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Georgetown (Morningstar) Kindergarten

Our Private Kindergarten program empowers happy learners while getting them ready for what’s next.


Our private kindergarten program prepares children for success in first grade and beyond. The fun, engaging curriculum allows children to explore and discover their interests while learning academic essentials, empowering them to find happiness in learning.

Our teachers focus on project-based learning, which allows children to learn by actively engaging in a task. For example, students can gain a deeper understanding of basic physics when they design a contraption to prevent an egg from breaking when it is dropped from a high place. This type of experiential learning encourages children to develop independence, confidence and initiative by exploring a subject.

Goddard School teachers also prepare children to meet or exceed state and local education requirements for first grade.

• Full-day, enrichment and junior-k programs are available;
• Our personalized approach is adapted to your child’s needs;
• Our program has a strong focus on literacy, 21st century learning and STEAM;
• The lessons help your child develop communication, collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking skills;
• The lesson plans are adjusted based on your child’s progress, needs and age;
• The program provides a healthy balance of outdoor play, fitness, academics, enrichment activities and time to explore.

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Kindergarteners are supervised by talented teachers to ensure safe mastery of the skills necessary for academic success. Productive learning balances exciting lessons with imaginative play and playing with friends in our secure, spacious playground.

Teachers supervise and facilitate cooperative play and collaborative problem-solving using age-appropriate materials. Playground safety is a top priority, and closed-toe shoes are worn by all children and faculty throughout the school.
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