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Every Child’s Dream Job: The Goddard School® Preschooler-Approved Toy Test


What are the hot toys in your neighborhood?

To help families with their holiday shopping, preschoolers attending participating Goddard Schools conducted a Toy Test from September 19 – September 23. The children, ranging in age from six weeks to six years old, tested out some of this year’s top toys as part of The Goddard School’s ninth annual Preschooler-Approved Toy Test.

From November 1 – November 11, we posted the Top 10 toys as chosen by our Schools and asked you to help out and vote for what you thought was the years’ best toy! The votes have been tallied to determine the official Preschooler-Approved #1 Toy of the season! 

Top Ten Toys 2016

The winner is…

The Gearation Board by John Deere!

                    Gearation Board              


Congratulations to the Gearation Board and thank you to everyone who voted!

GSI will purchase 100 of the Gearation Boards to donate to Toys for Tots.

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