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Ms Chris, Owner • Holds Child Development Associate Credential
• Over 35 years of experience in ECE
• Holds National Administrator Credential (NAC)
• Certified Mentor (Goddard Systems, Inc. and Quality Assist)
• Leadership North Fulton Class of 2010
• Served on Babies Can't Wait Child Find Task Force
• Served on Georgia Child Care Association Board of Directors
• Member of N.A.E.Y.C.,AdvanceED/SACS,GCCA,and Roswell, Inc.

Chris has been an active professional in the field of Early Childhood Education in the greater Atlanta area for well over 30 years. She has been the administrator of for-profit preschools and child development centers, in non-profit, faith-based programs, and has been with The Goddard School since 2004. The mother of four adult daughters, grandmother of 12 and great grandmother of 1, Chris is passionate about the development of strong school to home connections, collaborations with community resources, and emergent best practice. Chris and her husband, Denis, reside in Holly Springs.

Ms Chris

Ms Marijke, Owner
• Marijke is a graduate of the Terry School of Business at The University of Georgia
• Marijke has been the owner of the Goddard School since 2004

Marijke is married to Steve Berson and is the proud mother of three grown children and four grandchildren. Prior to owning The Goddard School she spent 24 years working in sales, consulting, education and customer relationship management positions for start-up and multi-national software companies around the world.

Ms Marijke

Ms Jackie, Director • Executive Director
• Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development from University of Georgia
• 26 years experience in Early Childhood Education
• Was as a teacher, Director, and an Executive Director in area Early Childhood Education programs
• Was a Program Specialist for Bright From the Start, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning
• Implemented state-wide training programs and technical assistance and evaluations for the Standards of Care program

Jackie, the Executive Director, is a Roswell native. She and her husband, Kevin, are the parents of four, Kevin, Jr., Annie, Mary Madeline, and Amelia Jane.

Ms Jackie

Ms Amanda, Assistant Director • Curriculum Coordinator/Preschool Lead Teacher
• Completed coursework for BS-Ed from University of Phoenix
• 11 years experience in Early Childhood Education
• Was as an assistant in the Junior Kindergarten class for 2 years.

Amanda, the Curriculum Coordinator/Preschool Lead Teacher, is a creative, funky, fun loving teacher. She has a childlike joy and love of discovery. She believes in the magic of life, and in the endless possibilities the universe has to offer. She wants to dance with unicorns!

Amanda and her husband live in Acworth and are expecting their first child in the summer.

Ms Yolanda, Assistant Director • Assistant Director
• Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Strayer University.
• 23 years experience in Early Childhood Education
• Was as a teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, Operations Manager, Pre-K Project Director.
• Was a Program Specialist for Bright From the Start, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning
• Implemented state-wide training programs and technical assistance and evaluations for the Standards of Care program

Yolanda, the Assistant Director, is from the great state of South Carolina. Yolanda has lived in Georgia for the past 20 years, where she has raised her 3 grown boys.

Ms Yolanda

Ms Agnes, Lead Teacher Holds Child Development Associate Credential
Has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 15 years
Originally from Democratic Republic of Congo, in West Africa, Ms. Agnes came to the United States in 2002. On her arrival in the
Atlanta area, she joined the staff of Open Arms CDC in Dunwoody, working with the infant class under the direction of Ms. Chris. She followed her to the Goddard School in 2006, where she worked in our Infant Class for 3 years. We were very happy to have Ms. Agnes come out of retirement and return to us.

Ms. Agnes and her daughter Tina reside in Sandy Springs. She also has adult children and grandchildren in Kansas and Belgium.

Ms Agnes

Ms Marisabel, Lead Teacher • Holds a B.S. in Secondary Education and General Business
• Education
• Over 17 years of experience in Early Childhood Education
• Originally from Puerto Rico
• Bi-lingual in Spanish and English
• Trained florist and pastry chef

Ms. Marisabel is a mother of three teens. She has, over previous years, worked with students of all ages. She enjoys engaging students in sensory exploration and is equally comfortable encouraging infants and five year olds. That flexibility is invaluable to the continuity of the Goddard School program.

