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The Goddard School’s summer camp is powered by STEAM and fueled by fun!


Our summer camp curriculum incorporates STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) into exciting, one-of-a-kind and fun experiences for your child every day! We offer a broad range of programs and mini-camps to pique the interest and curiosity of every child.

The founding principle of The Goddard School’s curriculum is that children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are having fun. We have integrated this philosophy into every aspect of our summer camp to foster play-based learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We’ve created a variety of camps so your children can find a program they will absolutely love. See them below!

Our Camps

June 8th - June 12th 3 YEARS - 6 YEARS

Under the Big Top lets your child behind the scenes to find out how to put on an amazing circus! Your child will learn how trapeze artists swing through the air, how tightrope walkers balance, how jugglers can keep so many objects in the air and more.

June 24th - June 28th 6 MONTHS - 6 YEARS

GARDENING: 'Lettuce' Be Healthy! Your little gardener will spend the week tending to their garden by feeding, weeding, and watering it. The garden will contain all the ingredients that go into a salad along with some yummy, refreshing watermelons! As we tend to the garden, we will will play in the dirt, make mud pies, and even check out bugs and worms! Many lessons can be learned from the garden whether it's science, math or well, gardening! Your child will be so proud of their harvest!

July 1st - July 3rd 6 MONTHS - 6 YEARS

In Road Trip USA, we’ll crisscross the United States of America from the comfort of the classroom as we discover the cultures, foods, people and landmarks that make this country unique. If your child wants to learn about a particular place, tell us! Everyone can help us plan the trip.

July 8th - July 12th 3 YEARS - 6 YEARS

Whether your child loves taking center stage or prefers working behind the scenes, your child can explore acting, set and costume design, stage lighting and make-up in Star Performers. We will also teach puppetry and help the children put on a puppet show.

July 15th - July 19th 6 MONTHS - 6 YEARS

In Animal Adventures, your child will go on a safari to learn all about the beautiful and sometimes strange animals in the world. We’ll sample animal-themed crafts, books and games in the classroom and then venture outside to learn about the critters that dwell in our own backyard.

July 22nd - July 26th 2 YEARS - 6 YEARS

CODING/ROBOTICS/ENGI-NUITY Technology is everywhere; computers, tablets and smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday lives. But how do they work? In Code Academy, we’ll tackle this question and more as your child explores the various uses of technology. Your child will also have the opportunity to try writing some computer code, which is a valuable skill in the 21st century. Robots are everywhere these days. They help us assemble cars, perform surgery and explore other planets. In Rockin’ Robots, your child will investigate the world of robotics and design and build robots that carry out simple tasks. Simple machines help us carry out many basic tasks. If you need to lift something heavy, you might use a pulley. Your child will discover how simple machines can make life easier in Engi-nuity!

July 22nd - July 26th 6 MONTHS - 3 YEARS

BEACH What's the summer without the beach, sun, sand, and the salty, breezy air? Your child will take part in summer themed art, games, and activities that will be sure to give them a healthy dose of that vitamin D!

July 29th - August 9th 6 MONTHS - 6 YEARS

Art has been around for a long time. People were drawing on the walls of caves more than 35,000 years ago! Now your child can create some unique art in Paint. Draw. Sculpt. Your child will create art with crayons, paint, clay and more.

August 12th - August 16th 6 MONTHS - 6 YEARS

Explore the science of food in Kitchen Chemists! Your child will mix together different ingredients and cook them to make something delicious. We will also explore what kinds of foods the children like, what they would like to learn to make and how to eat healthily. Let’s not forget about the most fun part: you child will enjoy some yummy treats!

August 19th - August 23rd 6 MONTHS - 3 YEARS

In GOOOAAALL!!!, your child will take to the field to play some familiar sports and learn some new ones. We’ll also teach the rules of the games and the importance of good sportsmanship. If we play team sports, your child might create a jersey, pick a team name and even choose a team mascot.

August 19th - August 23rd 3 YEARS - 6 YEARS

STEAM SUPER HEROES Super Heroes are all about the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math! How else do you think they can fly? Your child will take part in STEAM activities related to their favorite super heroes!

August 26th - August 29th 6 MONTHS - 6 YEARS

It’s Your Move encourages children to use their wits to outplay their opponents no matter what game they’re playing. We will create and play board games and card games, and then we will head outside to play some outdoor games. We will also recreate a game show or two. Win, lose or draw, the point of playing games is to have fun!

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