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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Mrs Kay, Owner Welcome! My name is Mrs. Kay. I am the proud Owner of the Goddard School, located in Kennesaw, GA. My husband and I have two children who are well rounded and accomplished Goddard Graduates! It is truly through that experience of being Goddard Parents that we were inspired to start our own school in 2008. As parents we are very thankful that both our children had a loving childhood that surrounded them with amazing learning opportunities that supported their individual style and pace of learning. The lifelong benefit that they have received is that they love learning and are able to leverage their creativity in anything they take up.

As a school, we pride ourselves in recognizing the uniqueness of each child and strive daily to provide honest and open communication with our families. Our faculty enjoys being on the cutting edge of education for our Preschoolers by offering such programs as Sign Language, Spanish, FLEX Learning, Healthy meals that are catered, and Children's Progress Academic Assessment. We are a STEAM inspired school that celebrates multi-domain learning and combines sensory, exploration, and fun to create stimulating activities. We love to communicate with you using our Electronic Daily Reports that contain pictures and videos of your child’s activities from that day. We also believe in partnering with you for your child’s growth by sending home projects and hosting opportunities throughout the year for you to come in and participate in the classroom.

Love and Learning is what we would like to surround each child and family with.

I look forward to meeting your family and getting to know you better.

Mrs Kay

Mrs Lakita, Director I have been in Early Childhood for 12 years and loved every bit of it. My husband and I have 3 beautiful children. I have been in preschool administration as an Assistant Director for the past 5 years. I have a true passion for the classroom having been a teacher for 7 years. I am completing my Associates in Early Childhood majoring in Administration.

I enjoy bringing my love for learning, and passion for quality education into the school. It is my honest belief that, by working hand-in-hand with parents like you, we are contributing to our children’s future. By teaching students to learn through play, we promote creativity, we encourage them to vocalize their ideas, and bolster their confidence. Hence laying the path to guiding them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Mrs Patti, Director Hi! My name is Patti Alvarez. I am a wife and a mother of three wonderful girls. I have a large extended family in New York City and that bond means a lot to me. We moved to Georgia in 2003 for a suburban life. I currently hold a degree in Early Childhood Education. As of this month, it will be 15 years that I have been in Early Childhood Education, of which I have been with Goddard for 13 years and loved every bit if it! With Goddard, I started teaching Private Pre-K and then moved into the role of evaluating and setting the vision for Curriculum. I enjoy getting to know the children and their families. I am a high energy person who will perk up your mornings with my enthusiastic morning greeting! Children love me as I am always ready with hugs and big smiles for them. Goddard's individualized learning and focus on developmental growth, is very dear to my heart and it gives me great joy and pleasure to watch our children blossom in our play-based learning environment. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know our parents and implementing the new projects and goals we set for ourselves every year.

Look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to our loving family at Goddard!

Mrs Patti

Ms Agnieszka, Lead Teacher Czesc! I am Ms. Aggie. And I have a degree in Philosophy. I have also completed my Associates Degree in Early Childhood and am working towards getting my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.

I have been working with children for the last 5 years. Children are
most curious and ask lots of questions, my favorite are the silly
ones. I also enjoy watching children flourish. I am a very loving teacher who will help your child transition easily into their first experiences with school. I believe in using love, kindness, empathy and my mommy heart to help my children grow and flourish.

My favorite book is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?”
by Eric Carle and my favorite song is “Five Little Monkey’s Jumping
on the Bed”

I believe that family relationships are very important to children
and their development in school. I am glad to be a teacher and a parent at Goddard.

Miss Sandra, Assistant Teacher My moment of motivation came when I was working at a church preschool and we had a little girl with special needs. Despite efforts from all, she didn’t seem to be able to talk. After going on vacation one week, I came back and she said my name. That experience has touched me for always.
I believe that one must support children and never take their pride. It is most important to be patient, loving, and nurturing. I enjoy my babies and toddlers. I love talking to them and having a long conversation with them. The way their eyes light up when they see you is so warming to the heart. My children know to expect art when they come in the morning! They run right to the table and love starting the morning with bright colors and creativity!

Mrs Emily, Assistant Teacher Ms. Emily has taught Pre K for 14 years. With her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education she enjoys finding out what each child's strength and weakness is and helping them learn to overcome their challenges and strengthen their abilities. She uses music and movement to make a 4 year old move and get the wiggles out so that they can move between interest centers and enjoy learning.

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