Ms Marisabel

Ms Nancy, Lead Teacher • Holds a B.S. Ed. with Certification in Early Childhood Education
• Over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education
• Mentor Teacher

Originally from Venezuela, Ms. Nancy became US citizen in 2015.Ms. Nancy is the mother of two adult children and is also a grandmother. She enriches the infant program with her loving care, by exposing the students to multiple languages, and by celebrating the unique gifts of each and every child. She enjoys checking up on her alumni babies as she also works in the afterschool program at Queen of Angels Catholic School.

Ms Nancy

Ms Brittany, Lead Teacher •Graduate of the Elites High School Class of 2009.
•Graduate of Georgia State University with a bachelor’s
degree in Social Work

Ms. Brittney is a native of Atlanta. She has always enjoyed working with and caring for young children from an early age. She has been a babysitter, nanny, counselor and now a social worker working in the Early childhood field. She loves environments that foster love, patience and learning. She is excited when a child learns and new experiences. She likes to explore new ideas write poetry and most of all teaching young children.

Ms Brittany

Ms Monica, Lead Teacher • Holds a B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in Child Development
• Has over eight years of experience in Early Childhood Education
• Faculty Advisory Board (FAB)
• Has experience with all age groups from Infancy to Jr. K

Ms. Monica uses her knowledge of each age and stage to inform and enhance vertical articulation of skill and concept building from one class to the next. This key piece is particularly important in spanning the ages from the Infant Class to the Toddler Class. Ms. Monica supports both parents and children in this first, and typically most challenging transition. Ms. Monica thoroughly enjoys shopping, interior decorating, and celebrating life with friends.

Ms Monica

Ms Joanna, Lead Teacher • Graduate of Roswell High School
• Attended University of Alabama for Elementary Education.
• Attended Georgia Perimeter College for Early Childhood Education.
• Pursuing her Child Development Associates.
• 7 years of teaching experience.

Ms. Joanna is originally from Maryland but grew up right here in Roswell, GA. She worked out the Goddard School for 3 years before moving out west to Montana. She taught out in Montana with her favorite age groups Infants, Toddlers and 2's. Now she has moved back to Roswell and returned to her Goddard Roswell family.

She feels that the whole child needs support emotionally, socially and academically. She loves working with the children and their families to inspire a love of learning.

In her free time, Ms. Joanna loves spending time with her boyfriend playing with her dogs.

Ms Joanna

Ms Urmila, Lead Teacher
• Holds a Child Development Associate Credential
• Has over thirteen years of experience in ECE
• Has experience with all age groups from Infancy to Jr. K
• Mentor Teacher

Originally from Kenya; Uma is multi-lingual speaking English, Swahili, Gujarati, and TODDLER!
Ms. Uma has snuggled, coaxed, TGS for many years. She has become a fount of information and knowledge for parents, a sure and loving caregiver for students, and an ultimate educator, not only allowing, but encouraging toddler discovery. In her off time, she enjoys adventures with her two adult daughters and her husband, Nilesh, cooking, shopping, dancing and swimming.

Ms Urmila

Ms Hannah, Lead Teacher • Currently enrolled at Kennesaw State University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.
• Has over three years of experience in Early Childhood Education and two previous years experience in customer service
• Has experience with all age groups from Infancy to Jr. K

Ms. Hannah, who worked as a Nanny for over a year, has a warm and loving heart for the youngest of toddlers. She has a passion for encouraging her little ones to develop self-expression through the use of sign language and beginning verbal skills. She celebrates each milestone with parents and students alike. In her off-duty hours, Ms. Hannah enjoys babysitting, drawing and shopping.

