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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Ms Barbra, Owner Barbra Bryan – Franchise Owner

After a long and successful career as a Sales & Marketing Executive and a business Leader at Fortune 200 Corporations, Barbra left the Corporate world to pursue her passion – Building a successful Early learning place where children could learn and grow in an enriched, loving environment that prepares them to be the best they can be in school and in life. She and her husband Gordon bought the Mooresville Goddard School in the spring of 2008 and began building her dream.

Barbra is also involved in her community as she strives improve educational access for all students. She serves as Board President of the North Carolina Charter Educational Foundation which governs four K-5 elementary schools and two 6-12 High Schools. Barbra earned her BA in Business Administration at Queens University in Charlotte and her MBA at Wake Forest University.

Ms Barbra

Ms Amanda, Director Ms. Amanda is our Education Director. She is a graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Communication. She has been with The Goddard School since May 2010 as both an Assistant and Lead Teacher and Assistant Director. This experience has given her the knowledge and abilities to build relationships with our families. Her combined experience and education enable her to be a huge asset to the management team. Ms. Amanda loves watching children gain confidence and build skills that are vital to their early development.

Ms Amanda

Ms Michelle, Assistant Director Ms. Michelle is our Operations Support Specialist. She also served as Lead Teacher in our First Steps classroom for three years. Michelle has a Bachelor of Science in Family and Community Services from East Carolina University and seven years experience in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys working with young children and watching them grow and learn. She also loves the positive energy that comes from children’s smiles and love. Ms. Michelle is a great addition to our staff and her smile brings happiness to all around her.

Ms Michelle

Ms Anne, Lead Teacher Ms. Anne is our Lead Teacher in our Tiny Turtles/Infants classroom. She comes to us with over 35 years of early childhood education experience with much of her experience with infants and toddlers. She has served as a Level 1 Director for several years, and has an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education from CPCC. She is Its-SIDS Certified, First Aid and CPR certified. Anne's first love is the babies and prides herself on providing a warm, home-like and safe atmosphere for the little one.

Ms Anne

Ms Carla, Lead Teacher Ms. Carla is the Lead Teacher in the First Steps/Chipper Chicks.She has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and is certified to teach Pre-K through 3rd grade. She has over 18 years experience in teaching children of various ages from Infants to 2nd grade. She also has previously owned and directed a small childcare center in Virginia. Ms. Carla loves watching children grow and learn each day and is excited that she has the chance to positively impact children for the future.

Ms Carla

Ms Sharon, Lead Teacher Ms. Sharon is our Lead Teacher in our Little Lambs/Young Toddlers classroom. She has her North Carolina Early Childhood Credentials. and SIDS, CPR and BSAC certifications. Ms. Sharon has been teaching preschool for over 26 years and loves what she does! Her focus has always been with the younger children, with infants and young toddlers as her specialty. She creates a fun and interactive environment for her young toddlers who love to learn and play with Ms. Sharon!

Ms Sharon

Ms Jessica, Lead Teacher Ms.Jessica is our Lead Teacher in the Bouncing Bunnies/Toddler classroom. She has her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood and over 16 years experience caring for and teaching young children. Ms. Jessica brings education experience and her genuine love for children to our toddlers. She is loved by all her children and their parents!

Ms Jessica

Ms Bianca, Lead Teacher Ms. Bianca is the Lead Teacher in our Frisky Frogs/Preschool 2 classroom. She is currently pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education from Mitchell Community College and has worked with children for 3 years through private and public institutions.

Ms Bianca

Ms Halie, Lead Teacher Ms. Halie is our Private Kindergarten teacher. She has a Birth-Kindergarten degree from Western Carolina University and over 8 years teaching Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade in both private and public school settings. Ms. Halie loves working one on one with children and seeing their minds open. She emphasizes 21st Century Learning skills in her classroom on a daily basis and understands the importance of learning through play and exploration. Her students achieve such progress in their journey toward their futures.

Ms Halie

Ms Diane, Assistant Teacher Ms. Diane is the Assistant Teacher in the Tiny Turtles/Infant classroom. She has worked with children for over 10 years and is an asset to our team because of her nurturing and happy teaching personality. Ms. Diane loves assisting and observing as the infants reach new milestones.

Ms Diane

Amanda, Assistant Teacher Ms. Amanda is our Assistant Teacher in the Bouncing Bunnies Toddler classroom. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and has been working with children since 2013. Ms. Amanda enjoys forming relationships and bonds with the children in her class and watching them progress through the school.


Ms Courtney , Assistant Teacher Ms. Courtney is our Lead Teacher in the Bouncing Bunnies/Toddler classroom. She is currently pursuing a degree in Elementary Education and has worked with children for over 3 years. Ms. Courtney discovers ways of connecting with children and their families to better their experiences at The Goddard School.

Ms Courtney

Ms Shelley, Assistant Teacher Ms. Shelley is our Assistant Teacher in the Precious Pigs/Get Set classroom. She has an Associate's Degree from Mitchell Community College and over 13 years experience teaching preschool. Ms. Shelley loves working with children because every day there is a new experience and teachers can learn from them as well.

Ms Shelley

Ms Sarah, Assistant Teacher Ms. Sarah is our Assistant Teacher in the Frisky Frogs/Pre-K classroom. She is currently pursuing her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Mitchell Community College. Ms. Sarah has worked in early childhood education teaching preschool for the past 12 years. She loves working with children because they are full of wonder and eager to learn new things.

Ms Sarah

Ms Elise, Assistant Teacher Ms. Elise is the Assistant Teacher in the Transitional Kindergarten/Darling Ducks class. She has over 5 years experience in Early Childhood as well as a background in nursing. She brings a great balance of warmth and nurturing along with a proven structure to guide the children along their path to kindergarten.

Ms Elise

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