child. we also feel as if our daughter learns amazing amounts at the school - she does activities we wouldn't do at home.

- Giovanna's Mother (Infant Classroom)

I Love It

I LOVE IT! I love the care you give my child. The quality of teachers is amazing, as is the facility. A++

- Avi's Mother (Infant Classroom)

Fun Activities at All Ages

Teachers genuinely seem to care about my kid and they make a great effort to teach and do fun activities at all ages.

- Oscar's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

Everyone in the School Knows Her

I love the care that my baby receives and that everyone in the school knows her and has her best interest at heart.

- Lana's Mother (Infant Classroom)

Loving and Caring Environment

Everybody is very friendly and it is a loving and caring enviornment. The teachers and staff are great, I love the private outdoor playgrounds and my kids seem to be learning things they take home as well.

- James and Avery's Mother (Toddler Classroom)

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