Ms Hannah

Ms Taylor , Lead Teacher • Student at Georgia State University studying Early Childhood Education.
• Graduate of Roswell High School
• Has worked in the Goddard School system for over a year.
• has been teaching for the past 5 years.

Ms. Taylor is the mother an almost 3 year old daughter. She is a native to the Roswell community and is excited to raise her daughter where she grew up. She loves spending time with family and friends.

Her mission is to make school fun and make children life long learners. She feels that respecting children and really getting to know them makes them feel safe and secure.

Ms Taylor

Ms Amy, Lead Teacher

• Holds a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies
• Holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Special Training in Family and Children’s Counseling
• Has worked in Early Childhood Education for over 13 years
• Faculty Advisory Board (FAB)

Ms. Amy is one of the people that Mr. Rogers referred to as “The Helpers.” Whether in the day to day happenings in the classroom, or in a crisis, Ms. Amy can be counted on to be there to listen, assist, guide, offer solutions, or to just patiently wait for the next best step. There is a special place in Ms. Amy’s heart that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual learner in her school. While the objectives may be the same for the whole class, or the whole staff , Ms. Amy recognizes that the path to the end might be totally different for each one. In her personal time, Ms. Amy enjoys her family and exercise.

Ms Amy

Ms Crystal, Lead Teacher • Holds an A.A. in Early Childhood Education
• Has worked in Early Childhood Education for over 11 years
• Has worked with a variety of age groups

With a background in dance, music and movement, Ms. Crystal brings a focus on physical development melded with the inspiration of melodies, lyrics and spatial awareness. Ms. Crystal finds both joy and excitement in our S.T.E.A.M. focus, and is one of the biggest advocates of learning in the Outdoor Classroom. She encourages the students in exploration of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. In her personal time, Ms. Crystal and her husband Eric enjoy going to concerts, hiking, exploring National Parks, dancing and enjoying their home.

Ms Crystal

Ms Karen, Lead Teacher • Holds a B.A. in Business Management
• Holds Child Development Associate Credential
• Mentor Teacher
• Faculty Advisory Board (FAB)

Ms. Karen is the parent of an adult daughter, Katie. She and her husband, Greg, reside in Woodstock. Karen continues to provide guidance and expertise to many of our alumni students through tutoring she offers for students through fifth grade. She is an active community participant in both Roswell and Woodstock. She partners with educators in the surrounding school systems to provide cohesive transitions for our students.

Ms Karen

Ms Karelis, Assistant Teacher • Graduated with a B.A. from The University of Venezuela majoring in Communications.
• Licensed journalist in Venezuela.
• Interned with Goddard Roswell and received her Child Development Associates Degree.

Ms. Karelis was born in Venezuela. She worked professionally as a journalist over the past 20 years. She moved to the United States and pursued her Child Development Associates while working for The Goddard School of Roswell. She received her Professional Development Certificate from the United Way of Atlanta Greater Atlanta Early Learning Career Pathway Program. She loves reading and singing to the babies. She loves watching their eyes light up when they are interacting with her.

Ms. Karelis resides in Sandy Springs with her husband and two sons. We are so proud to have her on our team!

Ms Karelis

Ms Chaitali, Assistant Teacher • Holds a bachelor’s degree in arts with a major in Political Science from the University of
• Currently pursuing the Child Development Associate certification (CDA)
• Assistant teacher in the First Step Classroom
Born in India Ms. Chaitali moved to the United States in 2005 with her husband and 2 boys Ms. Chaitali brings a lot of warmth and love to the First Step classroom. She believes every child is unique and special in their own way. She believes what makes a great teacher is understanding a child’s needs, abilities, and personality. When Ms. Chaitali is not in the classroom, she is in the kitchen baking one of her delicious dishes.

Ms Chaitali

Ms Evelyn, Assistant Teacher • Holds a Child Development Associate Credential and a Certified Nursing Associate Degree
• Over 15 years of experience in Early Childhood Education
• Originally from the Republic of Zambia in Southern Africa
• Has previously been employed at other area Goddard Schools

Ms. Evelyn is the mother of an elementary school-aged son. She is a lover of music and eagerly shares her melodious gifts with the babies, who delight in her gift. She brings a spirit of ebullient good will to the classroom.

