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Our teachers blend the highest standards in early childhood development with nurturing care.

Mr Edward, Owner Along with his wife, Mrs. Sandra, Mr. Eddie purchased this school is August of 2003. He has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administrations from The City University of New York. Mrs. Sandra has her PhD in Math and Educational Administration and Supervision from Saint John's University. Owning this school brings them both so much joy to be able to supply quality care for you and your children. Being parents themselves, they know how difficult it can be to find a safe and loving environment. The staff here is highly trained and motivated to provide the best childcare and education available. They are all extremely nurturing, caring and dedicated to every child. The owners appreciate all the parents for placing their trust and faith in this school and for becoming a part of this Goddard family.

Mr Edward

Mrs Nicole, Director Mrs Nicole is the Director of this school. She started here in August of 2002 as a Head Teacher in the toddler classroom and was promoted to Director in March 2005. She has a degree in Human Resources and also has over 170 hours of training in Early Childhood Education, Development and Administration. She loves working with children and has found that doing so enhances her life. She has three daughters of her own that have shown her how individual and unique children are.

Mrs Nicole

Mrs Madeline, Lead Teacher Mrs Madeline is our wonderful Head Teacher of the Chirpin' Chicks infant room. With over 125 hours of early childhood education training and 16 years experience working in a day care setting she, luckily for us, joined this school is October of 2011. She realized that there is nothing else she would rather do than work with kids. She loves spending her day with them and watching them grow.

Mrs Madeline

Mrs Teniqua, Lead Teacher Mrs Teniqua is the Head Teacher of the Laughin' Lambs toddler classroom. She is currently enrolled in her CDA program through Penn Foster and loves utilizing the information she learns in school in her everyday lessons in class. She is a mother herself and has worked with children of all ages for several years. Both have taught her the importance of patience, enthusiasm and a good sense of humor. Children are little sponges that sop up everything you send their way. She enjoys spending her days helping them explore the world around them. She joined this school in August of 2012.

Mrs Teniqua

Mrs Rossella, Lead Teacher Mrs Rossella is the Head Teacher of the Playful Ponies Get Set classroom. She teaches children ages two and a half to three and a half. Miss Rossella joined us in September of 2005 and has been loved by both parents and children since day one. She is currently enrolled in a Child Development Associate program and will complete it soon. She is a proud mother of three grown sons and has been working with children of all ages since they were very young.

Mrs Rossella

Mrs Alice, Lead Teacher Mrs Alice is the Head Teacher of the Exploring Eagles Pre-Kindergarten classroom. Alice joined us in August of 2005 as an assistant teacher. She has worked hard obtaining her Child Development Associate and has used all of the knowledge she has gained from that degree to make her classroom one of the best! Mrs Alice is a proud mother of two sons and loves being a part of the children's lives here.

Mrs Alice

Mrs Nakia, Lead Teacher Mrs Nakia is the Head Teacher of the Rascally Rabbits Preschool classroom. She has over 5 years' experience working in a preschool setting as well as her CDA, Child Development Associate. She enjoys spending her days helping children learn and grow. Through different courses she has taken for her CDA, she has learned many tactics and exercises that help her adjust the day to meet your child's needs. She uses the tactics to help ensure that every child gets to learn at their own pace. Mrs Nakia joined us in September of 2012.

Mrs Nakia

Miss Carolyn, Lead Teacher Miss Carolyn is the Head Teacher of the Pre-Kindergarten Mighty Mice classroom. Miss Carolyn joined us in May of 1999. With the completion of a Professional Child Care Skills Program as well as over 15 years' experience working with children she has learned what it takes to get your child ready for the demands of Kindergarten. She enjoys getting them ready socially, emotionally, and academically.

Miss Carolyn

Mrs June, Assistant Teacher Mrs June is an assistant teacher in our Playful Ponies Get Set classroom. She is currently enrolled in her CDA, Child Development Associate program and plans on completing it soon. Mrs June has over 20 years experience in working with children in a Pre-School setting and absolutely loves it. Mrs June joined us in April of 2012

Mrs June

Mrs Evette, Assistant Teacher Mrs Evette is one of the wonderful assistant teachers in this school. Mrs Evette joined us in November of 2013 and has been an asset since day one. She loves working with the children in the Rascally Rabbits preschool classroom and helping them get ready for the demands of pre-kindergarten. She is a mother herself and loves to treat the children as her own. She plans to start the CDA, Child Development Associate program and is excited to make working with children her career.

Mrs Evette

Mrs Veronica, Assistant Teacher Mrs Ronnie is an assistant teacher in the Mighty Mice Pre-Kindergarten classroom. She joined us in January of 2001 and has been working with children for over 20 years. She loves teaching children and being a part of their education. She enjoys watching the expressions on their faces as they learn new things and is very happy to be able to watch them grow and mature.

Mrs Veronica

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