Ms Evelyn

Ms Wendy, Assistant Teacher • Graduated from Ben Franklin Academy.
• Attended Oberlin College majoring in German.
• Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design.
• 2 years experience teaching

Ms. Wendy was born in Georgia, and grew up in the Decatur area. She has interned and worked in the art field for the past 6 years. While working with children in galleries and museums, she discovered her passion for teaching. She is creative, kind, and sensitive to each child's individual needs. She feels children are like sponges, and loves watching them gain new skills everyday. She enjoys spending her free time sculpting and being with her friends.

Ms Wendy

Ms Cindy, Assistant Teacher • Graduated from Roswell High School
• Attending Georgia State University for a degree in Education.
• 2 years teaching experience

Ms. Cindy was born and raised in Roswell, Georgia. She has a calm, fun, loving personality that the babies gravitate towards. She adores the babies because they are full of wonder, and bring her so much happiness.

In her free time she loves spending time with her friends and family and contributing to her community.

Ms Cindy

Ms Michelle, Assistant Teacher • Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Acworth College.
• Worked in early childhood in varied roles over the past 20 years.

Ms. Michelle has worked most of her career as a consultant for the local government agencies. She is from West Virginia but has lived in the Atlanta area for several years. She has an adult son and two fantastic grandchildren. She loves to read. She has an exceptional talent in finding thrift store gems!

Ms Michelle

Ms Abby , Assistant Teacher • Graduated from Roswell High School
• Enrolled at The University of Kentucky
• Five years experience in Early Childhood Education

A native of Roswell, Abby has been a Life Guard, which prepared her well for close supervision of multiple students. She plans on pursuing a degree in education. She and her family reside in the neighborhood. Abby loves art and is inspired by color, texture and nature. She likes mellow electronic music. She loves hiking in the woods. She enjoys spending time with her family.

Ms Abby

Ms Anna, Resource • Attends Blessed Trinity High School
• She has worked with children in Vacation Bible School and babysitting for the last 2 years.

Ms. Anna was a graduate of The Goddard School of Roswell. She had such a wonderful experience with her teachers, she has chose to come back and intern with our teaching team. She always has a bright smile on her face and a pleasant thing to say!

Ms Anna

Ms Joanne, Resource • Holds an A.A. in Occupational Studies from Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in New York.
• Hold an Art Studies degree from Bellevue State College in Bellevue, NE.
• Over 13 years of experience in early childhood education.

Ms. Joanne is the mother of two adult daughters and three grandchildren. She resides in Roswell. Ms. Joanne believes that all children can be successful learners. She is an enthusiastic teacher with a knack for making learning exciting and enjoyable.

Ms Joanne

Ms Miranda, Resource • Graduated from Maria Rosa Mistica in Venezuela.
• Worked in Early Childhood for the last 2 years.

A native of Venezuela, Miranda has worked with children formally and informally for the past 2 years. She loves communicating with children and watching those "Ah-ha!" moments come through while they are learning. She has an affinity towards Infants and Toddlers. She plans on pursuing her Child Development Associates in the next coming year.

Ms. Miranda loves spending time with her family, celebrating their lives. She loves music and dancing!

Ms Miranda

Ms Shannon, Resource • Holds diplomas from Roswell High School and The Warm Springs Institute
• Has over five years experience in Early Childhood Education

Ms. Shannon is a shining example to our students of tenacity, dedication, and helpful service. She brings a strong desire to positively impact her students and seeks to meet each child as a wonderful individual. She has shown great personal growth during her time with us, and provides many supports and helps to all of her fellow faculty members. Ms. Shannon and her husband, Keith, enjoy exploring amusement parks and watching movies.

Ms Shannon

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